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“Still, I cant leave them here…” Mr.

Bai Mei shook his head.

“You dont trust me” Mu Bai was puzzled.

“I trust you.

If the colossal white demon wanted to kill us, it would have done so a long time ago.

Instead, it made us into chrysalises.

But its torture to wait for death as maggots feed on you.

I think that most students cannot endure such anguish.

I cant afford to watch them suffer, and I cant let them wait for death not knowing whether someone would come for their rescue.

I wish I could do something for them now.

You dont have to persuade me anymore.

If Dean Xiao were here, I believe he would have done the same, too.

He would never leave the students behind.

He has something more important to handle, thus he left the students in my care.

I cant let him down!” Mr.

Bai Mei said firmly.

Mu Bai was at a loss for words.

If he were in Mr.

Bai Meis place, he, too, would have difficulty leaving people trapped like this.

It was not difficult to free the students from their chrysalises.

But the challenge was to get them out of the white lair safely.

The reason they had not been ambushed by the Ocean Demons was because they had not cast powerful spells till now.

They had not left the white monster lair.

As long as they stayed inside the white monster lair, the terrifying monster of the lair would not show up.

But if they attempted to flee, the terrifying monster would certainly reveal itself!

The monster that created such a lair was close to the Emperor level.


Ill figure out a way.” Mu Bai heaved a sigh.

It was meaningless to continue to persuade Mr.

Bai Mei.


Bai Mei was not trying to be difficult.

They were all in a desperate situation and people did whatever they could to survive in such a situation.

Just like a person who was caught in the middle of a quicksand.

No matter how you persuaded them or told them that they could survive as long as they got out of the desert, it would still be pointless because they were sinking into the quicksand.

They were on the verge of losing their breaths.

What you had to do was to help them break free from their current desperate situation so that they still see a glimmer of hope.

It was only then that they could think about other issues calmly.

“Do you have a solution to this” Mr.

Bai Meis face lit up in delight.

“I need students who have a lower cultivation base and are capable of hiding their scents,” said Mu Bai.

“Low cultivation base” Mr.

Bai Mei did not understand what Mu Bai had planned.

‘Shouldnt students with a higher cultivation be chosen for such a situationOtherwise, how could they fight the White Nightcrawlers that often appeared out of nowhere

The White Nightcrawlers were the powerful Ocean Demons that defeated the teachers from Pearl Institute.

The teachers combat power was as strong as the army, especially the old professors who had kept their abilities well hidden.

These old professors possessed a relatively high level of cultivation.

Before the white monster lair was formed, the teachers and students from Pearl Institute had even assisted in evacuating people from other zones…

“The higher our cultivation bases are, the easier it will be for the White Nightcrawlers to detect us.

We need the students help to collect the Ocean Demon Babies eggshells.

The more the better,” said Mu Bai.

“Can you please tell me your plan first Some of the students have hidden somewhere else.

If I let them take the risk…,” began Mr.

Bai Mei.

“The greatest issue were currently facing is the demon that built the white lair.

Basically, only a Forbidden Mage is capable of fighting it.

However, the Forbidden Mages are taking on the Emperor-level Ocean Demons as of now.

Itll be difficult for them to come here and fight this colossal white demon.

To put it bluntly, people from other zones might still be alive for now but after a week, their chances of survival seems slim,” Mu Bai stated flatly.

“You mentioned it earlier,” said Mr.

Bai Mei.

“Instead of figuring out ways to fight the colossal white demon or flee its lair, we should think of ways to hide the students inside this lair so that it can protect you and the students for a week,” said Mu Bai.


Bai Mei began to grasp Mu Bais point, and he listened to his words attentively.

“Ill use the Ocean Demon Babies eggshells to make a pupa that resembles human chrysalis.

You all can then hide inside the lifelike pupa and become the colossal white demonspersonal collections.

By doing so, the rest of the powerful Ocean Demons will not simply strike you.

All you have to do is take the initiative and give your magic energy to the Ocean Maggots when they come to collect the energy.

Dont let the Ocean Maggots go back empty-handed…,” said Mu Bai.


Bai Meis eyes lit up after hearing Mu Bais explanation.

They could use lifelike fake human chrysalises to protect themselves! This was an awesome idea! After all, the Magic City basically had no other safe places for them to hide.

Even if they fled the white monster lair, the other Ocean Demon hordes would hunt them down!

“May I know who you are” asked Mr.

Bai Mei.

He was impressed with the young mans preparedness.

“I am Mu Bai, the leader of the South Wing,” Mu Bai introduced himself.”Mr.

Bai Mei, my plan can only stall for time.

You must understand that the Magic City is under great calamity, and that the plan is just a short-term solution to ensure survival for the time being.

We must change the situation to truly survive.

Trust me, all of us are paying for this.”

Mu Bais words touched Mr.

Bai Meis heart.


Bai Mei did understand that what they were facing was just the tip of a massive iceberg.

Otherwise, Dean Xiao would never have left them if it wasnt something urgent.

Dean Xiao would never abandon Pearl Institute.

He must have found a way to fight for the Magic City.

As a teacher, he had his own responsibility to take care of.

He was helpless, too.

“No matter what, we are truly grateful for your help.”

“I suppose you have some Poison Element professors in the institute.

Please, find them.

I need their help,” said Mu Bai.


No problem.

How about this…” Mr.

Bai Mei looked up.

He saw Zhao Manyan still fighting the White Nightcrawlers.

White carcasses occasionally fell from above, spilling bizarre crystal-blue liquid.

“Dont worry.

He can handle them,” said Mu Bai.

He knew Zhao Manyan very well.

If he kept yelling, it meant he was fine.

Zhao Manyan got silent and serious when he was in grave danger.

Several White Nightcrawlers patrolled the area.

These Ocean Demons were no match for the heir of the Dark Tortoise—Zhao Manyan.

Moreover, Song Feiyao and Jiang Shaoxu were with him.

The duo had a relatively high level of cultivation base.

‘I dont think they will take that long to finish.

Old Zhao seldom fights with such bravery and aggressiveness.

Its a miracle that he is giving it his all today.

He seems to appreciate his alma mater very much. Mu Bai shook his head in resignation.

Zhao Manyan could not leave in peace without dealing with the crisis before him.

If Mr.

Bai Mei could find Dean Xiao, they should be able to get things done on time…

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