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He should stand at the peak of invincibility and look down on everything else!

He was the one who should rule the universe!

But how did it turn out like this

In a short year, this young man had broken through from the fifth Gate of Heaven to the seventh Gate of Heaven!

It was impossible!

The Wolf Lords expression was ferocious.

He retreated frantically while controlling the Golden Core cultivators to make them explode.

He used the violent explosion to block Lin Qiyes approach.

In an instant, the number of Golden Core cultivators who died from self-detonation had exceeded five hundred thousand, and there was still a rapid increase.

Facing the explosion, Lin Qiyes eyes were cold.

The moment the explosions occurred, a golden shield in the form of a bell immediately appeared around his body.

Relying on the Golden Rainbow Bells protection, Lin Qiye rushed into the explosion.

However, the explosion was too fierce and densely packed.

Layers upon layers of shock waves hit the shield.

Lin Qiyes bell shield broke ten times in a row.

“The consumption to use the Golden Rainbow Bell to resist the explosion must be terrifying, right You cant resist 200 times before your spiritual power runs out! Are you sure you want to continue chasing”

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The Wolf Lord sneered and warned Lin Qiye while hiding in the distance.

In front of the Wolf Lord, the Golden Core cultivators formed a human wall.

If Lin Qiye wanted to continue chasing the Wolf Lord, they would self-detonate at all costs.

If a million were not enough, five million would self-detonate.

If five million was not enough, then ten million will do.

In short, the Wolf Lord carried out the crowd tactic to an insane degree.

“Come on! Give chase again! Lets see how long you can hold on! I can wait with ease and exhaust all of your spiritual energy before killing you.

If you are not afraid, feel free to come!”

The Wolf Lord warned ruthlessly.

As expected, Lin Qiye stopped not far away and smiled indifferently.

“Ill let you go.

“However, do you think you can turn the situation around by fleeing and cultivating in seclusion for some time to break through to the true Nascent Soul Realm

“Are you kidding me In one year, Ive already lit up two Gates of Heaven, and its the Golden Gates of Heaven on my wings! Combined with the eight gates in my body, I can light up ten Gates of Heaven in total! My power has surpassed your imagination.

“Moreover, do you think your speed after breaking through to the Nascent Soul Realm will be faster than mine”

Lin Qiye sneered contemptuously.

“If I were you, I would go all out because this is your last chance.

“Unfortunately, the proud Wolf Tribes Son of Heaven, the Wolf Lord known as the generations prodigy, is actually a coward.”

Upon hearing this, the Wolf Lord, hiding behind the human wall, fell silent.

He gritted his teeth, and his chest heaved up and down.

His breathing was heavy.

“You are right.

I am inferior to you.

The Wolf Tribes defeat is already a foregone conclusion.

So what if I am a coward If I stay alive, there is still hope! If I am inferior to you, I will take my men and escape to other universes.

“What do you think”

As he spoke, the Wolf Lord dispersed the human wall in front of him.

One Golden Core cultivator after another took two steps back.

A tunnel connected Lin Qiye and the Wolf Lord.

When the tunnel appeared, a black arrow emitting a cursed aura drilled out from the Wolf Lords brow.

The black arrow struck Lin Qiyes chest at lightning speed.

“Ha, you didnt expect that, did you I still have a trump card! This is the Curse Arrow, condensed from 1,500 years of my life!

“It is so fast that even a true Nascent Soul Realm cultivator might not dodge it! Cough! Cough! To kill you, I have sacrificed a lot!”

Black blood flowed out of the Wolf Lords seven orifices.

He even spat out a mouthful of dirty blood from his throat.

Even though he was in a bad state, the Wolf Lord laughed in ecstasy.

The pleasure of turning the tables and killing his enemy at a disadvantage made him raise his head and laugh maniacally.

“Youve lost! Youve been hit by my Curse Arrow, so youll definitely die… Wait!”

The Wolf Lord suddenly felt a chill in his chest.

Then, he felt excruciating pain.

He slowly lowered his head and looked at his chest.

He saw that his chest had been punched hollow by the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill that contained the Holy Violet Genuine Qi.

The hole in his chest was as thick as a bucket.

His heart was gone.

His lungs and ribs turned into ashes.

The remaining aura of lightning spread in the wound and tore his body apart.

“How is this possible How can you attack so quickly”

The Wolf Lord vomited a mouthful of blood and glaredat Lin Qiye with his mouth agape.

“Damn it! You only lit up seven Gates of Heaven.

How can you be so strong as to crush me”

The Wolf Lord was puzzled and stared at Lin Qiye.

However, Lin Qiye had no time to answer.

The wings on his back twisted and flapped rapidly, creating a strange wind.

It blew Lin Qiye into an exaggerated and dangerous posture, and he moved several inches to the side.

The Curse Arrow charging at him flew from Lin Qiyes side.

In the next second, Lin Qiyes wings twisted again in a high-difficulty movement.

His body was like a thin piece of paper, fluttering backward wildly.

In the blink of an eye, he disappeared.

After more than ten breaths, Lin Qiye returned to the National Fate Pass.

Upon seeing this scene, the Wolf Lords pupils trembled violently.

Thick disbelief surged onto his face.

“Your wings… Could you still dodge like this Damn it, so you were hiding your strength until the last second! How hateful!”

The Wolf Lord, who realized he had been utterly defeated, became furious.

However, in a few breaths, his aura plummeted.

The light in his pupils also gradually disappeared.

Lin Qiye sneered indifferently.

“Your Doom Arrow and Curse Arrow are both heaven-defying.

Unfortunately, that is only talent in a certain aspect.

In terms of combat strength, I can crush everything.

That is enough!”

Lin Qiyes words made the Wolf Lords eyes light up.

He returned to the light for a few seconds.

He was regretful and unwilling.

However, hewas still dead in the end.

His corpse suddenly fell.

The densely packed Wolf Tribe Golden Core cultivators around were stunned on the spot.

Even the Heavenly Lords couldnt react in time.

“The Wolf Lord was killed”

“Impossible! The Wolf Lord lit up the eighth Gate of Heaven! He is invincible in the world! How could he die”

The Heavenly Lords were in disbelief.

However, the Wolf Lords chest was indeed pierced, and his life force disappeared at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“The Wolf Lord is dead!”

“The Son of Heaven of our Wolf Tribe is dead!”

A heart-wrenching cry resounded through the clouds.

Following that, the morale of the Wolf Tribes tens of thousands of troops plummeted.

The Heavenly Lords were terrified and turned to look at Lin Qiye.

The fear in their eyes made them break out in cold sweat.

“Its over! A monster has appeared in the human race, and our Wolf Tribe is about to face a catastrophe!”

The Heavenly Lords all had the same thought.

They gritted their teeth and stared at Lin Qiye.

They wanted to kill Lin Qiye with their gaze.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiye stood safely on the National Fate Pass.

His face was indifferent, and his eyes were so cold that they made peoples scalps go numb.

The Heavenly Lords caught the Wolf Lords body.

“Break through the National Fate Pass! Break through the National Fate Pass! Avenge the Wolf Lord!”

The Heavenly Lords roared at the sky and ordered.

However, Lin Qiye suddenly stepped into the sky.

Lightning flashed, and thunder rumbled as he spread his wings.

The wings that had a wingspan of three meters expanded to hundreds of meters.

The terrifying lightning covered the sky.

A Thousand-year Dragon Phantom also circled behind Lin Qiye.

Its blood-red eyes narrowed as it looked down at the National Fate Pass.

Countless snow-white lightning bolts condensed into a thousand-meter-long divine dragon.

It opened its eyes from within Lin Qiyes wings.

The dragon might covered the sky and earth.

At this moment, Lin Qiye was like a God that controlled lightning.

He looked down at the tens of millions of Wolf Tribe warriors below the National Fate Pass.

At this moment, Lin Qiye looked down at the world.

His voice resounded through the sky.

“Take a step forward, and you will be in the Netherworld! Who dares to try”

Lin Qiyes voice was calm, makingthe Heavenly Lords of the Wolf tribe sweat profusely.

The 20 million Wolf Tribe warriors were also terrified.

After the Wolf Lord was killed, their morale had already plummeted.

Their fear of Lin Qiye had reached the top.

At this moment, facing Lin Qiye, who was like a God, how could they dare to stay

They carried the Wolf Lords body in a panic, retreating like the tide.


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