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Lu You immediately remembered the personality of Luo Xinghe in the original book.

He's indeed very good at holding back and just as good at disguising his emotions, otherwise he would not have endured the humiliation by staying at his side.

Now though he thinks that it is indeed strange.

It is absolutely impossible for a normal person to take the insults of their beloved and stay so humbly by their side nonetheless.

There had to be a hidden purpose behind this!  




So he quickly adjusted his expression, taking on a professional attitude of a scum, because now he had to shape himself to act as a scum only, constantly stimulating Luo Xinghe to make him blacken faster.

To be able to go back, he had to fight! 




Leaning on the pillow behind him, he was calm and extremely relaxed, that was the type of casualty typical of a scum.

He only took a look at Luo Xinghe while smiling before saying: "Who do you love Does it even matter to me Who do I like Why should it matter to you "



Aha, how dare a cannon fodder be so bold, this is the future king, but still this is so exciting and he even feels cool!




That's already two hits in a row.




——Love me Did I allow it




——Who do you love, does it have anything to do with me Who I like, does it matter to you




Scum, too much of a scum.




But he has to be such a slag.




The eyes under the curtain of Luo Xinghe's bangs were reddened and hot, his sight fell on Lu You's face, why can this person still smile so well, why can he still talk so matter-of-factly, why does he like to play with people so much.




Is it true that you are heartless




The hand propped up on the side of the bed got increasingly stiffer.




"So you like Song Xi"




Lu You: "I like him." In order to get the big boss to quickly blacken and get rid of the villain Song Xi, in order to go back, he has to be indifferent.




Now he is no longer a reader with a god-like perspective but the scum Lu You.

Naturally, he can't be soft hearted on Luo Xinghe, or it’ll really be a shame to be killed ruthlessly before he could go back!




Luo Xinghe's lips were raised with a trace of bitterness: "Is it because I can't have children that you don't want me" The bottom of his eyes were filled with a ruthlessness different from his expression.

Unable to give birth huh Why does he have to have children to have his own value He is the future King.




Lu You: "Yes."




Damn, how could he even dare to let the Boss give him a child.

Besides, a child couldn’t be born anyways, after all, this scum Lu You also has defects.




He suddenly had a thought and his facial expression crumbled, a blush appearing on his face.

Originally, the plot was that because of his fight on the rooftop with Luo Xinghe regarding Song Xi, he’d get stimulated by Luo Xinghe’s blood and would get in heat! 




So he shouldn't stimulate Luo Xinghe right now! It’d be catastrophic if there's a fight!




【Lu You, Luo Xinghe can release pheromones at will and without getting influenced.

Fortunately, you haven't gotten into estrus yet.

Don't be afraid, you can't smell him.

Just keep up with him and don’t stop acting.




He immediately calmed down.

That's fine.

He's not in heat yet.




"Smell that, young master My pheromones." Luo Xinghe recklessly emitted his pheromones, he was a dark attribute omega, no one could smell his pheromones, unless the other party also had a gender defect.




A person like Lu You.




After he and Lu You were together for more than two years, there was a time when Lu You suddenly fainted and was found to be inflicted with a gender defect.

There was one in a billion chance of them meeting each other, and yet their pheromone had a 100% rate of compatibility.

That is to say, they had to be absolutely infatuated with each other.




Once the two smell each other a series of behaviors will be carried out in spite of everything.




What's more, that’d stop the mate-seeking philandering behavior of Lu You.

If he is marked, he will stick to him, cling to him, not lose his temper with him and he’ll stay by his side obediently. 




However, since Lu You wasn’t gender defective since childhood, the smell of his pheromones has not been revealed until now.

Although the doctor said that he can't be stimulated to release pheromones in advance, otherwise his ability as an Alpha will become weaker and weaker, Luo Xinghe still can't help it.




Because he knows that as long as he smells Lu You’s pheromones, he can activate his own attributes.




When he becomes stronger, Lu You will not be able to leave him.

Lu You wouldn’t be able to not love him, he’d have to. 




Lu You confidently looked at Luo Xinghe in front of him, wondering in his head how he could help stimulate him without having to use his pheromones.




【Because you are a late bloomer, you can't smell his pheromone now, but it doesn't mean you can't smell it later.

Before your pheromones appear, try every means to stimulate Luo Xinghe to achieve his blackening purpose.

At this time, you can be unscrupulous, so don’t wait until it’s too late and he becomes ruthless.】




【So does Luo Xinghe really like the original owner or is he just trying to make himself strong】





But he actually hates him a bit more than he loves him.】




【Did the original owner really trample on Luo Xinghe because of such superficial problems】




【I’ll keep the answer until you find it by yourself, that way you won’t repeat the same mistakes.】




He didn't understand it for a moment, but soon he came up with a solution called playing along with the plan.




"Whew ...

it's so hot ....." He lifted the quilt and pretended to be more uncomfortable, even pulling at his clothes.

Lu You kept an eye on Luo Xinghe's reaction.




He didn't believe that Luo Xinghe could still be indifferent when he saw him like this, at least the original owner was Luo Xinghe's white moonlight 1 , wasn't the purpose of releasing pheromones to make him react




Then he would pretend to have a reaction and see what Luo Xinghe wanted to do.




And then expose Luo Xinghe's ploy!




So a slightly fragrant scene is being staged on the golden silk satin of the super-large gold bed.




Seeing Lu You sitting against the head of the bed as he appeared to be flushed, with his peach blossom eyes, which were already beautiful, wet with tears...

The wetness, the slightly bent eye shape were somewhat pitiful, and even the corners of the eyes were stained with an unnatural reddish color, all of these affected the whole face and he was extremely beautiful.




Hadn’t it not been for the opened buttons, the snug golden silk nightgown wouldn’t have slipped off and wouldn’t have appeared to look so big on his frame… but now, it was barely hanging on his shoulders, leaving his entire upper body exposed, while only the wound on his abdomen was covered. 




Luo Xinghe's gaze became even hotter, and the back of his neck couldn't help but tingle.




After all, an Alpha’s body is naturally not as soft as an Omega's body! What delicate! What pink! But because he’s an alpha, his body is refined, and because he comes from an official family and was exposed since childhood to rigorous training,  Lu You had a straight and beautiful figure, and the lines covering his body are perfect and impeccable, so revealing himself just makes him so tempting! When you look so unbearably good, you have more impact than an Omega.




So Lu You can really smell his pheromones Is he going to go into heat because of him now




His sizzling hot gaze fell on Lu You’s body, it was as if his eyes were going to burn a hole through his skin.




Lu You caressed his shoulder with his own hand, and deliberately tore off all the original owner's truly coquettish golden pajamas to reveal his upper body.

He pretended to feel hot and got all flirtatious as kept paying attention to Luo Xinghe at the same time.

After all, he may have been improvising, but he still had to control it a little bit.

Who knows whether Luo Xinghe would pounce or not That definitely wouldn’t be good.




But then he looked at Luo Xinghe with pathetic eyes: "...

why is it so hot~"




This performance was brilliant, as if he had done it countless times before.




Ai Duo Duo:【……】Why are you using this trick again.




Luo Xinghe felt as if his spine was melting in the blink of an eye when he saw the pathetic Lu You.

At that moment, his aggressive pheromones were repressed down by himself for a moment, replaced by another impulse, and his eyes turned deep.




Lu You exulted in his heart when he saw Luo Xinghe's eyes change, and continued to tease while the iron was hot.

He simply raised his head slightly and caressed his neck with both hands, cheekily acting like it was unbearably hot.




He deliberately looked at Luo Xinghe while doing so, his eyes teasingly glistening with wetness, and he let his fingers slide past his own collarbone.




He could already feel the thin sweat underneath his fingertips, it was really hot and sweaty now, but he didn’t care.

He continued to blink his eyes at Luo Xinghe.

He really wouldn’t believe that Luo Xinghe, who had naughty thoughts in his head all day long, wouldn’t move. 




He wanted to see what Luo Xinghe's aim was.




Whether he really liked him, or whether he only wanted to use him to awaken his body’s attributes. 




"Luo Xinghe, come here." And he even hooked his finger towards Luo Xinghe.




The sound 'Luo Xinghe' carries a different meaning from the usual, gasping and ambiguous, like the intimate call of a lover, so good that it would penetrate deep into his marrow.




Luo Xinghe met Lu You's eyes, and his face was reflected in these amorous eyes, as if he was enveloped by tenderness and attachment.

His heart seemed to be teased by the tip of a soft brush, stimulating his heart into beating wildly.




Memories of the past came to mind, especially with how sweet they were at the beginning.

If Lu You had not found his gender defect, and if there were no Song Xi ...

They were already eighteen years old and would have done what they should’ve done.

They would’ve never been like this with each other.




But even if Lu You hasn’t differentiated yet, such a temptation was enough to make his pheromones instantly surrender. 




He likes this person with his whole being, even if he is a scum and a bad guy, he still can’t bear to forget.




For it was him who pulled him out of the darkness that had taken him before. 




The one who kept him alive.




He will still have the unwillingness to let go, and will still have fantasies.




The initial pheromones that were raging in the big room started to fade away.




Lu You slightly lifted his chin towards Luo Xinghe and opened his arms, the corners of his lips slightly raised: "Come here, hurry up, hug me."




Luo Xinghe felt that he had fallen into a dream that he didn't want to wake up from.

Lu You called him over and even displayed a pampered appearance for him to hug, was it because he smelled his pheromones, did his pheromones really have a repercussion on Lu You




This is the first time he has given off pheromones because of his emotions, and they are still pheromones that no one else can smell.




Didn't they say no one could smell his pheromones Is Lu You even able to smell it




It was the Lu family’s head who said that Lu You's defective state required an Omega who had a very light scent and wouldn’t be affected by pheromones as a mate.

An Omega that couldn’t get in heat and therefore wouldn’t be frantically seeking out a mate was a must. 




But now Lu You who’s underneath his pheromones’ influence can’t help but seduce him




His heart swells with uncontrollable excitement, and those absurd ideas in his mind where he wants to punish Lu You are getting crazier and wilder.




He walked to the bedside, bent down, and embraced Lu You into his arms.




In that instant, he felt he had the world at his command, willingly forgetting all the things Lu You had done to him, as long as Lu You was willing to accept him.




Even his pretense was almost taken off.




“Luo Xinghe.” 




He heard Lu You's gentle call next to his ear and his heart was a soft mess: "What's wrong young master"




"I'd say you're really stupid, too."




Luo Xinghe's body stiffened.




"You're a waste Omega, you don't have an estrus, you can't have kids, you think you'll have good smelling pheromones Do you think your pheromones can seduce me Do you think I would react because of you Delusions of grandeur." Lu You raised his hand and pushed Luo Xinghe to the side, then slowly put on his gold silky satin pajamas, looking like a scum who was drawing back, with an unsatisfied look on his face.




Luo Xinghe was pushed aside, he looked at Lu You's frosty expression, this person's face was still obviously red, but he was able to smirk and say such cruel and merciless words, just like a sharp blade that was ruthlessly shredding through his layers of protection that were already worn out, instantly taking him out of his torpor..




Yes, it seemed like Lu You couldn’t yet smell his pheromones, he was cheated.




He looked down to hide his deception upon waking from a dream-like moment, and he became more and more eager to take Lu You mercilessly and wantonly.




He didn't believe it, he wanted to catch Lu You in the act.




Lu You felt slightly better when he saw Luo Xinghe still had some pride.

Hehe, he didn't believe that such a big boss was still not stimulated.

After all, this provocation was the same as implying that a man wouldn't be able to do it. 



Therefore, get angry quickly, and then strike while the iron is hot to get another wave of stimulation




"What, you want me to mark you that badly" Smoothing his hand over his slightly creased lapel, he said while looking up and down Luo Xinghe before laughing lightly, "I'd rather mark Song Xi than you."




Locke Xinghe swallowed the fishy-sweet blood that rose up in his throat, the curtain of thick bangs blocking his eyes, but the hatred in the depths of his eyes could not be subdued, and his hands were so tightly coiled that his knuckles turned white in an attempt to forcibly endure the emotional turmoil.




"That's right." Lu You suddenly remembered that Song Xi, the villain, took a hit by the way.

Although he was very angry after being stabbed, now is the best time to make use of it.

He said to Luo Xinghe with a smile, "Don't go looking for trouble with Xixi.

I know he can't control his emotions because he loves me too much.

I'll make a phone call to appease his emotions later.

I'm afraid he's scared, too, and I don't know if he will cry.

It's really distressing."




Luo Xinghe looked at Lu You, the ink-like eyes are impenetrable and deep, and in a moment, the peach oolong tea scent once again diffused uncontrollably in the air.




The smell of these pheromones was fresh and sweet, but in fact they were extremely brutal, like a wild animal's rampage, which is extremely aggressive and devoid of tenderness.




But Lu You couldn’t smell it.




Lu You smiled with a contended look: “Why are you still here Do you think I speak well In that case, let me talk a bit more.” 




"Young master, this is where I sleep.

Where else do you want me to go"




Lu You: "......" He looked at the face of Luo Xinghe who had also regained his composure, oh, was it a lie or…




In his head, it was like he was flipping through a book, turning to a certain chapter and suddenly remembering that yes, this scumbag Lu You was bullying Luo Xinghe but also sleeping with him.




Gee, so bad, scum!




But Luo Xinghe is also bad.

He wants to provoke the original owner's estrus all the time not just for revenge, but also so that they end up loving each other.




The fleeting emotions in Luo Xinghe's eyes were swallowed up when he noticed Lu You's strong reaction, as if he was grasping something, the corners of his lips rose in a slight arc as he bent down and lifted the quilt.




"I'll carry you to take a bath, young master, you're sweating, you need to wash up."




He said as he picked up Lu You in his arms.




Lu You: "!" Wash, bath!




How did it get to the bath scene so suddenly




And he just humiliated him, shouldn't he pick a fight with him Take a shower at once, just what kind of tender play is this!




And he's still an alpha.

How can this Luo Xinghe be so unlike an Omega while he’s a little Omega If he wants to hold him up, he will hold him up, is this some type of setup Just where is his supposed delicateness 




【This is how Luo Xinghe treated Lu You in the original story, the original Lu You also enjoyed Luo Xinghe's goodness to him, the big brother Luo Xinghe was holding back to spoil Lu You into a cripple who could only rely on him, infinitely tolerating Lu You's capriciousness, and finally hitting back hard, you can't be soft-hearted, just take a shower, what are you afraid of!】




Luo Xinghe lowered his eyes and looked at Lu You, who was easily held in his arms.

Having already caught a small advantage, he will have to find a way to continue to stimulate Lu You and expose him to his pheromones.




The corners of his lips are slightly raised.




Continue to be arrogant, dear young master, he will take note of it all and pay it back slowly later.










1 it usually refers to an unattainable person that is cherished and loved dearly by someone else who unfortunately can’t be with them, whether it’s because they’re dead or because their love is unrequited↩


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