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“Of course, its dangerous!” Wen Shuhong said with certainty.

“When the Hydra Demon attacked you, even though it didnt hurt you, the demonic aura had already contaminated your body.

“The demonic aura is a special technique of the demon race.

It can affect time and space as well as simulations.

“If a Practitioner is contaminated with a strong demonic aura, they will be attracted to the demonic universe, and the possibility of entering a demonic universe will increase dramatically.

“The higher-ups of Ideal Island have speculated that the more demonic aura one is contaminated with, and the more Malicious Artifact Fragment one uses, the more likely one is to enter the demonic universe and even transform into a demon.

“Werent there sculptures killing people the day before yesterday

“Those sculptures are the demonic sculptures brought back by the descendants who transformed into demons.”

Wen Shuhong casually revealed some secrets.

“After some time, there will probably be a law banning the use of Malicious Artifact Fragment.

It has become the consensus of experts and geniuses.

“After all, the Malicious Artifact Fragment is really terrifying to the point that it makes ones scalp turn numb.”

Wen Shuhong shook his head.

Suddenly, he stared at Lin Qiye sternly.

“You havent used a Malicious Artifact Fragment before, have you!”


“Thats good.

You only need to rest for two days, and the demonic aura on your body will dissipate.

When that time comes, you can still simulate safely.

“However, I suggest you hand over the Malicious Artifact Fragment.

I feel that just having the Malicious Artifact Fragment on you will get you contaminated with something ominous.

Youre a genius.

Dont destroy yourself with the Malicious Artifact Fragment.”

Towards this, Lin Qiye nodded in agreement.

He took out two Malicious Artifact Fragments and handed them to Wen Shuhong.

Wen Shuhong smiled lightly.

“As expected of you.

You dont hesitate at all.”

Lin Qiye also grinned.

Actually, he still kept one piece of the Malicious Artifact Fragment for no other reason.

He didnt want to use it, but he wanted to find an opportunity to test the level of the demon race.

He wanted to use a demonic universe as a test subject.

Of course, Lin Qiye wouldnt experiment immediately.

He had to comprehend the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow first before doing so.

After all, the Doom Arrow was a top-grade move!

Against the demon race, it was perfect.

It was only that…

Comprehending the Wolf Lords Doom Arrow would probably cost him tens of millions of movement points.

“Theres still a long way to go.” Lin Qiye sighed faintly.

Seeing Lin Qiyes attitude, Wen Shuhongs expression became stern.

“You dont want to deal with the demons, do you I advise you not to have such thoughts!”

“The Island Lord once said that before becoming a celestial immortal, its best to pray that you dont have too much contact with the demons because its too dangerous.

“Even the Island Lord isnt willing to enter the demonic universe.

Do you understand the dangers”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“Dont worry, Captain Wen.

Im more afraid of death than anyone else.”

Hearing this, Wen Shuhong smiled.

“Alright, then rest well for two days.

“After two days, the demonic aura will dissipate.

“Dont ever enter a simulation before it dissipates.

Otherwise, you might accidentally enter the demonic universe.

Platinum Practitioners who enter the demonic universe will basically be contaminated by the demonic aura.

Even geniuses who have simulated more than a thousand times, or even monsters from superfamilies, will fall!

“Dont treat it lightly.”

Lin Qiye was deep in thought.

“Do you have any treasures that can dispel the demonic aura”

Wen Shuhong said, “Some ancient treasures and god sculptures can dispel it… But every one of them is extremely precious.

Even Star Citys Ideal Island doesnt have them.

“In short, wait two days before you simulate.”

Lin Qiye slightly frowned.

The Hydra Demon appeared in his mind, and the killing intent in his heart surged like a flood.

For a genius like Lin Qiye, two days and two simulations were enough for him to charge at the Diamond Level.

In the end, the Hydra Demon ran over and wasted his time.

‘It really deserves ten thousand deaths… Lin Qiye let out a breath of turbid air.

If he had a rage bar, Lin Qiyes bar would have been full ten times.

It was enough for him to use his ultimate move ten times.

Seeing the flames of killing intent flickering in Lin Qiyes eyes, Wen Shuhong patted his shoulder and comforted him patiently.

“Play around on Ideal Island for two days.

Then, you can simulate.

“Its best to stay in the Platinum Spacetime for 200 days and simulate around 200 times.

When youre familiar with all kinds of sudden occurrences, youll be able to simulate the next spacetime with ease.

“If you meet a monstrous genius from a super clan, youll have a fighting chance.”

Lin Qiye sighed.


Playing around

Star City was too dangerous.

The Painted-skin demon was lurking in the dark.

The slightest carelessness could result in an assassination.

Therefore, he couldnt look around.

He had to be imprisoned on Ideal Island for two days.

As his thoughts came to this, Lin Qiyes eyes were calm, and no one knew what he was thinking.

The night passed without a word.

The next day, Lin Qiye sat on the soul anchoring square.

Just as he sat on it, his intuition told him that this trip would be extremely dangerous.

“Is it still not good Looks like Ill have to waste a day.”

Lin Qiyes face was cold.

He raised his head and looked at the picture of the Hydra Demon hanging on the wall of the cultivation room.

He walked up to the picture and wrote the word “Death” on it with bright red paint.

Then, he added a few words at the bottom.

“Kill its whole family.”

After he finished writing these…


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