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When Bai Xiaoshu woke up this morning, he turned on his mobile phone as usual and flipped through some news and gossip about this world while eating.

But today, he had just started reading it when someone from the police station called, saying that they had to assist the X District police in arresting a suspect and asking him to go there as soon as possible.

Bai Xiaoshu had no sense of urgency and continued to eat at the same pace as before.

He found being a police officer really annoying.

As he ate, he flipped through a photo sent by the group.

The photo was nothing special; the man to be arrested was neither particularly ugly nor handsome, just very popular.

It wasn’t until Bai Xiaoshu saw the man’s profile that he couldn’t keep moving chopsticks, and he had to look at the man’s photo profile no less than three times.

“What the hell is going on here” Bai Xiaoshu was in no mood to eat now.

According to the information, the man who was about to be arrested was the one who would kill Jiang Yingying later.

According to the plot and timeline, this man should have just met Jiang Chi’s ex-wife, they hadn’t even been together yet.

Not to mention Jiang Yingying’s affair, everything he had done before had been well hidden, so why did the police suddenly discover him

He went through the group again; his colleagues said that this man was suspected in several cases of molestation and rape of minors and young children.

One suspicion was not answered, but others followed.

How could the police have evidence against him Wasn’t Jiang Chi the one who found incriminating evidence against him after a long search

Wait, Jiang Chi

Bai Xiaoshu scratched his hair in annoyance.

Why was the plot all messed up If this man gets caught, then Jiang Yingying won’t die; if she doesn’t die, then Jiang Ji won’t blacken.

Then how will he make a name for himself by catching Jiang Ji, the villain

Not only has his career line been messed up, but he also discovered that his relationship with the protagonist is also out of line.

Chen Yao, who was supposed to have a soft spot for him, would pick up Jiang Chi’s daughter every day as soon as he got off work, and then the two of them would have dinner together.

He could only watch their relationship grow closer and closer.

It wasn’t like the estrangement described in the original novel.

On the contrary, no matter how much he wrote in that book that Chen Yao had a crush on him, Chen Yao looked at him with boredom from that time at the orphanage.

Leave alone smiling at him, he wouldn’t even take him on team missions anymore.

Even if the people in the police station still had a good impression of him because of his protagonist halo and golden finger, they would only offer words of comfort after seeing Chen Yao clearly isolate him, but those are just trash without even a name in the novel, so they were of no use at all.

Their only use would be to show that his halo and golden finger were still functional and that it was Chen Yao and Jiang Chi who were not right.

In that case,… Bai Xiaoshu said to himself, “Shouldn’t I use my golden finger for good For example, let the plot return to its original trajectory.


In the afternoon, You Ning went to pick up Jiang Yingying as usual, but did not see Chen Yao.

Chen Xiaoxing waited at the entrance of the school, and when he saw that You Ning hadn’t left yet, he came over to say hello.

After waiting at the school gate for a while, Chen Yao soon arrived on his bike.

He was the same as when You Ning first met him, unkempt, like he hadn’t slept all night.

You Ning told him to leave his bike at the school and to take his car so that he doesn’t drive tired.

Chen Yao didn’t hesitate, he finished talking to the teacher, put the bike away, and got into the passenger seat.

Once he settled in, Chen Yao rubbed his brow and said, in a voice that only You Ning could hear, “That damn thing got away.”

“Laozi chased him all night, chased him to…” You Ning handed him a bottle of water, he unscrewed it and took two sips, licked his somewhat dry and cracked lips, and continued, ” I chased him to the top of a hill, and the guy suddenly disappeared.

You Ning looked at his expression and asked, “What’s wrong”

Chen Yao hesitated and said, “It was strange.

There was a tunnel in the mountain, and he went in.

There were people in front of and behind it, but he didn’t come out of the tunnel, he just disappeared.”

“Later we went to check that tunnel and found that there was indeed a passage for one person to pass through, but according to the information we got, this man had never been in that area before or gotten wind of his arrest, so how did he know there was a passage in that tunnel Moreover, that tunnel was built in recent years, and the workers said there hadn’t been such a passage before.

Don’t you think it’s strange”

You Ning looked at the red light ahead and said, “Weird; it’s like the protagonist was desperate and was drawn to an escape route that appeared out of nowhere.”

Chen Yao jerked to a halt and inclined his head to look at You Ning.

“Tch, it’s quite similar once you say it.

However, life is not a comic book or a novel.

I suspect there’s someone behind him ……”

He expected You Ning to say “yes,” but unexpectedly, You Ning said, “That’s not necessarily true.”

Chen Yao raised his eyebrows, as if not surprised that his Captain Jiang would have a better idea.

Two more days passed, and two children disappeared from the orphanage that Jiang Chi had donated to.

Chen Yao put all his energy into the case—the man who had escaped was under the control of another district’s police force.

At the same time, the various primary schools in C City were starting their summer holidays.

It was during this summer that Jiang Yingying met with misfortune in her last life.

This time, You Ning first showed her a few news items to give her an idea of how dangerous society is.

“You can’t trust the words of strangers, and you can’t eat what strangers give you to eat.” These are words people have heard since childhood, but people fall victim to them every year, and many of them are adults.

After watching the news, Jiang Yingying understood what her father meant and said she would protect herself and try to grow up and become stronger.

Later, she even took the initiative to ask You Ning to teach her fighting, and You Ning promised to set up exercises for her every day.

Jiang Yingying stayed at home most of the time, and with You Ning’s cat around, it would be impossible to hurt her this summer vacation, no matter how powerful someone was.

With Jiang Yingying’s safety assured, You Ning went to the orphanage.

The director came to pick him up in person, but her complexion was much worse than the last two times because of the missing children, and You Ning casually comforted her.

The director said that the two men must be the culprits, but You Ning knew that the two men were just like they said—just snooping and peeping.

They did not really turn their fantasies into reality.

Besides that, You Ning came out in person because this case of missing children from the orphanage was a precursor to Jiang Yingying’s accident.

In his previous life, Jiang Chi would donate to the orphanage, so he heard about it.

He went home and told Jiang Yingying, but it didn’t help much due to the lack of communication between father and daughter, and Jiang Yingying thought her dad just didn’t want her to play too much during her summer holidays.

She felt restricted, and her serious father made her feel depressed.

So Jiang Yingying called her mother on the phone, and after getting permission, she got on a plane to her mother’s place.

But Jiang Yingying now knew how good her father was and felt her father’s love for her, she would not make a phone call to a mother who had not come to visit her for a long time and who did not care for her whenever she was sick; besides, her mother had even changed her number ever since they divorced, so Jiang Yingying did not know her current phone number.

You Ning returned from the orphanage and said to Jiang Chi, “It seems the other protagonist is quite fond of making trouble.”

Jiang Chi also suspected that it was Bai Xiaoshu who had done it, but it was just a guess.

What he knew was that Chen Yao had put Bai Xiaoshu under secret surveillance, and during the period when the children disappeared, Bai Xiaoshu had not contacted anyone suspicious.

He went home after work, and was either playing games or sleeping, he was a homebody.

And if he was really a culprit, what kind of confidence did he have considering he was a rookie, and how did he manage to avoid suspicion and not leave any traces

In the original novel, Bai Xiaoshu’s golden finger was a notebook that would hint at who the murderer was as soon as the keywords or items of the case were written on it.

This hint also included some keywords, and Bai Xiaoshu would match up the various suspects before finding the one that matched best.

It was this golden finger that earned him the title of detective.

The other thing was his protagonist halo: with his unbelievable luck, his strong physique, and his ability to turn bad luck into good luck, the other protagonist or villains and the supporting characters would have a drop in IQ when they encountered something related to him.

Those who harm or suspect him would get slapped in the face in minutes, so it could simply be said that he was unbeatable.

When Jiang Chi signed a trading contract with You Ning, he had read the two versions of the novel written by the author.

So judging from Bai Xiaoshu’s golden finger and protagonist halo, he was incapable of masterminding or enabling the abduction cases.

Moreover, can a protagonist who has enabled such malicious things really still be called a protagonist The obvious example of this was Jiang Chi, who turned from protagonist to villain.

You Ning didn’t think about it as much as Jiang Chi did.

‘Want the truth Wasn’t it as simple as directly taking a look’

You Ning called his cat, and without You Ning needing to ask, the black cat conjured a screen showing Bai Xiaoshu’s house for them to see.

In the picture, Bai Xiaoshu was leaning over his desk, holding a pen, and writing the words “On the 12th of July, Jiang Yingying left home and was… “; the rest of the content was still being written.

But You Ning didn’t need to read it to know what it was.

“He wants a repeat of the incident.” You Ning craned his neck and the black cat willingly jumped onto his shoulder and started massaging him.

You Ning squinted his eyes comfortably and continued, “That pen in his hand is a good thing; it can modify any plot”

“Unfortunately, only the author can modify the plot.

Who does he think he is A creator The creator god Did he buy the rights to the book”

You Ning scoffed out unceremoniously, this human was so stupid and naïve.

Jiang Chi looked at Bai Xiaoshu on the screen, his eyes murderous.

You Ning said to him, “Ugh Calm down, calm down.

Your daughter is still fine, and as for the children who were abducted, you don’t have to worry too much.

Don’t forget what you want in this life, and don’t ruin yourself again.

Seriously….are you making me, a demon to persuade you to be good”

You Ning shook his head in amusement.

The image of Bai Xiaoshu’s house disappeared, and the black cat jumped onto You Ning’s lap.

You Ning unconsciously stroked the black cat’s soft fur and looked out the window at the bright moon.

You Ning looked a little lost in thought, he seemed to remember someone coming to see him on a night like this.

He also seemed to remember someone teaching him to give traders what they wanted most in life, and they would give him back an excellent taste.

But he forgot who that person was.

The black cat looked at the side of You Ning’s face, lit by the moonlight, and said, “What are you looking at”

“Looking at the moon, it’s so beautiful tonight.” You Ning lowered his head to look at his cat, a playful smile at the corner of his mouth.

Whoever that person was, You Ning knew that there was definitely something wrong with this cat of his.

Su Fu, the black cat, was oblivious to this, and he fell back into his daily state of doubt as to whether he was being seduced again because of the little incubus’s suspicious words that sounded like a confession.


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