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It was a throb that came from the depths of ones fate.

It felt illusory, but it was real.

Zhu Yuheng focused her gaze.

There was surprise, astonishment, and a bit of confusion.

However, she did not have the time to investigate the source of that throb.

Because in front of her… The Wolf Lords ultimate trump card had blotted out the sky and surged toward her like a blood-colored river of blades.

If she couldnt block it, she would definitely die under the blade river!

Thus, Zhu Yuheng held the ice crystal long sword in her hand and quickly drew a circle.

Following the outline of the circle, the spiritual energy in Zhu Yuhengs body poured rapidly into the circle.

In the next instant, an ice phoenix formed from frost extended its clear blue wings from the circle and flapped towards the blade river.

Endless frost and cold wind blades formed a bright blue river of ice.

Following that, over a million wind blades shot out like thousands of arrows and swept up, colliding with the Wolf Lords blood-colored blade river, which could destroy a universe.

An earth-shattering sound exploded!

It was like a bolt from the blue, exploding in everyones head.

The shockwave from the collision was like a mushroom cloud that shot up into the sky, causing the world to distort and collapse.

“Quick! Hide -”

The soldiers on the National Fate Pass felt their scalps go numb.

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They quickly covered their ears and jumped off the walls at their fastest speed, using it as cover.

However, the earth-shattering explosion still shattered their eardrums, causing them to temporarily lose their hearing.

In the next second, the solidified shockwave ferociously crashed into the naturally formed great wall, causing the impenetrable mountain to shake violently.


The soldiers of the Qin Dynasty were deathly pale as they lay on the ground, trembling.

“Too… This is too terrifying…”

Even the Meng familys three generals were so shocked that their tongues couldnt move.

As for outside the pass, the terrifying shockwave directly crashed into the Heavenly Lords watching from 1,000 meters away, causing them to bleed from their mouths and noses.

The Heavenly Lords wiped away the blood at the corners of their mouths and turned to run.

Further away, the wolf warriors were sent flying with countless casualties.

“Retreat! Retreat quickly! If we continue to watch the battle, our lives will be lost!”

The Heavenly Lords gave their orders.

Thereupon, the millions of wolf cultivators retreated once again.

Within a radius of ten thousand meters, there wasnt a single living creature.

Only Zhu Yuheng and the Wolf Lord, both bloodthirsty, were still fighting non-stop.

In the sky, the Wolf Lord stepped on the blood-colored blade river and charged at Zhu Yuheng.

Zhu Yuheng was running wildly on the ice river.

The river under their feets turned into huge dragons and collided with each other!

Without a doubt, this battle method was even more dangerous.

It also meant that the anger in their hearts had reached its peak!

The Wolf Lord opened its mouth and spat out a mouthful of blood.

His face was filled with anger.

He was truly furious.

He had lit up the Seventh Gate of Heaven, but he was still evenly matched with this woman, who was only at the Sixth Gate of Heaven!

Two pieces of his blood-red fang magic treasure was even shattered, creating an opening.

It was a form of humiliation!

A great humiliation!

The Wolf Lord gnashed his teeth.

He wanted nothing more than to chop Zhu Yuheng into minced meat!

As for Zhu Yuheng, she raised her heroic brows in an angry arc.

She, who claimed to be the Fated Empress, had an extremely strong desire for victory.

She would never allow anyone to defeat her!


Moreover, she was here to repay a favor.

If she hadnt won, wouldnt she lose face

Flames rose in Zhu Yuhengs eyes.

Both of them were extremely proud geniuses andfilled with intense anger.

Both of them wanted to kill each other!

Hence, they moved even more recklessly.

It was all killing moves, vicious moves, and poisonous moves!

As they clashed again and again, more wounds appeared on both of their bodies.

There were over a hundred wounds on Zhu Yuhengs body.

Even her fair and exquisite face had a scar from the blade aura.

The Wolf Lord had less injuries, but every wound on his body was a critical wound that Zhu Yuheng had carefully found an opening to leave behind.

They were so deep that his bones were visible.

The wounds were a foot long.


Suddenly, Zhu Yuheng seemed to have realized something.

She forcefully pushed the Wolf Lord back and then retreated a thousand meters away, facing him from afar.

She felt a slight pain on her cheek.

Zhu Yuhengs phoenix eyes were cold.

She raised her finger and slowly wiped the blood on her cheek.

Then, she took a glance at the blood silently.

Her action was incredibly charming.

Combined with Zhu Yuhengs raised eyebrows, phoenix eyes, and resolute expression, she looked incredibly valiant.

A vigorous heroic aura blossomed between her exquisite and valiant features!

Zhu Yuhengs aura became even more murderous.

However, just as she was about to continue this bloody battle, aloud dragons roar resounded through the heavens and earth!

In the sky, countless golden dragons danced.

The surging golden light was as bright as the sun, illuminating the mountains and rivers.

The Qin Dynastys human race was covered in golden light, fusing into the warm ray.

Traces of purple Qi floated around the humans, making them look like auspicious feathers.

All of the humans could feel the spiritual energy within their bodies boiling!

Their meridians toughness was increasing!

Their reaction speed had skyrocketed!

The bottleneck they faced for many years had also shown signs of a breakthrough!

Even their hidden ailments had recovered!

A strange change occurred in the souls and bodies of all humans.

It was as if their fates were upgraded.

In the National Fate Pass, the three generals of the Meng family who had sensed the abnormality looked at each other in bewilderment.

“Whats going on Why do I feel that there is an invisible shackle on my body that has suddenly broken”


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