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Zhu Yuhengs gaze was cold.

Cold air surged around her.

At this moment, she had already lit up the eleventh Gate of Heaven, condensed a real Nascent Soul, and cultivated to the peak of the Nascent Soul Realm.

However, facing the three women from the demon-hunting squad, her eyes were solemn.

She felt an intense threat from the leader.

Although she didnt form a Nascent Soul, a mysterious power hidden in her body made Zhu Yuheng feel like she was facing a great enemy.

Of course, Chen Yihou, Li Keke, and Zhao Qingyan were also wary of Zhu Yuheng.

In fact, the fear on their faces was even deeper.

Chen Yihou stared unblinkingly at Zhu Yuheng, her eyes shining brightly.

“This beautiful sister, we are cultivators from the Xia Universe.

We dont come with hostility.

We only want to find the king.”

The Xia Universe

The king

Hearing these two words, Zhu Yuheng was stunned.

She studied Chen Yihou, her gaze profound and complicated.

It seemed to be admiration.

There was even a hint of rivalry.

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“You are Ji Qinghuan”

Chen Yihou shook her head.

“My name is not Ji Qinghuan.

Commander Ji is the first commander of the Xia Universe.

I am the 2678th commander.

We are three million years apart.

“Let me introduce myself.

My name is Chen Yihou..”

Upon hearing that,Zhu Yuheng frowned and could not help grumbling.

“When did this happen

“Tsk! The next time we meet, I will stomp on his face a hundred times!”

Zhu Yuheng clenched her fist.

She has accepted Ji Qinghuan.

It was three million years ago, and she cant change that.

But why was there suddenly another woman

Was his affinity with women that good

Zhu Yuheng looked at Chen Yihou and suppressed the displeasure in her heart.

She pretended to ask casually, “When did you and that person get to know each other”

Chen Yihous face was so red that it was as if she had drunk a few liters of wine after hearing the question.

She was dizzy.

“Its a long story.

“Three hundred and sixty years ago, I faced internal and external problems.

After three million years, countless geniuses still could not ascend one after another.

Many of them turned into a stairway to heaven.

“I even crashed into an evil demons lair.

A genius appeared there, and after a few wars, the Xia Universe suffered heavy casualties.

We could only stop the evil demons because of the peoples sacrifice.

“At that time, our universe was deep in danger, and many challenging problems pressed down on me until I couldnt breathe.

“Fortunately, the king suddenly appeared with a burning gaze at the crucial moment.

It was so profound and intelligent.

He looked down from the endless spacetime, guiding me to an epiphany.

“Thus, I came up with my cultivation method!”

Speaking of this matter, the light in Chen Yihous eyes became brighter and brighter, and even her breathing became faster.

A pious expression flowed between her brows.

At this moment, she was Lin Qiyes fervent believer.

“It was only one glance, but I couldnt forget him for ten thousand years.

The kings gaze that transcended spacetime made me a believer! He is my supreme and unwavering faith.

“Please tell me where the king is.

I beg of you, sister!”

To see her faith and sacrifice her body and soul to Lin Qiye, Chen Yihou was willing to call Zhu Yuheng sister.

At this moment, Zhu Yuheng understood the cause and effect, and she couldnt blame Lin Qiye anymore.

Who knew that a glance would cause the girl to have an epiphany and become a fangirl

It was too bizarre!

Zhu Yuheng shook her head in her heart.

“If you want to look for Little Seventeen…

“Three hundred and sixty-eight years ago, he briefly descended.

Its a pity that when he was eight years old after he saved the world, he was blasted into a sky full of feathers by the lightning bolts that appeared out of the void.”

Speaking of the situation at that time, pain surfaced in Zhu Yuhengs beautiful phoenix eyes.

“As for your other ancestor, Qin Xingtong, he left around two hundred years ago.

He has probably gone to other universes.

“You are three hundred and sixty years late.”

Hearing this, Chen Yihou covered her face.

She was heartbroken.

“Why is my supreme and honorable king always so short-lived Why cant he live a little longer Its not easy to meet him…”

Chen Yihous heart was empty, and her eyes were misty.

Zhu Yuheng looked at her sympathetically.

“If you miss him once, you might not see him for millions of years.”

Chen Yihou was a little stunned.

“Millions of years How is that possible”

Zhu Yuhengs eyes were dim.

“Do you know Ji Qinghuan She has been searching for three million years, but shes still searching…”

Hearing this, Chen Yihou pursed her red lips.

“Three million years

“What a long time.

I know that Commander Ji has feelings for the king, but I never expected that she had been searching for three million years.”

Chen Yihou was shocked by Commander Jis persistence.

As expected of Commander Ji, the legendarywoman who gritted her teeth and burned her life in the lava.

Chen Yihous eyes shone with admiration.

But at the same time, her eyes were burning with flames.

“Im also willing to look for him, no matter how many million years.

I will offer my flawless self to my supreme and honorable king!”

As a fanatic, her tone was unwavering.

Zhu Yuheng fell silent.

She wanted to say something but stopped.

She never expected that there would be another Ji Qinghuan.

How could this be


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