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Lin Qiyes intuition was accurate.

If he had a bad premonition, something bad would definitely happen.

He felt that the human race could not win… Well, he did not exactly need a premonition to know that.

The human race was far inferior to the Wolf Tribe in terms of theoretical and actual combat strength!

Hence, Lin Qiye bluntly stated that their chances of winning were extremely low.

After hearing Lin Qiyes stern analysis, the old emperor stretched out his arm and pinched his shoulder.

“Dont be pessimistic.

“Thinking back to when I inherited the throne, the human race was in its darkest era.

In my entire military life, I fought over 10,000 battles, and each one was filled with despair and suffocation.

I only saw some hope after you were born.

“In comparison, your situation is countless times better.

At the very least, you still have Miss Zhu, who can defeat the Wolf Lord.

“Furthermore, with your monstrous talent, I believe that you can completely suppress the Wolf Lord after 100 years!”

After saying this, the old emperor laughed heartily.

His confidence in Little Seventeen had broken through the horizon!

Lin Qiye was born with two incomparable bone structures.

He could run all over the palace in a month and even treat the hidden injuries in the old emperors body for many years.

He lit up the Fourth Gate of Heaven when he was eight years old and had the combat strength to kill the Supreme Elders of the six great sects.

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With such talent, wouldnt it be easy to defeat the Wolf Lord with time

Lin Qiye could feel the trust in the old emperors tone, but he shook his head slightly.

Deep in his eyes, there was a thick sense of worry.

Upon seeing this, the old emperor once again tried to cheer him up.

“Little Seventeen, relax.

Although the Wolf Lord has lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven, it will take hundreds of years to advance further! In ancient times, even the most talented human was stuck at the Seventh Gate for hundreds of years!

“As long as the Wolf Lords cultivation base is at the Seventh Gate of Heaven, Miss Zhu can hold him off!

“If the Wolf Tribe cannot breakthrough our National Fate Pass for hundreds of years, the common people will have that much time to rest and recuperate.

“Now that the six great sects have been destroyed and abundant resources were put into the national treasury, it will not be difficult to raise three million Golden Core cultivators in a few hundred years.

“At the same time, you and Miss Zhu will give birth to a group of kids!

“With both of your talents, how powerful can your sons and daughters be Father cannot believe it.

It is not a problem for them to casually cultivate to a heaven-defying level!

“Its even possible that there might even be a peerless genius who surpasses the two of you!

“Dont worry, and have as many children as you want! Have a hundred children! When that time comes… The Wolf Tribe will definitely tremble!”

The old emperor beamed with joy and forcefully planned a hundred-year plan for Lin Qiye.

He had imagined a legendary tale in his mind and became more excited.

He pinched Lin Qiyes shoulders hard.

“If this generation doesnt succeed, we will raise a group of geniuses as our next generation.

If we do this generation after generation, we will always have hope!”

The old emperor was publicizing his successful experience.

He fathered Little Seventeen, who was the human races hope.

If Little Seventeen had a son who was his upgraded version, the human race would have more hope.

If the upgraded version of Little Seventeen had another genius son, would it be difficult for the human race to rise

Within three generations, the Wolf Tribe will understand their place!

Lin Qiye was speechless at the old emperors weird plan.

“I dont have time to father children.

What I lack the most right now is time.”

Lin Qiye shook his head seriously.

“Give me time, and I definitely could crush the Wolf Tribe and suppress the Wolf Lord!

“Unfortunately, the Wolf Lord will not give me time.”

Lin Qiye glanced towards the north where the Wolf Master retreated.

His gaze was deep.

“The current Wolf Lord is ruthless and ambitious.

He also has outstanding talent.

In this battle, he actually killed Zhu Yuheng.

“If I did not gain the Golden Dragon of Fortune, he would have already killed humanitys strongest soldier.”

Lin Qiyes face was cold.

“Do you remember what the Wolf Lord said before he left He said that after he recovers, he will use his strongest killer move to cut off the human races fortune!

“What Im worried about is his killer move!”

While they were talking, Lin Qiye silently activated his Deduction of Genesis.

“Deduce the specific situation of the Wolf Lords killer move.”

[This deduction will require 100,000 movement points.

After that, there will be 600,000 movement points remaining.]

[Deduction successful: The Wolf Lord has comprehended the Doom Arrow, which can be used once every century.

It is a minor Immortal Technique, and its realm has even touched the edge between humans and God.

It can curse and destroy the fate of a race.]

[The Doom Arrow will lock onto a specific enemy and destroy their fate.

There is nowhere to run for tens of millions of miles.]

[The races Golden Dragon of Fortune will also be on its last breath and turn into stone.

Within ten years, the races luck will run out, and cultivators could not break through to the next realm.]

[At the same time, if the wielder has the Golden Dragon of Fortune, they could seize the enemys fortune and quickly break through to the next realm!]

Looking at the contents of the deduction, Lin Qiye took a deep breath.

“What the hell Is this some magical arrow from the heavens”

“One cannot escape within tens of millions of miles, and even the races Golden Dragon of Fortune will be on its last breath and turn into a stone

“Within ten years, the races fate will dry up, and cultivators could not break through to the next realm He could also seize our fortune and immediately break through to the next realm”

“Is this something that a genius in the Golden Spacetime can comprehend The current Wolf Lord is probably the reincarnation of an immortal, right”

Lin Qiye was slightly speechless.

“Such an unreasonable move! No wonder it is called a minor Immortal Technique.

It can no longer be measured by common sense.”


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