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Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

One simulation was equivalent to one hundred others!

It was simply a bloody profit!

On the one hand, Lin Qiye was not greedy.

On the other hand, too much killing might cause fear and hostility.

Lin Qiye liked to appear in a surprising manner and kill them unprepared.

After all, who wouldnt like to be a cunning person

“Besides, the Wolf Lords 50th son, Tang Song, and the genius son of the Ghost Heavenly King, Xiao Can… Their positions in the Wolf Tribe must be high, so they shouldnt have escaped yet.

“The two of them can contribute 10 million movement points! I can still make a fortune!”

At this point of analysis, Lin Qiye chuckled and quickly rushed toward the abyss behind the Asura Hall.

At this moment, the importance of the Golden Dragon of Fortune surpassed everything else in Lin Qiyes heart!

After all, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could raise his innate Qis quality to the level of the Holy Violet Genuine Qi

Lin Qiye was highly envious of the Holy Violet Genuine Qi!

Thus, a few minutes later.

Lin Qiye relied on the incomparably pure innate Qi and crushed the seven Dragon Suppression Spike on the dragons body.

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He saved the third part of the Golden Dragon of Fortune that was on the verge of death.

The three body parts slowly merged into a half-dragon in Lin Qiyes body.

Although he still lacked the upper waist, lower waist, and tail, half of the Golden Dragon of Fortunes body had already caused the innate Qi in Lin Qiyes body to boil several times more violently.

It was estimated that the speed at which he could cultivate the first wisp of Holy Violet Genuine Qi was reduced to fourteen years.

Lin Qiye felt refreshed and relaxed.

“Im getting closer and closer to the Holy Violet Genuine Qi! Im really looking forward to it.

“However, Ill first recover my condition! Then, Ill construct a teleportation array and go to the Heaven Zen Sect to get the fourth part!”

While he was saying this, Lin Qiye sat down cross-legged and quickly recovered his condition.

Half an hour later, he stood up and activated the Deduction of Genesis.

“Find out if there are any Formation Stone nearby!”

[This deduction requires 10,000 movement points.

After consumption, there are 780,000 movement points left.]

[Deduction successful: This worlds Formation Stone mine is almost non-existent.

It is not suitable for the development of formation arrays.]

Lin Qiye was speechless.

“Alright, it seems like I can only construct a teleportation array…

“It doesnt matter.

It is enough to be able to construct a teleportation formation.

First, Ill destroy the Heaven Zen Sect! Then, Ill charge north!

“Zhu Yuheng should have given the letter to the old emperor at this time.

“The old emperor should have sent his troops south.

“With the old emperors help, the remaining three sects will be completely surrounded even if they tried to flee.”

Lin Qiyes eyes flashed with a thoughtful light.

Then, he wrote another letter and asked the golden-winged bird to send it to Eunuch Cao, who was cleaning up in the Qing Xuan Sect.

In the letter, Lin Qiye handed over all the aftermath of the Qing Xuan Sect, the Dragon Snake Sect, and the Asura Hall to Eunuch Cao.

He told Eunuch Cao to make sure that he raided their homes and carefully counted each sects possessions.

At the same time, he also told Eunuch Cao the teleportation arrays location and how to use it.

After writing down his instructions, Lin Qiye nodded his head in satisfaction.

“The wealth of the six great sects is enough for me to do anything I like.

“Whether its building an academy, establishing a research institute, building a city to protect the common folk, recruiting cultivators as city guards, or recruiting Death Warriors in the future.

I can pay with my eyes closed!”

What was the saying

The six great sects wealth is equal to 15 years of the Qin Dynastys income.

Destroying the six great sects would immediately make Lin Qiye extremely wealthy!

After all, six great sects foundations had lasted for 20,000 years!

The heavenly treasures, spiritual stones, and martial art techniques stored in the sects could rival the imperial family.

At that time, with the six great sects assets, who could be richer than him

At the thought of this, asmile appeared in Lin Qiyes eyes.

“As for the northern border, there is no need to worry at all with Zhu Yuheng there.

Everything is within the plan!”

Then, Lin Qiye began to construct the teleportation array leading to the Heaven Zen Sect.

[This teleportation array will consume 49 Formation Stones and 80,000 movement points.

After consumption, there will be 700,000 points remaining.]

[Construction successful.]


As Lin Qiyes thoughts settled down, the 49 Formation Stones broke through the air and landed on the Eight Trigrams in one of the Asura Halls martial arts practice grounds.

Then, strands of golden lines shot out from the Formation Stones and quickly outlined a giant golden array formation.

Not long after, space distorted, and strange energy splashed out all the way to the depths of the void.

Ten minutes later, a long-distance teleportation array from the Asura Halls back mountain to the Heaven Zen Sect was formed!

The arrays area was equivalent to ten football fields and could accommodate a hundred thousand people!

“This formation is quite good.

Its high-end and grand.”

Lin Qiye praised and slowly walked into the formation.

He casually threw out 100 spiritual stones and successfully activated the formation.


The moment he activated the teleportation array, Lin Qiye disappeared from the spot.

More than ten seconds later, he steadily appeared at the other end of the formation, which was near the Heaven Zen Sect.

Lin Qiye smiled faintly.

“I see the Heaven Zen Sect…”

The moment he landed on the ground, he looked at the Heaven Zen Sect from afar.

Rows of luxurious buildings rose and fell on the mountain range;

Glazed green tiles were flowing with brilliant colors under the sunlight;

Rich spiritual energy turned into golden clouds that floated above the sect.


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