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The Temple Demon roared madly, but Lin Qiye slowly bowed down.

He bowed deeper and deeper.

The flames deep in the Temple Demons soul burned even more fiercely.

When Lin Qiye finished his bow, the Temple Demons flesh, including all the demons, was burned clean and disappeared into thin air.

All left was a smooth tunnel that looked like an eels cave.

Behind him, Chen Fan was dumbfounded.

“What… Did the demon die

“Brother Ye, you are so strong!”

Chen Fan gasped in shock.

Although he couldnt understand what had happened, he was still impressed by Lin Qiye.

On the side, Jiang Qingxue and Jiang Nian were equally surprised.

Jiang Qingxue, who rarely showed her emotions, finally lost control of her surprise.

Her astonishment was reflected in her facial features.

Her red lips parted slightly.

As for Jiang Nian, her face was pale.

Her beautiful eyes flickered with surprise and confusion, looking like she could not understand Lin Qiyes actions.

“Hiss – What did you do to the Temple Demon”

At this moment, even though Jiang Nian claimed to be knowledgeable, she still couldnt understand what had happened.

The Temple Demon that could devour Diamond Practitioners burned into ashes by the mysterious flame because it was worshipped by Lin Qiye once.

Jiang Nian stared at Lin Qiye without blinking.

She wanted to see the answer on Lin Qiyes face.

But Lin Qiyes face only looked handsome.

“Why are you looking at me I merely gave it a shot.”

“But why do you want to try” Jiang Nian was too curious, but she immediately realized that it was a big taboo to pry into others secrets.

She instantly shut up.

“Im sorry, I shouldnt pry into your secrets.

But next time theres such an exciting thing, you must call me.

Its too thrilling!”

Jiang Nian smiled cheerfully.

Lin Qiye didnt respond.

Instead, he looked at the exposed tunnel.

There were a total of five tunnels.

One to the north, one to the east, one to the west, one to the south, and one to the underground.

Lin Qiye reached out his senses.

Without a doubt, the tunnel to the north led to Star City.

Thus, Lin Qiye pointed to the northern tunnel.

“Follow this tunnel, and youll reach Star City.


Itll be safer to reach Star City as soon as possible.”

“Hm Brother Ye, arent you going to Star City with us”

Lin Qiye stared at the tunnel that led to the underground.

“I want to see whats at the bottom.”

Chen Fan said, “Cant we go together If theres danger, I can help you block it!”

Lin Qiye smiled lightly, and the golden lightning wings on his back spread out.

“Thanks, Xiao Fan.

I know you want to help me.

“However, I cant help you in the underground tunnel.

You cant come up even if you go down without the wings.

If you encounter danger, you cant avoid it.

Its the best choice for me to go down and explore alone.

“As for the three of you, go to Star City! Leave before night falls.

This tunnel leads directly to the outskirts.

Without the Black Fog Swamp, you can get there in half a day.

“Lets not waste any more time.

We dont want the black fog to come and bury us inside.

“Go! Dont worry about me.

I can even kill the Temple Demon.

I will be fine.

Go to Star City and book a celebration dinner for me.”

Then, Lin Qiye patted Chen Fans shoulder.

“But Brother Ye…”

“You dont believe me”

“Of course I do! Brother Ye is a God!”

“Then its settled.

Find a restaurant and order some dishes for me.”


Chen Fan gave up.

Lin Qiye smiled knowingly andturned around.

He stared at the tunnel leading to the deepest part of the underground.

His eyes lit up.

He knew that the Temple Demon dug out this tunnel itself and could lead to the real temple!

The end of the tunnel was that precious wisp of Immortal Qi.

The Immortal Qi that could perfect the Dao Repository Technique into a true Immortal Technique!

The Immortal Qi that could transform Lin Qiye!

At this moment, Lin Qiye pinched the bone of his finger, and his heart pounded.

“It has been a long time since my heart started beating like crazy, hasnt it”

Lin Qiye smiled.

“Im here… Immortal Qi!”

Lin Qiye muttered to himself and jumped into the tunnel!


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