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She was already scalded, but a certain child grabbed the chestnut and refused to let go.

She pouted and blew on it.

When it wasnt so hot, she opened the chestnut with her hand and took off the hard shell.

The golden chestnut meat that emitted heat and fragrance looked super delicious.

Lu Xiaocha couldnt wait to eat it and successfully scalded herself again.

It was quite fun to watch her expression change as she ate.

The butler had already instructed someone to pick up all the chestnuts from the pot.


Lu Xiaocha held her cheeks in satisfaction.

Looking at her plump cheeks, Lu Beilin wanted to try it too.

Therefore, he picked one up and opened it.

The freshly made sugar-fried chestnuts were rich in flavor.

The soft taste of the sweet meat made him want to eat more.

The siblings sat in a row with small stools and ate the stir-fried chestnuts in front of them.

Lu Xiaocha glanced at him.

“These are mine.

You ate a lot.

You have to return them to me.”

Lu Beilin gave her a sideways glance.

“Look at how petty you are.

Got it.

Ill get you a big bag of chestnuts tomorrow.”

Although he said she was petty, his tone was indulgent.

Lu Xiaocha was immediately satisfied.

She could cook a lot more.

As she ate, she suddenly stopped.

One could not tell how many chestnuts she had stuffed into her mouth.

Both sides of her cheeks were round, and her eyes were big and bright.

She sat with Lu Beilin, looking soft and small.

Lu Beilin: I want to squish her.

“Have we forgotten something”

Her mouth was so full that her words came out a little muffled.

Lu Beilin said, “Huh”

“Ha… of course you all forgot.”

The young man gritted his teeth behind her.

Lu Xiaocha slapped her forehead.

“Ah, I forgot about Brother!”

Her mouth was still chewing.

She turned her big eyes to look innocently at her twin brother.

Lu Beilin rubbed his nose.

“Were trying it out.”

The young man looked at the chestnut husks that almost formed a small mountain in front of them.

“Trying it out”

Lu Xiaochas mouth was stuffed so full that she choked.

“Water, water…”

After a moment of chaos, the contents of her mouth were finally emptied.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

“There are so many of them and no one is fighting with you for them.

Cant you eat slowly!”

He was impressed that she could choke herself so badly just by eating.

Lu Xiaocha shrank her neck and felt a little guilty.

She couldnt help it.

She handed a handful of chestnuts to her brother ingratiatingly and looked at him eagerly.

“Brother, eat.

Dont be angry.”

Lu Beichen took a deep breath.

How could he bear to scold her like this

Hence, the young man shifted the flames of war to his third brother.

“Brother, Xiaocha is still young and ignorant.

Why dont you watch over her”

The young man put on a serious face.

Although he was young, he looked more mature than Lu Beilin.

Lu Beilin did not sit properly.

He looked as lazy as a cat.

“Got it, got it.

Ill definitely watch over her time.”

There was a large pot of sugar-fried chestnuts.

In the end, half of the pot was finished by Lu Xiaocha alone.

The rest were eaten by her two brothers.

She also gave some to the butler and the cook, although there were only two or three pitiful ones in that tiny hand.

The butler and chef, who knew how protective she was of her food, were still flattered.

Her stomach was a little full.

Lu Xiaocha carried a few glass bottles and strolled up the mountain to terrorize the insects.

She was going to release the little bugs in the bottle and catch some more while shes at it.

After the fireflies they caught outside were brought back and released, there were more of these little things in the mountains near Lu Manor.

It was quite strange to occasionally see them at night.

In order to send Liao Gouxian off, Lu Beichen had to go to school even if he had to limp!

His feet were still in a cast.

When the car arrived at the school gate, Lu Xiaocha helped him down.

Gu Xiao cheered and ran forward.

“F*ck! That bastard Liao Changyi is f*cking inhumane!”

Seeing the class monitors leg become like this, the students of Class One were united against a common enemy.

“A few of our classmates were hit by his people, but we didnt suffer any losses.

Especially Sister Xiaocha, she dealt with a few people and even sent Liao Changyi to the hospital.


Thats right.

In the end, she avenged her brother and threw the basketball at them and threw Liao Changyi over her shoulder!

That part of the video went viral at school.

Everyone surrounded Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen and talked about what had happened in school over the past few days.

Since Lu Beichen was injured, many girls in the school hated Liao Changyi to death.

The forum was filled with people scolding him.

Lu Xiaocha was now famous in school.

Her overly obedient appearance and powerful martial strength formed a strong contrast.

Many people were asking about her.

Then, they talked about Liao Gouxian.

Gu Xiao and a few male students said mysteriously, “Hehe, weve bought the suona, drum, and gong.

Well give the suona to our sister.

There are people in our class who specialize in drums.

No one knows how to play the gong, but it doesnt matter.

As long as its loud enough!”

“Theres more.

Theres more.

Weve got the vase and the white chrysanthemums.”

“Were just waiting for Liao Gouxian.

So when will he be fired”

There was a know-it-all in the class who was very well informed.

He was all smiles.

“The school has already issued a notice.

Liao Gouxian has been expelled for abusing his power and accepting bribes.

He will leave with his things today.”

Everyone asked, “When”

During the first class in the morning, when the teacher arrived at Class One, he was dumbfounded.

There was no one in the entire class!

In the parking lot outside the school, Liao Gouxians face was dark as he held some things from his office and cursed.

“Do you really think our Liao family is easy to bully A bunch of old farts.

Theres also the Lu family and those little brats.

Sooner or later, Ill get back at them for todays humiliation! How did Lu Zhan get that evidence!”

The thought of the evidence of him accepting bribes being taken by Lu Zhan filled his heart with fear.

“F*ck this lunatic!”

Liao Gouxian kicked the car in front of him, his heart filled with hatred.

The Liao family had been busy and messy recently, so he had to pack his things and drive home himself after being fired.

He had never been so embarrassed before.

All of this was brought about by the Lu family.

He would not let them off!

He put everything in the trunk and closed the door.

He looked up and saw a pair of dark eyes.

The snow-white, delicate girl had jumped onto the roof of his car and was looking down at him with the suona in her hand.


Liao Gouxian was frightened by her gaze as if she was looking at trash.

When he saw who it was, he was furious.

“Lu Xiaocha, you uneducated thing, why are you standing on my car Get off!”

He was already filled with resentment and anger towards the Lu family.

Now that he saw the daughter of the Lu family who had injured his nephew, his anger surged to his head and he spoke rudely.


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