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In the end, the Liao family suffered heavy losses and were laughed at in the circle.

Moreover, because of the video and what Pei Anran said when she hit Wang Miaozhu, the Lu family obtained a better reputation.

They were brave and not weak.

The most surprising thing was that the Lu familys daughter had just been found.

This was the first time she had appeared in public, and no one expected it to happen in such a way.

She had beaten up the Liao familys little tyrant, Liao Changyi, and even had his ribs broken.

The video of the little girl fighting was too contrasting from her obedient appearance.

Moreover, her basketball skills were really cool.

It was like watching a movie.

Also, she suppressed the daughter of the Liao family and punched a small pit in the ground.

Was this something a f*cking human hand could do Was this video really not created by special effects

This daughter of the Lu family was quite something.

Previously, there was a rumor in the circle of wealthy families that the daughter of the Lu family was ugly.

If she was not good-looking, who was

“Hahaha… This is too satisfying.

Beichen, you dont know, but Sister is famous in the circle now.

Previously, some idiots spread rumors that our sister is ugly and cant be seen by others, which is why she was hidden by the Lu family.

They even said that shes vulgar.”

“Ill go to hell with them.

With our sisters looks, even a fairy cant compare to her.

Its good that she plays basketball.

Even all of us combined cant compare to her.

Those people just dont know how to appreciate our sisters charm!”

When Lu Beichen heard Gu Xiao calling her sister, the veins on his forehead bulged.

“Xiaocha is my sister!”

Gu Xiao abused the fact that Lu Beichen could not beat him up over the phone.

“Dont be so calculative.

We had grown up together since kindergarten.

Were like brothers.

Your sister is my sister!”

Lu Beichen really wanted to crawl over to Gu Xiaos shameless head and bury him alive.

Gu Xiao coughed twice and finally became serious.

“Is your leg alright That old man Liao Gouxian used his status to call a few of our classmates who played basketball over to teach them a lesson.

He didnt even let the injured off.


He even said that he wanted to give us a demerit and make us read our reflection in front of the entire school.

He also threatened to expel you and Xiaocha from the school.

Of course, we were not convinced.

Weve been fighting that dog for the past few days.

After the video of your mother fighting with that person from the Liao family spread, Uncle also intervened to help us.

Now that the Liao family has angered the principal, they gathered a few sensible people from the school and are planning to fire Liao Gouxian.


Hes so busy right now that he doesnt have time for us.

When are you and Xiaocha going back to school Lets buy some party poppers and firecrackers and send him off together when he leaves.

If you dont come, it feels like something is missing.”

Speaking of this, Gu Xiao felt refreshed.

He had already ordered the party poppers in advance.

Unfortunately, he couldnt set off firecrackers.

“By the way, you and Sister Xiaocha can think of something more festive to send him off.

Something hell never forget.”

Lu Xiaocha was sitting at the side eating cake obediently.

Her brothers cell phone was broadcasting, so she heard it.

“I know.”

The little girl dug a spoonful of cake into her mouth.

Her round eyes were half-closed in satisfaction, and her snow-white cheeks puffed up like a harmless cream hamsters.

Her bare feet swayed up and down excitedly.

Lu Beichen liked to watch her eat.

He felt that he had a soft little pet, the kind that could fight when something bad happened.

Gu Xiaos excited tone came from the phone.

“Sister, tell me about it.”

Lu Xiaocha swallowed the soft and fragrant cake in her mouth with a satisfied expression.

Her voice was sweet and soft.

“The suona, the drum, the gong.

These send-offs sound loud enough, dont they”

She had once helped an old man who was about to starve to death in the post-apocalyptic world.

That old man had done funeral work before the apocalypse.

He had no other ability, so he took out his precious suona and gave it to her.

There was a period of time when the suona often sounded in the base.

It was a sound that could take away the souls of people.

Actually, Lu Xiaocha felt that the sound of the suona was quite pleasant.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao were stunned when they heard what she said.


“Hahahaha… Sister, youre really a talent.

Why didnt I think of this The suona is a good thing.

How can I not give Dog Liao a piece But no one in our class knows how to play it.”

Lu Xiaocha mumbled as she ate, “I can!”

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao “!!!”

They couldnt imagine her playing the suona.

However, Gu Xiao was excited.

“Alright, Ill arrange to buy a suona for our sister immediately.

Ill also buy a car full of white chrysanthemums!”

Lu Beichen: “… Well done!”

He could imagine Liao Gouxians twisted expression now.

Lu Xiaocha rolled up her sleeves after eating the cake and ran out barefooted.

Lu Beichen said, “Put on your shoes!”

She clattered back again, put on her slippers, and went outside like the wind.

“Butler, wheres the big pot and sand I bought”

She wanted to fry chestnuts.

After watching so many videos and consulting the chef, she felt that she knew how!

The butler smiled and said, “Ill have someone move it out for you.”

Then, the servants of the Lu family began to get busy.

Lu Xiaocha came out with a large basin of chestnuts that she had stored and began to stir-fry.

The pot was so big that it could fit her inside.

Lu Xiaocha carried a spatula that was bigger than her and began to stir-fry.

The people watching at the side were all worried for her.

“My lady, why dont we do it We have the strength.”

It was hard labor.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“No, I want to do it myself!”

Who could be stronger than her

When Lu Beilin came back, he saw his younger sister cooking in the courtyard in full swing.

She was carrying a spatula and stir-frying in the big pot alone.

He was really afraid that she would flip herself over.

“What are you doing”

He took off his glasses, his peachy eyes smiling.

Lu Xiaocha was frying chestnuts.

When she heard her third brothers voice, she answered without looking back.

“Frying chestnuts.”

She answered crisply.

Lu Beilin was not in a hurry.

He got someone to bring a stool over.

He sat at the side and watched the little girl busy herself.

She used the spatula skillfully.

After the fragrance of the sugar-fried chestnuts came out, the little girls eyes were extremely bright.

As she fried them, she swallowed her saliva.

Her eager look was extremely cute.

Lu Beilin wanted to hug his sister and rub her in his arms.

“All right!”

Seeing that it was about time, Lu Xiaocha threw the big spatula away.

She was not afraid of being scalded and quickly reached in to take one out.

“Huhu… Its so hot!”

Lu Beilin flicked her forehead angrily.

“Whats the hurry!”


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