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Chapter 67(1) - The Winner of the Cultivation Event


Elder Hong Yun still doesn't know what he is about to face.

He was sitting on the second floor and could not hide his excitement.

He began to think about how to arrange their layout in his body if he had four Nascent Souls.

He even came up with the fourth sentence that Taoist Mu could not think of just now.

"My Nascent Soul in the south represents all the cultivators in the southern border, punishing you, Rong Qianqiu, a shameless person!"


Hong Yun is very happy.

Taoist Mu enviously carried his quadruplet Nascent Soul and glanced at him.

if you are reading this on a site other than puretl(.)com then this chapter has been stolen

'Why can't I think of this sentence just now'

"If there is a fifth Nascent Soul, I will say I represent your ancestors to punish you for everyone's future!"

Rong Qianqiu, who has been imprisoned by Qing Xuan: ""

He's lost already!

Rong Qianqiu is now sluggish, unable to lift any trace of spiritual energy.

The lucky charm on his waist is completely burned out, leaving a pool of black ashes.

He looked at Taoist Mu in despair and admiration.

He gritted his teeth, saying, "Be careful...

Mei Zhen'er, there is something wrong with her charm..."

After saying that, he fainted.

Taoist Mu and the rest of the Nascent Soul looked at each other.

Now that Mei Zhen'er's cultivation has fallen to the Golden Core stage, there will be no major threat in the short term.

However, Tiansheng Sect's strength is like a thin and dead camel is still bigger than a horse.

Maybe they will cure her very fast, so they still have to be guarded.

Qing Xuan immediately squeezed out several green lights in his hand, hitting the air in an instant.

"Order of the Precepts' Hall! From now on, all disciples in Nanxun are not allowed to take or wear Tiansheng Sect talismans.

All magic weapons and elixirs from Tiansheng Sect are also put on hold!"

Su Yu listened to it for a while and nodded reassuringly.

"Then I'm going to make the Dirty Treasure Elixir."

Hong Yun was startled.



I regret it now, is it too late!'


In the cultivation event.

At this moment, the two stone tablets on the street are shining brightly.

[Shop Spirit Stone Ranking

1) Nanxun Sect: 1849****

2) Tiansheng Sect...]

[Secret Realm Ranking

1) Nanxun Sect

2) Tiansheng Sect...]

In the last three days of the rally, Nanxun became the first with an overwhelming advantage.

How overwhelming

Even this stone tablet cannot write down Nanxun's complete spiritual stone income!

One-tenth of the ancient spiritual veins, two Buddhist Sect prophecies, plus the income of the second floor of Nanxun and the secret realm team.

Nanxun had accumulated so many spiritual stones.

Even these stone tablets that have been used for more than 50 years...

cannot display the income completely.

The ice mist flowers on the tip of Wei Shuang's nose shone a little, reflecting the worship and admiration in her eyes.

"Sister Su is a real fairy."

"Look at the stone tablet! The income of Tiansheng Sect's spiritual stones is also wrong."


Everyone looked at the tablet again.

See Tiansheng Sect's store revenue figures keep flickering.


Tiansheng Sect 60.49 million]


Tiansheng Sect 19.54 million]


Tiansheng Sect 9.13 million]

The number of spirit stones keeps falling.

Every time it flickered, it kept falling in ranking.

It took a long time until it stopped—


Tiansheng Sect - 1.02 million.]


Wei Shuang opened her mouth.

Xue Ning's round eyes forgot to blink.

The disciples in the northern realm are all sluggish.

For many years, they have participated in the southern realm cultivation event and personally participated in the competition.

"Is it because they lost a tenth of an ancient spiritual vein"

Everyone looks weird.

But it quickly became clear why.

"Wait a minute, how come the Tiansheng Sect Fortune Talisman I bought is broken! Didn't they say it can be used for at least 30 days"

"Ah God, mine burned too!"

"Me too! Damn, it's ten thousand spirit stones! No, Tiansheng Sect must give me an explanation!"

"Didn't Miss Mei Zhen'er draw it by herself Oh, her cultivation has fallen.

All the third and fourth-grade talismans she sold are invalid..."

The disciples in the north have awakened.

Soon they rushed to the door of the Tiansheng Sect shop and saw that there was already a sea of people.

All of them are anxious cultivators who asked for a refund.

"Your shoddy talismans..."

"My brothers and I bought 18 copies in one go, and all of them were shattered.

Refund the spirit stones, or Tiansheng Sect would never even think about opening a store in the north!"

"At least double the compensation.

I was injured by a monster in the secret realm, all because of this talisman!"

Tiansheng Sect's turnover was instantly negative.


In the Tiansheng Sect store.

"Master, young lady is in a coma, and her realm has fallen to the golden core.

All the luck charms she made in the past have been lost.

Our Tiansheng Sect assembly ranking, this time..."

Li Yiming, who was holding the chessboard, lowered his head and sweated on his back.

An image of a scholar was projected into the Tiansheng Sect shop in front of him.

The man has a Confucian temperament and is the head of the Tiansheng Sect, Mei Youde.

He held the scroll in his hand and seemed to be flipping through it.

He looks defenseless, but his cultivation is extremely terrifying.

He is in the middle stage of Divine Transformation.

It is said that he has comprehended a rule of heaven and earth, and created his own domain world.

He has his own magical powers in the world.

Once he goes one step further, when he completely controls the rules of heaven and earth, he will be able to get rid of his mortal body and reach the state of transcendence and ascension.

Li Yiming is only at the Nascent Soul peak.

In front of him, his life and death only depend on the other party's thoughts.

Overwhelmed by the two great realms, there is no room for a Nascent Soul to struggle.

"Master, I'm useless!" Li Yiming was sweating profusely.

But soon, he heard a humble voice.

"Elder Li, please.

It's not your problem.

It's my little girl who is too aggressive this time.

It's okay.

We just lose once.

You go.

I'll take a look at the real situation."

Li Yiming breathed a sigh of relief and immediately left the lobby respectfully.

Mei Youde, who was wearing a robe in the projection, looked like a Confucian scholar.

But after Li Yiming left, his humble complexion faded into darkness.

He opens a book page by page.

He looked at Mei Zhen'er on the bed with her eyes closed, who had retreated to the early stage of Golden Core, and sighed faintly.

"The backlash is so powerful."

Mei Zhen'er was unconscious, but the beads on her wrist were covered with gray mist.

A graceful figure gradually emerged from the beads.

"Youde, how I never lied to you, right If you didn't find a vessel as an intermediary to absorb the backlash of luck, now it's you who suffers."

The fog gradually solidified.

It is not a gray foggy old man Mei Zhen'er saw in the past and not an aged voice that spoke.

It turned out to be a charming, soft, and boneless beautiful woman.

Her voice was even more charming.

She looked up at the projection of Mei Youde's powerful body.

"It's time for you to find a body for me too."

"Your daughter can't hold it anymore.

Nanxun's power is rising, and the Tiansheng Sect is weakening.

If you don't cut it off, she will soon be swallowed up by the Nanxun's luck that you absorbed in the past few years.

She will be crippled and dying in a nightmare."

Mei Youde's bookish face showed a trace of reluctance.

"I'm already looking for your body.

Is it easy to get a body that can endure your power in Divine Transformation and be in harmony with your soul Don't worry.

First, find a way to save Zhen'er, or I...

will find a second vessel."

The gray fog woman said quietly, "I think that Mu Wanyuan is very suitable."

"Nanxun has to transport the ancient spiritual veins back.

Mu Wanyuan, who is one step away from Divine Transformation, will definitely be moved.

He will definitely steal it.

If he is injured while he grabbed the spiritual vein and killed everyone in Nanxun, that would be even better!"

The gray foggy woman giggled.

"Youde, then you will be able to act for the sky.

Destroy this person, make Tiansheng Sect famous, and your luck will rise."

Mei Youde smiled lightly.

The pages of the book were turned in his hands.

He stopped on a page and wrote a word.



if you are reading this on a site other than puretl(.)com then this chapter has been stolen

He wrote a line of gold characters in the air with an ink-dyed pen.

"Wake up!"

The golden characters penetrated Mei Zhen'er's body.

Mei Zhen'er's eyelashes trembled slightly, and then she became awake.

When she saw the person projected in front of her, she whimpered for a moment.


"Su Yu of Nanxun stole my luck...

Dad, you have to help me.

Take revenge for me and get it back!"

Mei Youde was humble and gentle then he patted her on the back.


There is a certain order between heaven and earth.

Why should you force it Listen to Dad, don't act rashly.

Be sure to look after the people around you.

Don't let them hinder Nanxun from returning home, lest the northern and southern borders mock my Tiansheng Sect."

Mei Zhen'er burst into tears, and a gleam of light flashed suddenly.


At the last day of Nanxun store operation.

The second floor was overcrowded.

Su Yu's three double-eared woks, four soup pots, and dozens of bamboo steamers never stop.

Before they left, Bingling Sect wanted to customize 100 waist protection pills and 300 silver silk ropes that could bind monsters.

Shuilingmen also customized 300 golden snail lucky treasures and also wanted to buy a double-layer tea stand for their natal magic weapons.

In the last few days, there have been more people who keep coming to seek fate.

Some are disappointed, and some are successful.

Master Su's kitchen orders are endless.

Yu Dong's collection of spiritual stones made him feel hot.

His golden ingot core in his body has a sign of a Nascent Soul formation on the last day.

The same goes for Hang Wan'er.

Yan Yan is also making progress because his flying swords frequently cut and mix in the back kitchen and serve dishes.

Nowadays, his comprehension of swordsmanship has reached a new level.

His sword heart has also been sharpened to become purer.

He has been able to control more than 50 swords simultaneously and has also entered the late stage of Golden Core.

Lu Yizhou played the qin for the guests every day and saw several ice birds in the north.

His cultivation was also as good as Yan Yan's.

Even Chang Qing's Fei Yu has recited a lot of welcomes.

Now it seems to be reborn.

In just 30 days, they all improved by three or four small realms compared to before they came to the north.

Taoist Mu is very pleased.

"Thanks to the second senior sister who let me practice without omission, I have today."

"Thanks to the second senior sister for letting me understand that my mind is my way."

"Thanks to the second senior sister for letting me serve snacks to the guests this time..." Yan Yan said respectfully.

"Thanks to Second Senior Sister..." Lu Yizhou followed.

Taoist Mu: "..."

'Excuse me.'

Su Yu is neither arrogant nor impetuous.

She very modestly said, "Thanks to Master for picking up everyone back then.

Otherwise, there would be no today."

Taoist Mu choked.

After a hundred years of cultivation, the best thing he did was to pick up these children

He is not unlucky.

He is the son of heaven!


A bell and drum sounded, and a voice rang in the sky.

"This year's Southern Cultivation Festival is over."

Soon all the sects were floating from the street shops and secret realms.

Northern disciples raised their heads one after another.

The heads of the ten major sects in the south showed up using projection spar.

"Look, that is the head of Nanxun!"

"Nanxun is so powerful, so the leader looks like this.

I didn't notice it last year!"

He Tong, the head of Nanxun, never thought that one day he would receive so much attention from the north.

But soon, he turned his attention to the position of the Tiansheng Sect.

In the projection of the ten heads, the head of the Tiansheng Sect, Mei Youde, is in the first place.

He is in the middle stage of Divine Transformation.

His strength is one of the best among the leaders.

This year, he announced the ranking and award of the first place in Nanxun.

Mei Youde's aura of a scholar of Confucianism has long since returned.

He looked at everyone in Nanxun gently.

"The first place this year is the Nanxun faction, congratulations."

"Tiansheng Sect, as the first place last year, has already sent twelve Divine Transformation elders to escort the ancient spiritual veins here." Mei Youde smiled.

The northern and the southern sects have changed color.

Just to deliver the reward, they sent more than a dozen elders in Divine Transformation.

That means there were at least twenty or thirty of the Divine Transformation in the Tiansheng Sect.

Tiansheng Sect is much stronger than them.

From Nanxun, He Tong, Qing Xuan, and others didn't look good.

Taoist Mu instantly lost the joy of the four Nascent Souls in his body.

In an instant, Mei Youde, in the projection, elegantly opened the scroll in his hand.

A sealed box filled with a terrifying aura fell into Qing Xuan's hands under everyone's attention.

There is a rich aura sealed in a box.

The phantom of half an ancient spiritual vein suddenly appeared behind Qing Xuan.

The light was clearly visible within a hundred meters.

After three breaths, the mighty floating shadow slowly hides in this small square jade box.

Everyone was amazed.

"It's not a magic weapon.

It's the head Mei who understands the rules of space.

This small box is a small world made by him."

"This is the strength of the middle stage of Divine Transformation..."

Everyone looks up.

There was a trace of fear on the faces of the heads of the Northern and Southern factions.

Mei Youde smiled, sweeping away the awe of everyone.

He has already seen the light red luck produced by a trace of admiration returning to Mei Zhen'er's body.

But soon, this red fog was interrupted.

"Is this the ancient spiritual vein"

"Good guy.

Second Senior Sister, we really did it!"

"What about an ancient spirit vein As long as the second sister wants it, even an ancient secret palace can be brought back to Nanxun!"

These are the chattering disciples of Nanxun around Su Yu.

Su Yu smiled and waved at them.


if you are reading this on a site other than puretl(.)com then this chapter has been stolen

"Senior sister has never been to the ancient secret palace.

How can I bring it back if I don't know where it is"

Qing Xuan's mouth twitched.

'So as long as she has seen the ancient secret palace, she really wants to bring it home to Nanxun'

When they were crying and laughing, they were surrounded by figures from the north.

"Sister Su, congratulations!"

"Master Su, your first place is well deserved!"

"The second floor of Nanxun, I will see you next year!"

"Fate, I will continue to look for it next year."

"Master Su, can I pre-order lucky treasure for the next year"

During the farewell, Nanxun is hot.

In front of the Tiansheng Sect's Mei Youde's projection, the admiring crowd soon dwindled by more than half.

The masters in Divine Transformation are too far away from them.

But Master Su's magic weapon and elixir are right in front of them.

In Mei Youde's humble and elegant face, his smile gradually solidified.

He turned around, holding the book in both hands behind him.

He walked away step by step, gradually disappearing.

Not many people in Nanxun pay attention to him.

But Yan Yan was shocked when he saw Mei Youde's back when he turned around.

His shoulders shake gradually.

A bloodshot of hatred filled his eyes.

Yan Yan rattled his teeth.

"What's wrong" Su Yu noticed his abnormality.

She couldn't help turning her head, following his gaze, and looking at Mei Youde's back, which also attracted Qing Xuan's attention.

"Huh There are sword wounds on that Divine Transformation elder's hands.

Who did it " Hang Wan'er also saw it.

Qing Xuan glanced at it and shook his head, "That's not a sword mark."

"The physical strength of a Divine Transformation cultivator is extremely terrifying.

As long as he is willing to repair the wound and change his appearance, he can do it at any time.

His index finger is cut by the pages of the book in his hand all year round.

That book is similar to the Wordless Book in Nanxun you have seen, but that one is an eighth-grade magic weapon.

Even as a Divine Transformation, when he flips through it every day, he will be cut by the sharp pages of the eighth-grade book."

Yan Yan's scarlet eyes showed a hint of surprise.

Qing Xuan sighed, "The cuts between his fingers are much less than ten years ago.

It seems that his cultivation has increased again."

Yan Yan clenched his fists slightly.

"How about it, Hong Yun We have to leave in two days.

Otherwise, things will change later."

"How are you after eating it"

Elder Zhang and Qing Xuan had sealed half of the spiritual veins, so now they focused on how to bring them back.

Hong Yun looked ugly, "I still don't feel it."

Elder Zhang sighed.

Qing Xuan was a little worried.

"Today, Mei Youde is most likely intentional.

Instead of giving us the jade box directly, he let the spiritual veins reveal strong spiritual energy.

The condensed phantom is estimated to be seen from hundreds of meters away."

Taoist Mu paced in the room.

The four Nascent Souls in his body are all thinking.

"Some high-level loose cultivators and evil cultivators in the north must have been disturbed."

The expressions of several elders are not very good.


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