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After using violence to subjugate the cultivators and officials, Lin Qiye launched the trial version of the Empire Points Store.

As long as one completed the mission, they would receive points.

The highest points could be exchanged for heaven-tier prizes!

Besides, they would receive a 30% discount the first time they traded heaven-tier prizes!

At the same time, if they participated in the construction of 100 cities, they would receive another 10% discount.

In other words, they could receive a maximum of 40% discount the first time they traded heaven-tier prizes!

Seeing such a heaven-defying reward, the cultivators were in an uproar to the extent that their breathing hastened, and their bodies became hotter.

They rubbed their eyes in disbelief.

However, Lin Qiye personally stood up and explained.

“All the rewards in the Empire Points Store are real.

As long as you have enough points, you can ask for any prize.

“Even if youre a rogue cultivator and dont have any background, or if your talent isnt high, as long as you contribute to the Qin Dynasty, you have access to any prize in the store!”

Lin Qiyes words caused the immortal cultivators to cheer.

After all, in the past month, the seventeenth prince had used his saber to tell them that he was a man of his word and never lied!

And so, at that moment, even though Lin Qiye had killed thousands of cultivators and caused panic, the remaining cultivators had no more complaints.

They could only be grateful!

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After all, heaven-tier prizes were usually only given to top deacons and elders of the six great sects.

Rogue cultivators couldnt even dream of looking at it.

Now, as long as they completed the mission issued by the Empire Points Store and accumulated enough points, they could obtain heaven-tier prizes!

Moreover, they could have a 40% discount the first time.

The rogue cultivators were so excited that their eyes turned red as if they were injected with stimulants.

They cheered and expressed their gratitude toward Lin Qiye.

That afternoon, countless rogue cultivators gathered in the Qing Xuan Sects reformed main hall.

They were wildly fighting for missions.

The enthusiasm of more than 200,000 cultivators soared, and productivity increased.

The construction progress was rapid, and they could build a village in two days.

One month later, more than ten new cities rose from the ground around Qing Xuan Sect.

Brand new villages with good water conservancy facilities were scattered all over the place.

Wide roads connected the towns and even the villages.

The officials of the western province ruled in a fair and just manner.

The people lived and worked in peace and happiness.

The province had turned into a new place.

In a short month, Lin Qiye discovered that the number of pregnant women in both the towns and cities had increased dramatically.

There was no doubt that Lin Qiyes cold-blooded inspection and supervision over the past month had yielded remarkable results!

At least for the next two years, the officials did not dare to act recklessly.

The first trial was surprisingly successful.

And so, Lin Qiye set out to inspect the Dragon Snake Sect located in the coastal province.

To everyones surprise, when the common people received the news that Lin Qiye was leaving, they waitedoutside the Qing Xuan Sect all night to see him off.

Many people were shouting, creating a commotion.

Lin Qiye could not hear them clearly.

However, he could see the commoners bowing to him.

Some even knelt and kowtowed, tears streaming down their faces.

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

“Your Highness!”

Pairs of rough hands were holding the food they carefully prepared.

They wanted to give it to Lin Qiye so that he could have a taste.

Although the food was not exquisite, it contained their sincere intentions.

Only a top-tier man of character could receive such respect.

Lin Qiye slightly nodded.

“All of you, go back.

With me overseeing Qin Dynasty, life will become better and better.

No one will dare to violate the laws Ive set.

Live well and have more children.

“In two years, Ill come back to patrol again.”

After speaking, Lin Qiye waved at the commoners.

He took a group of cultivators and left the western province.

In the next six months, Lin Qiye repeated what he did in the Qing Xuan Sect and the western province.

He cleaned up all of the Qin Dynastys cultivators and officials, regardless of rank.

The filth and blood clots in the Qin Dynastys blood vessels were all eliminated.

The people now had new houses, and the farmland had new canals.

The most important thing was that officials who had oppressed the common folk had suffered massive casualties.

Even when they did not cause any trouble when Lin Qiye was patrolling, Lin Qiye would send people to investigate.

If they found anything, they would kill them!

Heads dropped every day.

The common folk would see cultivators killed every day.

They would see dozens of heads filled with regret and terror, thrown onto spears and paraded through the streets of towns and villages.

It was a horrifying scene.

However, such an undisguised massacre was so satisfyingthat the people cheered in their dreams!

It was so thrilling that the common people chased after Lin Qiye every day, shouting “Your Highness” with tears in their eyes.

Ten months later, Lin Qiye finally let out a sigh of relief.

“Ive finally completed the first step of the plan for everyone to be as strong as a dragon.

“I havent found the ancestral land yet, butthe Wolf Lords Doom Arrow is already coming.”

Lin Qiye raised his head and looked in the direction of the Wolf Tribe Capital in the north with a burning gaze.

“I must observe the minor Immortal Technique and imprint it in my mind, then think of a way to comprehend it!”

Lin Qiye subconsciously licked his lips.

At this moment, his previous worries disappeared.

Instead, it was excitement, exhilaration, and even rare greed.

“If I can comprehend and take away the minor Immortal Technique, I will have an invincible trump card! I would have great uses of it in the Platinum Spacetime or Diamond Spacetime!

“No matter what price I have to pay, I must take away the Wolf Lords minor Immortal Technique! Although the difficulty is extremely high, I cant help it.

Its too heaven-defying!”

Lin Qiye exhaled deeply, his heart thumping wildly.


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