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The group of thugs were long gone, and a handsome mixed-race young man who called himself the butler was talking to the director.

“My master will help deal with those thugs.

They will definitely not dare to disturb you again in the future.

In addition, my masters will donate ten million yuan each from their accounts to the Starlight Orphanage to thank you for taking care of our young lady.”


The butler was polite when he spoke.

The faint smile in his eyes was comforting.

Upon hearing this, the director waved her hands in surprise and helplessness.

“Thank you, thank you so much, but I took care of Xiaocha out of my own will.

Im also glad that she has found her own home now.”

“You dont have to take it to heart.

Sir and Madam have donated to many orphanages and charities in the past to find the young lady.

Now, theyre just continuing their past habits…”

Soon, the director was convinced.

She came to bid farewell to Lu Xiaocha with an excited smile.

“Xiaocha, live well in your new home.

If youre not used to it, youre welcome to come back anytime.

This will always be your home.”

This was a tactful way of telling Lu Xiaocha that if her new home was not good or dissatisfied with her, she could always come back here.

Their orphanage would not treat her badly.

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently.

After she was reborn into this world, she had also obtained Lu Xiaochas memories.

She respected this director who worked hard to take care of the children.

“I got it.”

The director ruffled her hair with tears in her eyes.

She knew it.

How could such an obedient and beautiful child be abandoned by her family

“Big sister Xiaocha.”

The children from the orphanage gathered around her, knowing that she was leaving since her family found her.

All of them looked envious and reluctant.

“Big sister Xiaocha, will you come back to visit us”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and stroked their furry heads.


“Yes, I will.

Ill tell you my contact information when Ive settled down.

Come find me if youre bullied.

Ill beat them up for you.”

Just like those thugs today.

The group of children immediately looked at her with bright eyes and admiration.

Then, they took out their precious candy and snacks and gave them to her.

Lu Xiaocha accepted all of them.


After hesitating for a moment, she said to the director with a pained expression on her delicate face, “Theres still a lot of rice, flour and other food under my bed.

Director, take it out and share it among everyone.”

Everyone in the orphanage was speechless.

The Lu family members who heard this were speechless as well.

Previously, the director had told her about Lu Xiaochas habits, such as her habit of hoarding food like a hamster.

Therefore, she was now very curious about what her daughter was hiding.

Then, everyone dug out the things hidden under Lu Xiaochas bed.

Five bags of rice, three bags of white flour, half a bag of chestnuts, some sunflower seeds, peanuts, and so on…

The collection under the bed was quite extensive.

Everyone winced as they saw what was being dragged out from under the bed.

The directors eyes widened.

“Where did you get all this!”

Five bags of rice! If they hadnt found it, it would breed insects.

Lu Xiaocha replied naturally with a candy that was stuffed into her mouth like a hamster.

“I went to help some people out of trouble.

I didnt take the money they offered me.

Instead, I exchanged them for rice and flour.”

Only food made her feel at ease.

Things like money made her feel insecure.

Then, she explained the source of the chestnuts and hazelnuts.

“I picked up those chestnuts and hazelnuts when I went into the mountain to play.

I also ate a lot of wild fruits.

I wanted to find time to look for them again.”

After saying that, Lu Xiaocha looked regretful.

Moreover, she really couldnt bear to give these things away.

She felt like she was digging out her own flesh.

She probably wouldnt have much time to look for these things in that mountain in the future.

Pei Anran felt that Lu Xiaocha, who hid all these food, was cute but also heartbreaking.

She must have been very hungry to work hard to hide the food.

She had indeed been starved, but that was in her previous life.

Although Lu Xiaocha looked a little thin now, her fair and tender skin was much better than that in her previous life.

“Our family has mountains and forests.”

Lu Zhan suddenly spoke.

He tried not to sound so cold.

“Its bigger than that mountain.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes immediately lit up.

“Are there wild fruits Are there chestnuts, hazelnuts and pine cones”

Lu Zhan smiled.

“Yes, there are.”

Even if there wasnt, he would get people to plant them overnight!


Lu Xiaochas throbbing pain was immediately reduced to a little pain.


In the end, she reluctantly bid farewell to the food she had collected for the past three months.

A small portion of it was from the original Lu Xiaocha.

She got into the Lu familys luxury car and left under the escort of everyone in the orphanage.

As the majestic luxury car drove off, everyone in the orphanage felt dazed.

They had originally just been troubled by those thugs, but they did not expect things to turn out this way.

Ah Yue had the most complicated feelings.

Although he had expected that Xiaocha might be related to that young master, he had never expected her to be the daughter of the Lu family!

Just then, his phone rang.

It was a call from the club manager to congratulate him on his promotion.

He had been promoted from a waiter to a small supervisor.

His salary had increased from 10,000 to 33,000 yuan!

The good news made Ah Yue dizzy, and he knew that it was all thanks to Xiaocha.

Ah Yue started giggling into his phone.

No matter what, the happiest thing in life was a promotion and a raise! No other!

A row of luxury cars drove all the way to the Lu Mansion.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the scenery outside the car excitedly.

Whether it was the smooth and clean road, the lively passers-by, or the tall buildings, these were all beautiful things that did not exist in the post-apocalyptic world.

She liked it here, it was as if she would never get bored of it.

“Xiaocha, dont be afraid.

Our family is simple.

Your father and I are in charge.

The rest are your five brothers.

Its not that they didnt want to come pick you up, its just that theyre not in Upper City now.

As for your grandfather whos still in the hospital.”

When she mentioned this person, Pei Anrans face was filled with undisguised disdain and disgust.

Lu Zhan didnt feel that there was anything wrong with this at all.

He hated that person as well.

“Just pretend that man doesnt exist.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.


Starlight Orphanage was a little far away from the Lu Mansion.

It was a two-hour drive.

Afraid that she would be bored, Pei Anran chatted with her.

They talked about Lu Xiaochas brothers.

Lu Xiaocha listened quietly.

She could even sense Lu Beichen looking at her from time to time.

However, every time she turned her around to look at him, this young master would quickly turn his head to look out of the window, as if he had been looking at the scenery outside.

Lu Xiaocha: … What an awkward person.

Its not like I dont want you to look.

“Your big brother is called Lu Beihuai.

He has already gone to your fathers company to help.

In the future, our Lu familys business will be handed over to him.

“Your second brother is called Lu Beiqing.

Hes an artist and likes to film.

He doesnt have much of a future.

Your third brother is Lu Beilin, the behind-the-scenes boss of the club you were at yesterday.

He also owns a few small bars.”



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