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Moreover, it was the critical moment Lin Qiye had been waiting for with his outstanding intuition!

It was Lin Qiyes best moment.

He had used all his trump cards and made the perfect plan.

The Hydra Demon could not dodge it at all!

Indeed, the Hydra Demon was hit.

The Immortal Qi version of the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill knocked away the thick layer of scales on its body and even burned its ribs clean.

The damage from the sword qi was only one inch away from its heart!

“What a pity.

It was only one inch away from breaking its heart.

“Its such a pity.

A hairs breadth away is a thousand miles away.

The gap between a Platinum Practitioner and a Diamond Level demon is like heaven and earth.”

Lin Qiye held back the metallic taste in his throat and shook his head silently.

His face was filled with regret.

However, he did not realize that he had crossed a huge level and injured a Diamond Level demon!

Such a battle record was already heaven-defying!

Hence, Wen Shuhongs pupils suddenly constricted in the middle of the battlefield.

He glanced at Lin Qiye from the corner of his eyes, and the waves in his heart surged wildly.

Meanwhile, the Hydra Demon turned pale with fright.

Its nine heads were dumbstruck as they glanced at Lin Qiye.

“You! As expected, I must kill you!”

The Hydra Demons head danced wildly, its furious roar rolling like thunder.

Its anger soared to the sky.

It wished it could immediately rush to Lin Qiye and trample himinto meat paste.

However, Wen Shuhongs gaze was ice-cold.

He seized this opportunity to launch a counterattack on the Hydra Demon.

The Hydra Demon suffered a heavy blow.

Its aura fell by three layers, and even the flesh on its ribs was burned away.

Moreover, there was still Immortal Qi corroding its chest.

If it was left untreated, there might be consequences.

It did not dare to fight anymore.

It could only look at Lin Qiye with hatred.

Then, it quickly retreated.

Seeing this, Lin Qiye floated in the air and swallowed the blood surging up from his throat.

Then, he sneered coldly.

“You piece of sh*t.

You escaped today, but I will charge into your lair in the future and crush all nine of your heads! I will let you know that its better to provoke Yama than Lin Qiye!”

Lin Qiyes cold voice was heard from a kilometer away.

The Hydra Demon was furious, but it had no choice but to flee to the Black Fog Swamp in a panic.

At the side, Wen Shuhong landed beside Lin Qiye weakly.

His body was covered in wounds, and blood was dripping.

“You endured it bitterly.

Spit it out.

It will be better if you spit it out.”

Lin Qiye didnt say a word.

Although he wanted to spit out blood a few times, he forcefully swallowed it.

At this moment, Lin Qiyes face and sword-like eyebrows all had a sharp temperament.

His facial features were cold and stern.

His anger did not show on the surface, but he looked mighty, making people tremble in fear.

He repeatedly swallowed the blood, which made this ruthlessness even more terrifying.

Even Wen Shuhong felt a chill.

Lin Qiyes breathing was heavy, and the Holy Violet Genuine Qi in his body boiled.

His innate Qi was surging in his internal organs, but he still could not suppress this injury.

However, compared to the moment when he unleashed the Immortal Qi version of the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill, he was in a much better state now.

He put his arm on Wen Shuhongs shoulder.

Strands of innate Qi surged into Wen Shuhongs body, soothing his injury.

Wen Shuhong was slightly stunned and then smiled.

“Thank you.”

Lin Qiyu shook his head.

“I should thank you.

If it werent for you protecting me, I would have been dead.”

Wen Shuhong heaved a sigh of relief.

“Why did it want to kill you What did you do to provoke this fellow Why did it come out and attack you in broad daylight

“Are you so hateful”

Lin Qiyes expression was pure.

“I dont know.

Maybe only a mediocre person would not attract the envy of others…”

Lin Qiyes gaze was slightly focused.

Wen Shuhong didnt believe it.

But in the end, he didnt continue asking.

After all, everyone had their secrets.

Lin Qiyes move that could injure the Hydra Demonreally shocked him!

That demon was an expert in the Fifth Level of the Incarnation Phase!

It would only need ten seconds to kill a platinum walker!

However, Lin Qiye could come up with an ultimate move that could injure the Hydra Demon and make it afraid to fight.

It was too shocking!

Wen Shuhong exclaimed and patted Lin Qiye on the shoulder.

“Youll be safe once you enter Star City.

Come to our Ideal Island, and well protect you.

Well let you grow up safely.”

Upon hearing Wen Shuhongs words, Lin Qiye smiled lightly.

“Is it Star City might not be safe for me now, especially after the Hydra Demon…”

Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

His heart sank to the bottom.

Lin Qiye knew another secret of the demon race.

He thought of another possibility.

The Hydra Demon had left, but an even greater danger was approaching.

And this danger, or rather, a few dangers was hidden in Star City!


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