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However, Lin Qiyes first life wasnt any better.

Lin Qiye defied nature and conquered cancer!

But in the end, he still couldnt cure that incurable disease and died at the age of 30.

If Lin Qiye didnt have cancer, he would be able to live for more than a thousand years.

He might even get an SS score.


In comparison, his second life was slightly more optimistic.

At the very least, his lifespan could be extended indefinitely.

Of course, he was not that optimistic either! Right at the start of the simulation, his life was screwed.

He was abandoned after being born.

His talent and wisdom could not be used!

Lin Qiye sighed helplessly.

“However, the worse the start, the higher the score after defying the heavens and changing fate!”

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“So… Deduction of Genesis, create a perfect solution for me.”

[The deduction would require 100,000 movement points…]


“Ill take it one step at a time.”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

His intuition told him that he should use his current points separately.

After all, no matter how perfect the plan was, it could not keep up with the changes.

After all, the simulation was not a simple game!

The actual situation was unpredictable!

He needed to be careful and avoid all accidents.

He also needed to adapt to the situation and act according to the wind!

At this point, Lin Qiye gave up on the deduction.

“Ill enter the simulation directly.

This time, I dont have the threat of terminal illness.

I have to live for a thousand years and get a grade above SS!”

Lin Qiye started the second round of simulation with strong emotions.

[You are entering the simulation.

Your next life officially begins!]


In the grass of the slums, a skinny woman was violently cutting a babys umbilical cord and then wrapped the wrinkled child with a piece of cloth that she had picked up somewhere.


“Damn it.

Its so loud when its just born.

How annoying!”

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The womans face was pale.

She placed Lin Qiye in the bushes by the roadside, then she moved with weak steps and disappeared as if she was fleeing.

The night was dark.

Lin Qiyes heart was full of bitterness.

He had lost his sense of security.

Darkness, hunger, and coldness pounced on him.

It made him want to cry out loud subconsciously.

But Lin Qiye held it in.

He didnt cry out loud.

He opened his mouth wide and absorbed the fresh air with his lungs.

He was so cold.

He was so hungry.

He wanted to drink milk.

Lin Qiye smacked his small mouth.

Babies were especially prone to hunger, and he didnt know how long he would starve in the grass!

According to the laws of science, if a baby didnt eat or drink, it would die in three days.

But Lin Qiye couldnt hold on for three days.

If he didnt eat or drink for three days, he would become retarded, handicapped, and might even lose his legs.

Lin Qiye sighed in his heart.

“I have to save myself… But how can I do it”

“First, I have to pay attention to the situation of the passersby.

Most of the passersby wont even look at me.

Only that old granny will adopt me.

I have to cry louder when she comes.”

Lin Qiye planned carefully.

He only had this slim chance of survival, and he had to seize it!

Lin Qiye was a little nervous.

He was afraid that he would miss out on the only woman who could save his life.

However, a ray of surprising light suddenly flashed in front of Lin Qiyes eyes.

“Hey! How did I forget This is a world where spiritual energy is restored.

Maybe I can use the Qi Refinement technique to absorb the spiritual energy between heaven and earth to prolong my life temporarily!”


With this in mind, Lin Qiye immediately activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce whether there is spiritual energy between heaven and earth Can I cultivate the Qi Refinement technique”


[This deduction consumed 850 movement points (remaining 73,850 walking points)]

[Deduction result: the spiritual energy in this world is thin, and it was not restored yet.

Please do not cultivate the Qi Refinement technique at such a young age]

[However, you are a newborn baby.

You have not dispersed your innate Qi yet, and you have an unparalleled bone structure.

You can use this to deduce a method to nurture innate Qi.]

Lin Qiye grasped this slim chance of survival.

“Immediately deduce a method to nurture my innate Qi.”

[This deduction will consume 40,000 movement points (remaining 73,000 movement points)]

“The consumption is so terrifying”

Lin Qiye hesitated for a moment, but in the end, he still spent the points to carry out the deduction.

His intuition told him that this deduction would bring endless benefits.

After all, deducing the Qi Refinement technique only needed 2000 movement points, but this deduction required 20 times the movement points.


It would definitely deduce a precious technique that would bring endless benefits!

Lin Qiye was especially looking forward to it.

A few dozen seconds later, his thoughts slightly trembled.

[Deduction successful: Obtained the Dao Repository Technique (contains a mouthful of innate qi that is indestructible, which nourishes the body, thus creating an innate divine body.

Only newborn babies with Dao bone structure can cultivate it.)]

“Dao Repository Technique… Thats some good stuff!”

Lin Qiye immediately began to cultivate this page of the Dao Repository Technique.

As Lin Qiye was a newborn baby, his mouthful of innate Qi had not been corrupted yet.

He also had a Dao bone structure.


The Dao Repository Technique quickly circulated in his body.

Lin Qiyes sharp senses could tell that his mouthful of innate Qi was originally a scattered special spiritual energy.

But under the refinement of the Dao Repository Technique, it had turned into the Nine Strand Innate Qi that could be freely controlled and never dissipate!

Then, the Nine Strand Innate Qi quickly traveled through Lin Qiyes limbs, bones, and internal organs.

At the same time, the weak spiritual energy in the world was under some kind of traction, and strands of it flowed into Lin Qiyes body.

Under the nourishment of the innate Qi and the spiritual energy between heaven and earth, Lin Qiyes wrinkled skin began to open up, becoming white and ruddy.

His eyes were pitch-black and translucent, like black gemstones.

It didnt seem cold anymore, but he was a little hungry.

His small hands had some strength.

He was now equivalent to a one-month-old baby.

He had become much stronger!

“This Dao Repository Technique is quite outstanding! Continue to nourish my body!”

Lin Qiye was overjoyed.

He didnt expect the effect to be so significant!

He buried his head in practicing the Dao Repository Technique while paying attention to the footsteps around him.

Suddenly, Lin Qiyes heart trembled.

He heard the barking of a wild dog!

Oh no!

The wild dogs in the slums could devour people!

Lin Qiye immediately held his breath.

However, he knew that it was useless to hold his breath.

The wild dog had a keen sense of smell, and the cord blood on his body would allow it to find him.

Lin Qiyes heart sank to the bottom.

He silently listened to the wild dogs paws crisscrossing as it slowly approached.

It was close.

The wild dog approached Lin Qiye.

Their eyes met.

A pair of green eyes filled with hostility stared at Lin Qiye as if they were looking at a piece of delicious meat.

Lin Qiye suddenly bared his teeth and let out a shrill cry.

The strange cry was mixed with some spiritual energy.

It was extremely penetrative and strange.

The dog jumped in fright and ran away with its tail between its legs.

Its whimper echoed.

Obviously, the dog was scared by Lin Qiyes premeditated threat.

It seemed like its soul was trembling.

It should not be coming back.

“Humans are afraid of wild beasts, but wild beasts are even more afraid of humans,” Lin Qiye thought to himself.

“But Im still an infant, so I have to be on full alert.

I cant sleep.

No matter how sleepy I am, I cant sleep!”

Lin Qiyes eyelids began to fight.

He forced himself to focus and cultivate the Dao Repository Technique.

Wisps of spiritual energy seeped into his internal organs, and Lin Qiyes spirit slightly recovered.

But he was still sleepy.

After all, he was an infant.

More importantly, Lin Qiye didnt have teeth, so he couldnt bite his tongue and rely on pain to stay awake.

Lin Qiye could only rely on his thin willpower to resist.


He cant sleep.

Once he fell asleep, he would die.

Lin Qiye didnt dare to sleep at all.

Sure enough, he made the right choice.

He met seven wild dogs after that.

They all wanted to eat him.

Fortunately, Lin Qiye relied on a little bit of spiritual energy to drive them away.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable!


After two hours, Lin Qiye was drowsy, and his spirit was at its limit.

The endless darkness gradually swallowed his consciousness.

“What should I do Wont the old grandma come Am I going to be eaten by the wild dogs My 40,000 movement points! If I die, Ill be at a loss!”


Lin Qiye was unwilling.

He used his strong determination to keep his eyes open.

His gaze was emitting a strong desire to live.

Even if it was one more second!

Lin Qiye was fighting against his limits.

Suddenly, footsteps sounded!

From the rhythm of the footsteps, it was an old person.

“Is it the grandma who would save me”

“I really hope so.

I cant hold on anymore.

If this isnt it, Ill definitely die!”

With this thought in mind, Lin Qiye wailed loudly.

Oh, kind-hearted person, please save this child!


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