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“Brother Tang, weve won once again!”

“I never thought the Wolf Lord would have such a transcendent martial art like the Doom Arrow.

He even lit up eight Gates of Heaven!”

“He is stronger than our expectations! With his talent, he would be an S grade talent even in the main world.”

Xiao Can could not help but shake his head, the corners of his mouth curling smugly.

“As long as we develop step by step, Brother Tang, you will inherit the position of Wolf Lord in a few hundred years, and I will inherit the Heavenly Lords position.

You will practice the Doom Arrow, and I will practice many gold-tier martial arts techniques.

“When we grow up, who will be able to stop us Who could stand up to us

Xiao Can laughed loudly, his laughter reverberating throughout the palace.

“Even if that Gold Practitioner who mistakenly barged into our fight could start slaughtering experts at the fourth Gate of Heaven in the seventh year, wouldnt he still be suppressed by the Doom Arrow Hehe…”

Xiao Can let out a disdainful laugh.

“So what if he had a fortuitous encounter and matured faster Once the Doom Arrow was released, he could not break through anymore!

“We can seize the time to cultivate, surpass him step by step, and finally crush him.”

Xiao Cans face was full of excitement.

“When the time comes, the two of us will follow the Wolf Lord and chop him off.

Then, well obtain over 20 million movement points!

“Each of us will have 10 million movement points.

Thats enough for us to become upper-level Gold Practitioners of Li City!”

“After obtaining the points, we can follow the Wolf Lord to battle other universes.

With this, we can get more points and increase our scores.

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“With such smooth development for two thousand years, getting the SS grade would be a piece of cake.”

“Once we obtain the SS grade, how high will our status in Li City be I cant even imagine it!”

Xiao Cans brows danced with joy as he analyzed.

Every word was sonorous and powerful.

He described a scene of success within reach.

Even Tang Songs blood was boiling, and his face flushed red after listening to Xiao Cans words.

“I like what you said! Good! We shall see the light of day!”

“To this great battle, this time of drinking, and our glorious future!”

Tang Song raised his wine cup and clinked it with Xiao Cans.

After that, they downed the fine wine in one gulp!

Their actions were heroic as if they wanted to swallow mountains and rivers and look down on the world!

However, Lin Qiye, who was watching thelive broadcast behind them, couldnt help but let out a sneer.

Did they already start fantasizing about their future success

How amusing!

Lin Qiye, who had received professional training, couldnt hold it in.

He shattered their beautiful dreams.

“Do you want me to give you a chance to kill me in advance”

The sudden sneer made Tang Song and Xiao Cans scalps go numb.

The two men were like moose being stared at by a fierce tiger.

A sense of danger rushed from the soles of their feet to the top of their heads!

Their bodies became as soft as mud.

They turned their heads to look behind!

The moment they saw Lin Qiye, disbelief appeared on their faces simultaneously.

“You… arent you Lin Qiye Youre the intruder How could it be”

“Impossible! This is impossible!”

“And you dared to come deep into the Wolf Tribes land… You… Youre a lunatic!”

The two of them sucked in a breath of cold air.

There were many things they wanted to say, but under the extreme fear, they were terrified, and their minds went blank.

The intense fear made some of their switches go out of control.

The stench of urine and excrement filled the palace.

The two men did not dare to cry out for help.

They only knelt on the ground, crying and begging for mercy.

“Spare us! Please spare us! We should not have provoked you.

We will change our ways when we go back!”

“We only hope that you can spare our pathetic lives!”

“Were willing to be your servant forever! Please, sir, dont kill the two of us! We can sign a slave contract! We have a slave contract!”

“Sir, dont kill us!”

The two of them wagged their tails and begged pitifully like stray dogs.

Unfortunately, Lin Qiyes face was cold, and his gaze hardened.

“Shouldnt you be delighted to see me charging over Ive robbed nearly 15 million points from the spoils of war!

“Arent you having a heated discussion just now Didnt you want to kill me Im giving you a chance now.

Why are you being cowards”

Lin Qiye sneered.

It seemed like he was giving them a chance, but he was teasing them, making them even more desperate.

As for letting them go, how was that possible

These two had already come to the floating island to attack him.

How could he let them go

Therefore, Lin Qiye, who was very vengeful, raised his saber and swung it down.


Two heads fell to the ground.

Before they died, their faces froze with fear, regret, and unwillingness.

“I gave you a clean kill.

Remember to be clear-headed in your next life, and do not mess with me!”

Lin Qiye shook his head and sneered.

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have killed the Gold Practitioner Tang Song perfectly! You have seized all of his treasures and movement points (The spoils of war this time can be taken away independently as long as you return.

They will not be affected by the score.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized the Gold Practitioner Tang Songs Life Lantern Gem energy!]

[The quality of your Life Lantern Gem has increased by a small grade! When you cultivate in the main world, you can use your movement points to smoothly break through to the Fourth Level of the Nascent Soul Realm.]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized 200,000 movement points (You have a total of 480,000 movement points after obtaining it.)]

[Life Lantern Gem tip: You have seized a gold-tier cultivation technique – Sea Devouring Art (Sufficient to cultivate to the Third Level of Nascent Soul Realm.)]


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