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But in the next second, Lin Qiyes inner alarms suddenly blared.

His heart trembled.

“Whats going on Why would entering the simulation cause a strong sense of danger in my heart It even gave me a feeling that once I entered the simulation, I would forever be trapped within, unable to come out!”

Lin Qiye was greatly alarmed.

In the blink of an eye, he jumped off the soul anchoring square.

He looked at the square with a face full of fear and trepidation.

The moment he jumped down, the spacetime power on the soul anchoring square was in disorder, and it locked onto the surroundings.

“What… What on earth happened”

Lin Qiye frowned and quickly left the cultivation room.

He came out and looked at the Jianghu factions floating island group.

“Did the battle there trigger the change in the soul anchoring square”

Lin Qiye was confused.

In the direction he was looking, the Gold Practitioners of the Jianghu faction rushed to Li Yous side.

The leader, Liu Yan, was pale.

“Master Li! Something bad has happened!

“In the rear, someone sneaked into the floating islands and massacred fifty-three islands! More than 3,500 Silver Practitioners were killed, and seventeen Gold Practitioners died!”

Upon hearing it, Li You turned pale with fright.

He quickly retreated thousands of meters with an exasperated face, flames of anger burning within his eyes.

“How How!

“Who could destroy more than fifty protective barriers in such a short time”

Liu Yan blabbered.

“Master, the protective barriers are not broken.

The mysterious man seems to have some weird method that allows him to pass through the barriers silently!”

“Bullsh*t! Do you think Im an Idiot”

Li You was furious and slapped Liu Yan.

Even though Liu Yan was an expert in the Fifth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm, he was still dazed and spurted blood.

Liu Yan covered his face with his hands.

There was deep hatred in his eyes, but he dared not say anything.

He merely lowered his head and looked innocent.

“Master, I did not lie! They can all testify that the protective barrier was not broken, but the practitioners heads were all cut off.”

Li You was dazed for a moment and looked at the other Gold Practitioners.

Finally, his mouth hung agape.

“Is there a mysterious man who can slip through the barriers and kill thousands of practitioners without making a sound”


Hearing that, Li You gnashed his teeth, and his eyes were red with hatred.

An angry roar rolled between his teeth.

“Shit! Shit! Who the f*ck is that”

Right now, Li Yous heart is bleeding!

More than 3,500 Silver Practitioners and 17 Gold Practitioners are a third of his power!

Its a defense he prepared in advance for the Second Level of the Embodier Realm!

Without these Silver and Gold Practitioners, he would be influenced by the attracted demons when he broke through the Embodier Realm.

To step into the Second Level of the Embodier Realm, he worked hard for decades.

And now, decades of his work are gone

Without these practitioners to defend him, his breakthrough plan would be delayed by 20 years!

Alternatively, he had to head to a bustling city and use the city defenses to avoid the attracted demons when he broke through.

But the second option was too dangerous.

If a Platinum Practitioner did not have enough treasures, they did not dare to cross the black fog!

Because the probability of them dying was 100%!

Thinking of this, Li Yous state of mind had collapsed.

He gritted his teeth and flew into a rage.

His thunderous roar resounded through the sky.

“Song Shu, Jiang Qingxue, I will not rest until one of us dies!”

Li You glared at Song Shu and Jiang Qingxue.

The hatred in his eyes was intense.


Since you dare to destroy my 20-year plan, lets go to war! I will drag your Academy faction down with me!”

“All Gold Practitioners, surround and kill the Academy faction! Lets go to war at all costs!”

A great war was about to erupt.


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