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Shi Yu didnt expect to clear the championship path with just Susu.

He didnt invest so many resources for nothing!

After this battle, the seven islands trembled, and the situation began to change.

Legend Xiao Shuang and the others eyes revealed shock.

As people who “knew everything” about Shi Yu, it was very difficult to imagine that this was only the strength of Shi Yus single pet.


Tian, this, weve cleared it, right” After the Tyrannical Sea Legend was shocked, he smiled deeply.

At this moment, the legendary Tian Jiangzhis lungs exploded in anger and his heart bled.

Did they have any morals Now, he reacted.

Just now, it was definitely a frontal attack, alright

That ice-element pet used some method to deceive them and the Heavenly Cloud Tiger.

It directly exploded in its body when the Heavenly Cloud Tiger wasnt paying attention and completed the sneak attack!!

They were thieves! They cheated an honest big cat!

The Heavenly Cloud Tiger, who had roamed the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range for many years, never expected to be tricked like this!

“This…” At this moment, the legend of the Warring States naturally didnt want to admit it.

He even wanted to regret it.

On the first day of the bet, he was stripped naked by the other party.

Who could accept this

However, the legend of the Warring States also understood that as long as the seven islands had the tendency to go back on their word, the pressure on Dong Huang was not something the seven islands could withstand.

At this moment, looking at the expression of the Tyrannical Sea Legend, they were clearly determined to eat them alive!

In national diplomacy, strength was the foundation.

If Dong Huang was a small totem country, the seven islands could do whatever they wanted.

However, as a big country with the power to destroy the seven islands, the seven islands could only pinch their noses and admit defeat.

If he openly tore the contract, what awaited the seven islands might be the joint punishment of Dragon Palace City and Dong Huang.

At that time, the things that had to be spat out wouldnt be covered even by several Mythical resources.

“Its… this Lu Bai won.”

At this moment, the legend of the Warring States had a heart attack and didnt want to talk at all.

He was a little dizzy and found it difficult to breathe.

“This, this, this, this…” Ji Feng and the others also gulped and looked at the young man below.

With a white flash, Shi Yu was teleported back to the Sky Ship by Legend Xiao Shuang.

“I want to rest,” Shi Yu said just as he returned.

“Alright!” The Tyrannical Sea Legend still had a thick smile and said, “In that case, Mr.

Tian Jiang, then todays champion path challenge will end here.

Tomorrow, the other contestants of our Dong Huang will continue to challenge.”

The seven islands had given five challenge spots.

It wasnt that Shi Yu had cleared it alone.

There was no need to fight the others.

The benefits of several levels corresponded to individuals.

Ji Feng and the others definitely wouldnt miss it.

There was also the time limit for Dong Huang to explore the seven island ruins mystic realm.

It was also determined by the number of people who cleared it.

If one person cleared nine levels, Dong Huang could explore and crack it for ten days.

If two people cleared it, it would be 20 days.

If three people cleared it, it would be a month.

Therefore, the more people who passed, the better.

Apart from the Phoenix Mystic Realm, Dong Huang definitely wanted to try other ruins mystic realms.

Therefore, in order to obtain more benefits, Dong Huang definitely had to let Ji Feng and the others try challenging it in the next few days.

However, the expressions of Zou Yun and the others were uncertain.

Son of a b*tch, with “Lu Bai”‘s performance today, was he sure that the seven islands wouldnt target them tomorrow

From the original difficult difficulty to hell difficulty!

“Legend Ju, go and help defrost the Heavenly Cloud Tiger,” at this moment, the corners of the Warring States Legends mouth twitched.

This big tiger had actually been frozen for so long and had yet to be unsealed.


Moreover, as an overlord, it could actually be successfully ambushed.


Next, the overlord of the tenth level had to be changed!

Just now, Shi Yu didnt dare to thaw the Heavenly Cloud Tiger, so now, the seven islands could only do it themselves.

At the moment, the Heavenly Cloud Tigers state of losing its ability to fight, was more like being sealed in ice.

With its overlord-level foundation, it probably still had a certain amount of battle power after it was unsealed.

Shi Yu was afraid that this thing would be unconvinced after defrosting and directly come to kill him.

It was better to leave it to the people of the seven islands… And since he had already completed the challenge, he no longer wanted to stay in the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range.

“Lu Bai, impressive…” At this moment, Tong Yan and the other Dong Huang contestants looked at the white-haired young man in front of them in surprise.

As he sized up Shi Yu with all his might, Tong Yan thought to himself, What a good young man, but his body looks too poor.

“Brother…” Zou Yun smiled bitterly and said,” You probably dont plan to participate in the Sequence ranking after you go back, right ”

Damn, if this Lu Bai also participated in the Sequence battle, wouldnt he be squeezed into 12th place

At that time, would there still be hope of getting into the top ten

World Tournament… This was an opportunity for him to upgrade to an international superstar!! No matter what, he wanted to get into the top ten and join in the fun.

“Cough, cough.

I think so.” Shi Yu smiled, instantly stopping Heavenly King Zous bitter smile.


“As expected, he wants to participate…” Ji Feng revealed a serious expression, feeling that it was dangerous.

“Cough…” At this moment, Shi Yu felt that something was wrong more and more.

Apart from Dong Huangs own people sizing him up crazily, the Beast Tamers of the seven islands were also staring at him intently.

This made Shi Yu a little panicked.

No one should recognize him, right He couldnt afford to reveal his identity.


After the first day of the championship challenge, the Sky Ship began to fly away amidst the angry, violent, and frightened roars of the overlord of the Crown Rainbow Mountain Range.


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