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Feeling the terrifying aura from the three evil dragon arrows, the Wolf Lords body trembled.

“I will bring the Wolf Tribe back to the glory our ancestors had! Come, lets start by destroying the human race in the Qin Dynasty!”

Amidst wild laughter, the Wolf Lord took down the golden divine bow on his back.

Instantly, he drew the bowstring!

At this moment, the blood-colored Golden Dragon of Fortune blossomed with a dazzling and wicked red light on the Wolf Lords heart, helping him to firmly lock onto the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune.

“Human race, I am the ultimate overlord! I am the king that suppresses the world! Under my Doom Arrow, your fortune will decay.

Fall, the human race!”

The Wolf Lords gaze was cold as he looked at the world with disdain and said with an unexcelled sneer.

The black and red arrows in his hands suddenly disappeared.

They instantly shot into the air and rushed towards the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune.

Following this, the Wolf Lord once again shot out two arrows.

Three arrows pierced through the air!

Behind the Wolf Lord, the Red Golden Dragon of Fortunes body expanded rapidly from 10,000 meters to tens of thousands of meters.

Its red scales were carefully arranged, giving off a unique aura both good and evil.

All of a sudden, the world went dark, and the weather stormed.

Even the Qin Dynasty, thousands of miles away, could hear a dragons cry.

They could see that up in the heavens, three evil dragons, each one a hundred thousand feet long, were besieging a Golden Dragon of Fortune.

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The Golden Dragon of Fortune was losing.

Its golden blood scattered all over the sky, and its body started becoming transparent.

Without a doubt, the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune was no match for the evil blood dragons.

In an instant, the evil dragons might spread throughout the Qin Dynasty.

“The human races fortune has been destroyed! The Wolf Tribe will prosper!

“Surrender, humans! Youve been defeated for tens of thousands of years, and Im the Wolf Tribes number one genius.

How can you win”

The Wolf Lords domineering voice came out of the three evil dragons mouths.

The 6 billion humans in Qin Dynasty were terrified, and their hearts trembled.

Grief and despair appeared in the hearts of all humans.

They looked up at the sky, their faces deathly pale, and their legs trembled as their hearts pounded.

Even though no one had told them whose side was fighting in the sky, they could still tell at a glance.

The human races Golden Dragon of Fortune was killed.

Their Golden Dragon of Fortune had been killed!

The human race might not even be able to survive.

At this moment, the human race trembled, and their hearts dropped with despair.

Even Zhu Yuheng frowned.

“The Golden Dragon of Fortune was defeated so quickly.

What should we do now I feel like my cultivation base was sealed by shackles, and my breakthrough possibility is extremely slim.”

Zhu Yuheng looked at the dying Golden Dragon of Fortune in the sky andfelt a sense of fear.

She frowned deeply.

“Is there a way to save it”

However, the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune had completely collapsed in defeat when her voice fell.

It wailed in despair.

It lowered its head to look in Lin Qiyes direction and suddenly fell.

Its body gradually turned into a dragon-shaped stone that stretched for tens of thousands of meters.

The three evil blood dragons drilled into the stone at lightning speed.

Ghostly faces and wisps of sinister blood Qi appeared one after another.

They floated on the body of the stone dragon.

Hook chains turned into evil chains that passed through the human races Golden Dragon of Fortune.

They wanted to suppress it forever!

However, before the Golden Dragon of Fortune was sealed forever, itraised its head and wailed.

It was unwilling.

It was angry.

However, it was not afraid.

It had one last hope.

That human would definitely help it recover.

The Golden Dragon of Fortunes eyes were bright.

Suddenly, it ignited its foundation.

A ball of purple-gold light shot out of the stone dragons heart and entered Lin Qiyes heart at lightning speed!

Seeing this scene, Zhu Yuheng raised her eyebrows in surprise.

She realized that Lin Qiye did not seem restrained.

And as the person involved, Lin Qiye was stunned for a moment.

He was somewhat surprised andat a loss.

“What did the Golden Dragon of Fortune give me”

Lin Qiye vaguely sensed that it was some opportunity.

He hurriedly checked the situation in his body.

However, when he came into contact with the purple-golden ball of light at his heart, hewas stunned at first.

Then, a hint of disbelief appeared in his eyes.

Lin Qiye exhaled a deep breath of white mist.

His face glowed with ecstasy.

“It cant be Its…”



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