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“Your talent is outstanding.

Youre only at the Sixth Gate of Heaven, but you can fight me evenly!

“However, I will definitely break through this pass today! I will wipe out the Qin Dynastys human race forever.

“I will rule the Qin Dynasty Universe! I will be the supreme ruler!

“All living things are my subjects!”

As he spoke, the Wolf Lords long and narrow blood-red eyes revealed an undisguised desire.

As a proud son of heaven, he had enjoyed the pleasure of ruling over people since he was young.

It was a pleasure that made his soul moan and tremble!

He liked this feeling and wanted to pursue even higher pleasure.

Therefore, his lifelong dream was to conquer the land, control the four seas, and rule the universe.

Not only did he want to rule the Qin Dynasty Universe, but he also wanted to rule and conquer other universes in the future!

With this in mind, alight flashed in the Wolf Lords blood-red eyes as his killing intent exploded.

“Ruling over all living things is my life-long goal! No one can stop me, let alone a mere Sixth Gate of Heaven cultivator like you!”

As his voice fell, the phantom of a blood-red dragon appeared within the Wolf Lords body!

If Lin Qiye was here, he would recognize that the blood-red dragon was the Wolf Tribes Golden Dragon of Fortune!

Other than that, blood-colored fangs floated out of the Wolf Lord, circling him like stars surrounding the moon.

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Those blood-colored fangs were spiritual items condensed from the generations of Wolf Lords cultivations before they died.

After generations of refinement, it finally became a true magic treasure in the current Wolf Lords hands.

With a thought, hundreds of wolf fangs quickly condensed into a blood-red barrier, protecting the Wolf Lords vital parts.

With a layer of perfect protection, the Wolf Lords eyes shone with blood-red light, and he smiled ferociously.

“Today is the day you die!”

Upon hearing the Wolf Lords nonsense, Zhu Yuheng frowned, and her phoenix eyes slightly narrowed.

Her gaze was full of disdain and disgust.

“How foolish and cringe.

Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey when you were young You Ruling the universe Youre not even as good as that guy.”

Zhu Yuhengs eyes were cold.

That kind of high and mighty disdainful mockery, coupled with her expression, had a kind of power that could strike at ones soul.

Even the Wolf Lord, who rarely showed his anger and concealed his emotions, could not help but burn with anger at this moment.

He opened his mouth, and his handsome face was full of hostility and anger.

“Having a sharp tongue is useless.

You have to rely on your strength.

“You will die without a doubt.

I will use your skull to fill my wine!”


As soon as his voice fell, the Wolf Lord instantly disappeared.

He crashed with Zhu Yuheng without a care for his life.

He did not need to defend at all and only needed to attack with all his might because the blood-red wolf fang magic treasure would block any fatal damage for him.

Thus, they collided madly, and the Wolf Lord suppressed Zhu Yuheng.

Zhu Yuheng had to defend and find an opening to attack.

However, the blood-red wolf fang magic treasure would block all her attacks.

That magic treasure was particularly troublesome.

Zhu Yuheng frowned and thought about something on her heroic face.

She was looking for a way to break it.

“Its useless.

You cant break my Tribes magic treasure that has been refined for ten thousand years!”

The Wolf Lord laughed wildly.

Zhu Yuheng was unmoved.

She defended while looking for a flaw.

Time passed slowly.

In the sky, two figures collided.

They didnt seem to be tired.

The stars shifted, and the sun set and rose again.

The two experts blades and swords clashed for two whole days.

The Wolf Lord was wild and unrestrained.

His blade light was like a flood, and as swift as ten thousand lightning bolts, it pounced down, beating Zhu Yuheng until her body was covered in blood.

Zhu Yuhengs Sword Qi was like a hurricane, freezing thousands of miles.

Time and time again, it tore apart the Wolf Lords afterimage.

Even a part of the Wolf Lords tail was cut off.

On his arm, there were bone-deep wounds.

They were reaching the climax!

Both of their eyes were bloodshot.

They started fighting more and more recklessly!

The injuries on their bodies were increasing!

Below the sky, the Heavenly Lords watching the battle were dumbfounded.

They raised their eyebrows and opened their mouths.

Their face was filled with an unbelievable light.

“Is that woman really at the Sixth Gate of Heaven How can she fight on even grounds with the Lord”

“Didnt they say that the first three gates are on one level, and the middle three gates are on the second level”

“And every time the last two heaven gates light up, it will become a qualitative leap”

“Why cant he crush a woman with Six Gates of Heaven”

“Even the blood-red fangs couldnt block that womans attack.

Her ability to find openings is terrifying!”

The Heavenly Lords looked at each other.

Sometimes they were surprised, sometimes they were shocked, and sometimes they were confused.

But no matter what, they had absolute confidence in the Wolf Lord.

However, in the middle of the battlefield, the Wolf Lord began to feel antsy.

“Why wont you lose”

He fell into a frenzy.

He couldnt help but think of Zhu Yuhengs disdainful gaze, which reached his soul, and immediately became furious.

He took a deep breath, and a bloody light soared into the sky behind him.

It was as if a blade emperor was floating in the bloody light.

“Ten thousand blades, split open the ocean!”

At this moment, the Wolf Lord used his trump card.

Tens of thousands of bloody blade shadows fell from the nine heavens like ominous lightning, slashing toward Zhu Yuheng.

Zhu Yuhengs eyes trembled slightly.

She finally felt the threat of death.

However, something unexpected happened suddenly!

The unexpected change made Zhu Yuhengs heart palpitate.


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