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Zhu Yuhengs beautiful phoenix eyes shone with unique light.

Lin Qiye smiled lightly, “I cant give you wings.

If you can meet a genius called Qin Xingtong in the future, you can have them.

Alternatively, its also possible if you came across the Xia Universe.”

“Really Qin Xingtong, the Xia Universe… But, when will I meet him”

Lin Qiye shook his head.

“It depends on your luck.”

Zhu Yuheng was silent.

“I feel that I might never meet him.”

Zhu Yuheng shook her head.

“Forget it.

Even if I dont have wings, I will still become the Fated Empress.”

Zhu Yuheng raised her chin proudly.

Her brows were full of heroic spirit, and her phoenix-like eyes shone with confidence and pride.

In the palace, ConsortNing raised her head.

She waved at Lin Qiye, who was on the eaves, and revealed a smilefull of motherly love.

“Good boy, have you finished your seclusion Come down quickly.

Dont stand on the roof.

Your father will come to attend the banquet in a while.

Miss Zhu, come down and attend the banquet too!”

Consort Ning invited her warmly, not treating Zhu Yuheng as an outsider.

At this moment, the old emperor happened to walk into Yishui Palace.

When he saw Lin Qiye, the old emperor nodded habitually, “Little Seventeen has already come out of seclusion”

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Suddenly, the old emperor froze on the spot and sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Hiss -”

“Little Seventeen, your aura has surpassed the seven Gates of Heaven How is that possible Only six months have passed since your last breakthrough.

Moreover, you lit up two Gates of Heaven together” The old emperor couldnt stop gawking, his eyes filled with shock and astonishment.

He knew that Little Seventeen was a genius, but he had never imagined it was to this extent!

Lighting up four Gates of Heaven at eight years old was still acceptable.

However, lighting up the seven Gates of Heaven at eight years old was ridiculous to a certain extent.

One had to know that even the Wolf Lord, known as a prodigy of the generation, only lit up the seven Gates of Heaven when he was two hundred years old.

If the Wolf Lord was a prodigy of the generation, what would Little Seventeen be

A God

Without a doubt, Little Seventeen could be a God!

The old emperor let out a deep breath.

Regarding the old emperors astonishment, Lin Qiyes face was calm.

“I just happened to break through.

Theres no need to make a fuss.

Actually, I have to thank Miss Zhu.

She was the one who inspired me,” Lin Qiye said humbly.

Zhu Yuheng glanced at Lin Qiye.

Although her heart was filled with sweetness, her face was still cold and proud.

“What does it have to do with me Seriously!”

The old emperor and Consort Ning looked at each other and smiled.

The two of them saw through it but did not say anything.

Suddenly, the old emperor frowned.

“Oh right, you lit up the seven Gates of Heaven, but why havent you lit up the Gate of Life, Rest, and Start Which gates have you lit up”

The old emperor was confused.

“I lit up the two gates on my wings.

Its more difficult to light up the Gates of Life, Rest, and Start, so I havent lit them up yet.”

Hearing this, the old emperor was even more shocked.

It was as if his view of the world had been refreshed.

“You can even light up two Gates of Heaven in your wings My eyes are opened.”

After sighing, the old emperor suddenly realized something.

“Little Seventeen, you can light up a total of ten gates You have two more Gates of Heaven than the average half-step Nascent Soul Realm cultivator”

Lin Qiye nodded, “Yes.”

At this moment, the old emperor was stunned, and then he was elated!

“Good! Good job, Little Seventeen!” The old emperor let out a hearty laugh.

“That f*cking Wolf Lord! Every once in a while, he will create the blood-red light screen and shake our armys morale.

“It caused the people in the Imperial City to panic, and the nobles were even more restless.

They kept adding fuel to the fire, using the commoners to break through the National Fate Pass now and then.

“Although I forcefully suppressed some powerful and influential people, it also caused more common people to begin to panic and despair…”

The old emperor gnashed his teeth as he spoke of the situation in the past few months.

“The current Wolf Lords methods are indeed brilliant.

Not only did he kill the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune, but he also stirred up the disloyalty of the powerful cultivators, causing them to incite the people to surrender throughout the country.

“Now that little seventeen has lit up seven Gates of Heaven, those hundreds of thousands of nobles and cultivators must obediently submit!”

Upon hearing the old emperors indignant words, Lin Qiyes expression was cold, and the vicious flames in his eyes flickered.

“Have you investigated whos behind this Kill everyone who was involved.

Dont be merciful.”

The old emperor was stunned.

“But those are hundreds of thousands of Golden Core cultivators.

Our Qin Dynasty has far fewer Golden Core cultivators than the Wolf Tribe.

“We killed millions from the six great sects, raided hundreds of thousands, and slaughtered hundreds of thousands during the Empire Infrastructure Plan.

“Now, you want to kill even more The Qin Dynasty has suffered heavy losses before starting a war with the Wolf Tribe.

You wont have an army to use when the time comes.”

The old emperor couldnt bear it, and his eyes showed concern.

Lin Qiye shook his head indifferently.

“Dont worry.

When the first batch of research geniuses grew up, the Qin Dynasty would have as many Golden Core cultivators as we wanted.

As for the cultivators and nobles who want to defect to the enemy, kill them all and confiscate their wealth.”

He decided the fate of hundreds and thousands of cultivators.

The old emperor was skeptical.

“Can scientific research geniuses really produce so many Golden Core cultivators”

“Of course! Therefore, kill the nobles and cultivators who want to fan the flames and add fuel to the fire.

Theres no need to have any concern.”

The old emperor nodded.

“Since you are confident, I will start the cleansing tomorrow.”

The next day, anew round of cleansing began.

The old emperor took out box after box of small notebooks.

The small notebooks recorded the names of cultivators and nobles and the dark deeds they had done to surrender to the enemy.

The evidence was like a mountain.

No one could escape!

Groups of Golden Core cultivators formed a cleansing team and shuttled through the imperial city.

That day, the entire city was splattered with blood.

Outside the imperial city, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng looked at the blood clouds floating in the sky.

Their eyes were calm.

Zhu Yuheng was a little curious.

“Can the geniuses in scientific research you mentioned really produce a large number of Golden Core cultivators”

“Yes, the man I told you about last time is an incredible genius in the field of scientific research.

He also gave me my wings.

“Dont worry.

As long as the Wolf Lord cant break through the National Fate Pass, the human race will win.

“Lets go.

Well enter the Wolf Tribes territory and have a massacre!”

As they spoke, Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng arrived at the National Fate Pass.

At this time, it was already a day later.

The cold moon hung high in the sky.

Lin Qiye and Zhu Yuheng informed the three generals of the Meng family, then they floated down the National Fate Pass toward the Wolf Tribes territory.

The fierce wind whistled in their ears.

Beneath them, they could see the Wolf Tribes villages, cities, and experts.

They could be easily discovered and then surrounded and attacked.

If they were surrounded by millions or tens of millions of Golden Core experts, even an expert at the eighth Gate of Heaven would die of exhaustion!

If they were not careful, they would be crushed into pieces.

Very few experts would take the risk.

However, Zhu Yuhengs eyes were brimming with excitement at this moment.

“Little Seventeen, are we really going to kill our way to the Wolf Tribes imperial palace

“Isnt it a little too exciting Moreover, will there be a true Nascent Soul Realm expert lurking in the Wolf Tribe”

Zhu Yuheng was so nervous that her two hearts were beating wildly.


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