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The nine heads on its neck were like the upper bodies of snakes.

Each head was similar to a cobra.

Its nine snake heads and eighteen pairs of eyes looked around.

Two pairs of eyes glared at Lin Qiye fiercely.

The sinister aura made Lin Qiyes scalp go numb.

“I almost killed you!

“Puny human, You dare to stop me!”

The two heads spoke at the same time.

One sneered at Lin Qiye, while the other was furious at Wen Shuhong for blocking its attack.

Its nine heads twisted madly, and its arms were like knives as they slashed at Wen Shuhong.

Wen Shuhong immediately condensed golden mountains to block the attack.

Unfortunately, the Hydra Demons attack was swift and fierce.

Dozens of mountains in front of Wen Shuhong collapsed.

The overpowering force of the slash spread in all directions.

If he was not careful, many civilians might die.

Wen Shuhong had no choice but to divert his attention to block.

Because of this, Wen Shuhong, who was not the demons opponent to begin with, fell into a worse situation!

He had gone to support another city and saved 100,000 civilians, gaining some wounds on his body.

But at this moment, he suffered even more injuries, dyeing the fabric of his clothes red.

Wen Shuhong, whose injuries had worsened, was gradually unable to take it anymore.

Lin Qiye frowned.

“Retreat quickly!” Wen Shuhong glanced behind him.

The 300,000 civilians had not completely retreated into Star Citys city walls.

Hence, he spat out a mouthful of fresh blood and stared at the Hydra Demon with a determined gaze.

“Even if my blood will bleed dry today, I will drag you down!”

The Hydra Demon looked at Wen Shuhong disdainfully.

“Move aside.

I wont kill you.

I want to kill that kid behind you! If you move aside, Ill let all those commoners go! Ill only kill him.”

Wen Shuhong frowned.

“Why do you want to kill him”

“You dont need to know.”

“Since thats the case, lets see if you can get past me!”

Wen Shuhong stuffed a handful of pills into his mouth.

The Qi and blood in his body started to boil.

His aura was rising!

As an expert in the semi-god realm, the pills Wen Shuhong took made his primordial spirit burn.

The Hydra Demons heads shook as if it was in a hurry.

“Get out of the way.

I only want to kill one person.”


“Then die!”

The Hydra Demon was furious.

Its nine heads stood up, scarlet eyes flowing with green and poisonous gas.

There was no doubt it was in battle mode.

Its eighteen eyes stared at Wen Shuhong.

The two of them collided in the air.

The fight was so intense that the sky and earth turned dark.

The sky collapsed, the earth cracked, and thunder rumbled.

The loud sounds were deafening and made peoples scalps go numb.

However, although Wen Shuhong had eaten the pill and went berserk, he was still powerless against the Hydra Demon.

He was sent flying a few times and was beaten until blood spurted out his mouth and nose.

However, he stood proudly in front of the Hydra Demon like a mountain.

He didnt take even half a step back.

“I dont want to kill you.

Move aside.

I only want to kill one person!” The Hydra Demon said in a low and muffled voice.

But Wen Shuhongs eyes were unwavering.

He took a few deep breaths and wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth.

“You are a demon at the Fifth Level of the Incarnation Realm.

I cant beat you.

But if you want to kill someone, step over my dead body!

“I, Wen Shuhong, may not be talented, but I can stand tall.”

The Hydra Demon gnashed its teeth andlaunched another fierce attack at Wen Shuhong.

The two of them fought like shadows.

On the distant city wall, Lin Qiye let out a deep breath.

“If this goes on, Wen Shuhong will most probably die.

“Reinforcements from the city will probably take ten minutes.

Wen Shuhong wont be able to hold on for so long.

“Should I try a sneak attack”

Lin Qiye thought.

“I should be able to restrain evil demons.

Whether its the Holy Violet Genuine Qi, a wisp of Immortal Qi, or the Clear Void Divine Lightning Dao Bone, they should all cause damage to the demon.”

Lin Qiye focused his eyes and took a deep breath.

Then, he concentrated his attention and meticulously condensed the Immortal Qi version of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

One minute later, sweat dripped down Lin Qiyes forehead.

“The Immortal Qi version of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi can hurt it!”

Lin Qiyes spirit rose, and hesmiled slightly.

He concentrated again and used the Immortal Qi to nourish the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

Another minute passed, and he successfully condensed the sword qi!

Lin Qiye slowly stood up and stared at the Hydra Demon with a burning gaze.

“I spent two minutes and thirty-six seconds to condense this move.

Although on the real battlefield, I would have died ten thousand times if I had condensed this, fortunately, Wen Shuhong was stalling the demon to give me a chance.”

“I wonder if a Diamond Level demon could block Immortal Qi”

Lin Qiye smiled.

In a flash, he shot out the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi.

At this moment, the Hydra Demon and Wen Shuhong were locked in a stalemate.

Wen Shuhong swallowed many pills again and turned into a madman, fighting with the Hydra Demon.

Even the demon had a few shocking wounds.

The man and the demon were locked in a fierce fight!

However, Wen Shuhong was approaching his limit.

Lin Qiye watched silently.

He was waiting.

He was using his intuition to wait.

He was waiting for the moment when he would definitely hit the Hydra Demon!

He waited for two minutes.

Lin Qiyes eyes suddenly lit up, catching the opportunity that flashed by.

The Immortal Qi version of the Wind and Thunder Sword Qi shot out fiercely!

In an instant, it passed through a thousand meters and hit the Hydra Demons chest.

The Hydra Demon and Wen Shuhong were battling intensely.

How could it react to the sudden attack


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