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After the Xie Corporations shares entered a low point, a famous economist once faced the medias comments.

“Its almost impossible for the Xie Corporation to return to its peak.

Even if it can return to its peak, it will take at least a few years.”

Other than that, in order to become famous, many economists in the financial world chose to criticize Xie Jiuhan at this moment.

They criticized him for making the wrong decision on the Xie Corporations development, causing the Xie Corporation to fall into an eternal state.

However, those criticisms and curses became laughable in a report from the official media.

In just twenty minutes, the various shares of the Xie Corporation started to rebound and rise, even breaking various historical highs.

The funds that had once evaporated in the stock market surged in by a thousand times.

In the blink of an eye, the Xie Corporation became the company with the highest market value in the financial world.

At the same time, in an apartment in Country E, a young man was sitting on the sofa.

The young man had a lollipop in his mouth and was leaning against the sofa with his legs crossed.

However, his eyes were fixed on the eight monitors on the wall.

The young mans eyes were very large, clear, and clean, like crystals.

On the screen in front of him, some were playing the stock markets trend map, and some screens were showing the news that various countries had successfully developed a controllable nuclear fusion pulse superconductor.

The young man raised his head, his large eyes covering seven to eight screens at the same time.

At this moment, a few lines of characters appeared on another screen.

Every line of characters represented an investment company.

These were all messages from the various investment companies, and the content was all the same sentence.

“Boss, were being attacked!”

A meaningful smile appeared on the young mans face when he saw these messages.

Then, he bit the lollipop into pieces.

The young man saw that more and more investment companies were asking him for help, and he was chewing the lollipop faster and faster.

On the largest screen, a company was frantically asking for help.

“God Di, please save me.

I dont know why, but the Xie Corporation is actually targeting the investment company under me.

If I had known that Xie Jiuhan was an academician of the Xia Academy of Science, I wouldnt have shorted the Xie Corporations shares even if I was beaten to death.”

“Hello, God Di, are you there Arent you the new god of the financial world Arent you omniscient Didnt you say that you already have Xie Jiuhan and the entire Xie Corporations trump card”

“Arent you going to make a move now If you dont save us now, what kind of god are you Now, were equivalent to going against hundreds of millions of people in Xia country.

You have to come up with a countermeasure quickly.”

The next second, all the messages asking him for help on the screen were cleared.

The young man still had his head raised, and his exquisite and perfect facial features were like a painting.

His large and clean eyes were suffused with innocent emotions.

It wasnt that he had unplugged the power, nor was it that he had cleared the messages on those screens.

It was just that his computer had been hacked.

However, he didnt react at all.

He still leaned on the sofa and chewed on a lollipop.

He wanted to see who was so capable that they could even track his IP address.

Very quickly, all the monitors turned black at the same time and the scene reappeared.

However, to the young mans surprise, all the screens showed the same scene.

On the screen, someone was sitting on an office chair with a high back.

Even though it was no longer an ancient feudal society, the person who appeared on the screen seemed to be sitting on a throne.

He was against the light, and even under the high-definition screen, it was impossible to see his face clearly.

Xie Jiuhan was sitting at the desk.

His hands were naturally on the armrest, and his right fingers were tapping the armrest very frequently.

Countless codes were jumping rapidly on the computer screen in front of him.

However, the mans gaze landed on the high-definition camera in front of him.

He knew that the person on the other side of the camera was looking at him.

The man said, “God Di, ranked fifth in the world of hackers.

The new god of the financial world.

He was born in the Seven Stars Continent and has a large capital company worth hundreds of billions.

Hes an adviser to Country Es cabinet and is very talented in economics and finance.

After leaving the Seven Stars Continent, he has been participating in the financial struggles of various countries and has helped Country E obtain a lot of benefits.”

With that, Xie Jiuhan snorted softly.

“A few years ago, you were the ghost trader and joined forces with the seven major fund companies to attack Xia countrys stock market.

In just half a month, countless shareholders in Xia country jumped off a building to commit suicide.

Later on, the five major industries in Xia country jointly resisted and defeated you and the seven major fund companies in a crushing defeat.

Have you forgotten so quickly”


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