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It only barely enveloped the demonic lair to prevent outsiders from peeking.

Soon after, four three-legged toads covered in ugly lumps and eyeballs crawled out from the black fog.

They used chains formed from the black fog to drag the demonic lair towards the northern end of the ancestral land.

It was the entrance to the descent of the demons.

“You survived for the time being, but no one can surpass fate!

“There will be even stronger patrollers coming to kill you!”

The boss-level demon sneered.

Suddenly, the ancestral land shook violently as if someone was shaking the rings of heaven and earth.


A loud sound pierced through the clouds and traveled thousands of miles.

Amidst the sound, a hole was created in the barrier of the ancient world fragment.

100,000 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators descended from the hole and rushed toward the nest of the boss-level demon.

The group leaders were Chen Yihou, Li Keke, and Zhao Qingyan.

Li Kekes breasts trembled.

“Its a nest of evil demons! They came to the inner part of the Xia Universe!”

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Zhao Qingyans gaze was solemn.

“Moreover, its quality surpasses the ones weve encountered before! Its a truly rare sight!”

Chen Yihou took a step forward.

“Be careful.

Theres a powerful demon king inside, and I can feel the aura its emitting.

Moreover, theres some terrifying existence rapidly approaching the Xia Universe! Quickly protect me.

I want to summon the Gods!”

As she spoke, Li Keke, Zhao Qingyan, and the other Nascent Soul cultivators protected Chen Yihou.

The remaining cultivators scattered around.

They were ready to battle at any time.

“No matter who it is, if they want to get close to Commander Chen, theyll have to step over our bodies!”

The experts of the Xia Universe had strict discipline.

In an instant, they had created an impregnable defensive line for Chen Yihou.

Chen Yihou nodded.


Theres no need to fight to the death.

Just delay the demon.”

After saying this, her delicate hand touched the center of her brows.

The snow-white lotus flower between her brows slowly bloomed and turned.

A dazzling multicolored light shot out.

Within the multicolored light, her phantom, which was ten thousand feet tall, descended upon the sky like a God.

Her wings blotted out the sky, and her pitch-black and snow-white feathers complemented each other.

Holy light shone in all directions.

A thin armor of holy light condensed on the surface of the Xia Universes experts bodies.

Facing the holy light, the demons and the black fog were like snow encountering boiling water.

They let out shrill screams, and amidst their heart-wrenching shrieks, they were swiftly annihilated into ashes.

Even the devils nest was in a state of panic as the light corroded a large area.

Sensing Chen Yihous uniqueness, the boss-level demon felt his scalp go numb.

“Another existence that can threaten the Patrollers How can there be so many variables in the Golden Spacetime”

He turned pale with fright and urged the toads to flee into the distance.

However, before he escaped, something even more shocking happened.

The phantom of the Goddess in the sky had a devout expression.

She stretched out her delicate hand and drew lines in the air.

The lines weaved through the air and condensed into a golden statue.

The statue didnt have any facial features.

Its wings didnt have any details and seemed ordinary.

However, Chen Yihous eyes shone with excitement when it was completed.

“With my pious and flawless faith, I invite God to descend!”

As her voice fell, the thousand-meter-tall Goddess phantom formed a God-summoning seal on her chest.

Then, the phantom burned and exploded into a sky full of golden light that merged into the ordinary statue.

In an instant, the statue and the sky within a 100,000-meter radius shattered.

A projection had shattered spacetime and the universe.

In the sky, aGod that gave off a supreme majesty cast his figure.

His facial features were handsome and majestic.

A pair of lightning wings that looked like clouds covered the sky and sun.

Tens of thousands of dragons circled beneath his feet.

He stood tall.

Behind him, lotuses of various colors released a thousand rays of light.

The sound of immortal bells rang out, and Dao rhythm rippled.

Chen Yihou raised her head.

Her face was flushed red as if she was drunk.

She looked at God with joy.

“King Lin, please kill the evil demons! Protect the Xia Universe!”

Gods face was cold.

His gaze was burning as he glanced at the nest of the evil demons.

With a glance, the Dao rhythm rang out behind him.

The ripples spread out.

Everywhere they went, the desolate ancestral land bloomed with greenery.

In the nest of the evil demons, the boss-level demon and other devils all vanished into thin air.

With a glance, he killed the evil demons that could swallow a world instantly!

The 100,000 Nascent Soul Realm cultivators were dumbstruck.

Their tongues couldnt move, and their mouth hung agape.

They hurriedly prostrated themselves and worshiped God.

God was expressionless.

He raised his arm, and the red lotus behind him condensed into a long red saber.

It spat out saber light in Gods hand.

God raised his saber and slashed.

The red saber light cut through the sky and tore a crescent-shaped gap in spacetime.

At the other end of the gap, a giant centipede demon wrapped in evil black fog wiggled its hundreds of thousands of feet and swam in the void.

Its body was huge, comparable to several planets connected.

At this moment, it was flying towards the Xia Universe.

Its scarlet eyes were cold.

However, itsuddenly let out a terrifying scream because it received a slash from God!

The attack was faster than expected.


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