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“If not for the Golden Spacetimes suppression, he might have already broken through the void.”

Lin Qiyes eyes were filled with shock.

At the same time, he finally understood why he had an ominous feeling.

The Doom Arrow that surpassed the Golden Spacetime, the Platinum Spacetime, and the Diamond Spacetime was indeed terrifying!

Lin Qiye felt a surge of respect.

“My Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body and innate divine bones cant even touch his level.”

He frowned, and his thoughts spun quickly as he tried to think of a way to resolve the situation.

“By cultivating

“I can quickly light up Three Gates of Heaven because of my two supreme bone structures and the Fourth Gate of Heaven because I devoured the Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool.

“If I want to light up another gate, Ill either have to cultivate for years or devour more top-tier lightning-type treasures.

“Unfortunately, I cant find top-tier lightning-type treasures in this world anymore…”

Lin Qiye shook his head, feeling somewhat regretful.

The Golden Spacetimes laws not only suppressed cultivators, but also the birth of heavenly treasures.

The Heavenly Tribulation Lightning Pool was the only heavenly treasure that could allow the Nine-colored Divine Lightning Body to evolve!

Without top-tier lightning-type heavenly treasures, it would be difficult for Lin Qiye to quickly light up the Gates of Heaven.

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After all, the Qin Dynasty Universe has not reached the level where it could successfully nurture a Nascent Soul Realm expert.

That was why it was so rare for an expert to light up the Sixth Gate of Heaven.

Lin Qiye estimated that he would need five years to light up the Fifth Gate of Heaven by relying on his hard work, and ten years to light up the Sixth Gate of Heaven.

He needed fifteen years.

Without a doubt, lighting up the Sixth Gate of Heaven in merely fifteen years was already a heaven-defying cultivation talent.

However, the Wolf Lord wouldnt give Lin Qiye fifteen years.

“The Wolf Lord relied on the Golden Dragon of Fortune to rebuild his heart and restore his strength.

Im afraid it will only take him a year.

After a year, he will shoot the Doom Arrow.

I dont have enough time!”

Thinking up to this point, Lin Qiye subconsciously pinched his finger bone.

His gaze was deep, and he cursed inwardly, “What a damned wolf! He brought me so much trouble.”

Hearing Lin Qiyes mutter, the old emperor was quite stunned.

“The Wolf Lord has an even more terrifying trump card”

Lin Qiye nodded.

“The Wolf Lord has comprehended an Immortal Technique called the Doom Arrow.

When he shoots the arrow, it will lock onto a specific enemy and cut off their fortune, and there is nowhere to escape.

“Even the races Golden Dragon of Fortune will be on its last breath and turn into stone.

The races fortune will dry up for ten years, and experts could not break through.

The Wolf Lord can even use this to break through to the next realm.”

Upon hearing the Doom Arrows abilities, the old emperor was flabbergasted, and he couldnt help but hold his breath.

“The Wolf Lord has such a terrifying Immortal Technique.

Doesnt that mean theres no hope for the human race”

At this moment, the old emperors face was deathly pale, and his chest heaved up and down as if he would puke blood the next second.

He had just regained some confidence in the human race, but it was immediately crushed by the Doom Arrow.

Seeing the old emperors face turn pale and green, Lin Qiye patted his back.

“Ill think of a way.

I have to win! Ill do everything I can to win!”

Lin Qiyes gaze was resolute.

He had to get an SSS grade rating!

Because if he didnt, he wouldnt be able to bring five gold-tier martial arts techniques back to the main world!

He could not bring the fourth page of the Qi Refinement technique back to the main world, as well as the Wind and Thunder Spirit Sword Skill he spent so many points to perfect!

He also could not bring the Holy Violet Genuine Qi back to the main world.

If he failed, it would be equivalent to missing a huge opportunity.

Lin Qiye could not bear it!

Thus, he once again activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce how to solve the Wolf Lords trump card.”

[This deduction will cost 300,000 movement points.

After that, 300,000 movement points will remain.]

Did he need to consume 300,000 movement points

It was so expensive.

However, he had to spend it!

A scroll of gold-tier martial art technique was worth a million movement points!

One could not even buy the Holy Violet Genuine Qi with movement points!

Using 300,000 movement points to exchange for it would not be a loss.

Therefore, Lin Qiye did not hesitate and consumed 300,000 movement points.

[Deduction successful: The true dragon veins in the world are humans! The Golden Dragon of Fortune is born from touching the essence, Qi, and spirit of humans.

If humans are as strong as dragons, the Golden Dragon of Fortune can be reborn on the spot even if it was destroyed.]

[Therefore, after suffering the Doom Arrows attack, you needed to improve the peoples livelihood.

The kingdoms ruler must be fair and just! He needed to let the people live and work in peace! He needed to unite the people as one against a common enemy! He needed to make everyone in the world have a dragons spirit!]

[In this way, you could reawaken the Golden Dragon of Fortune, restructure its spirit, and make it undergo a brand-new transformation.]

[In addition, to fight against the Wolf Tribe, you needed to mass-produce the Death Warrior Reagent.

Please note that you must kill the Wolf Lord as soon as possible, or there will be endless trouble in the future!]

After reading the content, Lin Qiye raised his eyebrows.

“The true dragon veins in the world are humans!”

“By making everyone in the world have the spirit of a dragon, I can reawaken the Golden Dragon of Fortune, reshape its spirit, and make it undergo a new transformation!”

Lin Qiye was touched.

He seemed to have understood which direction he should put his efforts.

“In that case, I will let everyone in this world be as strong as a dragon!”

A smile emerged in Lin Qiyes eyes as he muttered to himself.


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