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The scene outside was very lively.

Lu Zhan walked out and saw his daughter, who was extremely obedient in his heart, sitting on top of a woman.

Her dark eyes were staring covetously at the Liao familys eldest daughter-in-law.

Her exquisite face with baby fat looked fierce.

His wife was even more powerful.

She rode on Wang Miaozhu and hit her until she cried out.

Although Wang Miaozhu struggled and fought back, she was no match for his wife.

Lu Zhan was speechless.

Hed better go back.

Going out himself would probably affect his wife and daughters performance.

Lu Beichen was supported by the butler.

When he saw this scene, his eyes hurt, and the corners of his mouth couldnt help but twitch.


In all his life, he had never heard of any noble lady in the circle of wealthy families fighting like this.

Today, there was a fight between the matriarchs of two wealthy families.

This news was definitely explosive.

As long as my sister and mom didnt lose, he thought.

Although the father and son secretly wanted to go back and let Pei Anran beat them up more, they were still noticed.

“President Lu, come over and take care of it!”

There was nothing he could do about that.

With a serious expression, Lu Zhan slowly walked over and picked up his wife.

“Dont fight anymore.

Does your hand hurt”

Pei Anran vented the resentment that had been pent up in her heart for years.

Although she was in a sorry state, she felt much better.

Pei Anran tidied her messy hair.

“Its fine.

Shes more hurt than me.

Why are you here”

Lu Zhan said, “I came out to take a look.”

Then he looked at his daughter.

“Xiaocha, come here.”

Lu Xiaocha let go of the woman under her and hopped over, “Daddy ~”

Lu Zhan rubbed her furry head.

“Are you okay”

The little girl shook her head obediently.

Everyone was speechless.

Your daughter is fine, but someone else isnt!

At this moment, Wang Miaozhu was in a miserable state.

Her exquisitely styled hair was now as messy as a beggars.

Her face had been slapped a few times, and her carefully applied makeup was also ruined.

Right now, her face was as colorful as a palette.

Her high heels had long fallen off, not to mention her dress and accessories.

She had never been in such a sorry state in her life.

Now, she was like this in front of Lu Zhan.

Wang Miaozhu really hated Pei Anran to death.

And listen to what theyre saying! Does her hand hurt!

Who the f*ck is hurting

The Liao familys eldest daughter-in-law trembled as she went to help her battered mother-in-law up.

Wang Miaozhu had just stabilized herself when she slapped her daughter-in-law.

“Useless thing!”

She didnt help her when she was being beaten up so badly.

The eldest daughter-in-law of the Liao family covered her face and felt extremely humiliated and aggrieved in front of so many people.

Did she not want to help That child from the Lu family could punch a hole in the ground with one punch, and her legs went weak from her intense stare.

“Lu Zhan, what kind of crazy woman did you marry Shes too much!”

She really hated that b*tch!

Pei Anran, who was being carried by her husband, felt her legs flying.

“So what if my husband likes me like this You shamelessly came to my house to cause trouble.

Did you want me to serve you good tea and water

After a lifetime of sweet dreams, its time to wake up.

Do you really think that the entire world revolves around you Youre already so old, yet you still think that youre young and beautiful.”

Wang Miaozhu was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

“Lu Zhan, Pei Anran, this matter isnt over!”

Lu Zhans voice was cold.

“Butler, bring me my cell phone.”

The butler responded respectfully and handed over his phone.

Lu Zhan didnt say much.

He sent the video of the basketball game to the few people present.

“This video is enough to prove that Liao Changyi deliberately harmed my son and his classmates.

If you want to go to court, our Lu family will accompany you to the end.”

The few people who received the video could not help but look at the Liao family with strange gazes.

That was it The Liao family was really arrogant and despotic.

Their son had taken the initiative to provoke them.

He should have played basketball properly, but he had to play dirty.

He had knocked the young master of the Lu family into such a state.

It shouldnt be a problem for his sister to avenge her brother, right

It would be really embarrassing if the Lu family really gave in today.

Seeing that things were almost done, Lu Zhan brought his wife and children back.

“Butler, send the guests off.”

After this farce ended, Liao Zhongxian, the current head of the Liao family, was so angry that he called Lu Zhan to question him.

It was not that he cared much about Wang Miaozhu, but he cared about the Liao familys reputation.

One had to look at the master before beating a dog.

The Lu family was throwing their Liao familys face to the ground and stepping on it ruthlessly!

“Lu Zhan, what do you mean by this Do you want to completely fall out with the Liao family!”

Liao Zhongxians voice was fierce and questioning.

Although the two families did not get along all these years, there were always only benefits in business, so the Lu and Liao families still had business dealings.

Now, they were about to completely fall out.

Lu Zhan drank a cup of coffee and said unhurriedly, “This is a matter between women.

I cant interfere.

I believe you know how Wang Miaozhu bullied my wife back then.”

Liao Zhongxian naturally knew.

He and Wang Miaozhu had a business marriage.

That woman had Lu Zhan in her heart ever since she was in school.

Seeing that Pei Anran was with Lu Zhan, the arrogant her naturally disliked Pei Anran.

When she was young, she bullied her a lot.

Even when Lu Zhan gradually became more powerful, Wang Miaozhu had brought many people to ostracize her in the circle.

But so what

“Even so, she cant humiliate our Liao family in front of so many people!”

“My wife has been suppressing her resentment towards Wang Miaozhu for so many years.

Shes not in good health.

If she wants to vent, I cant stop her.

Im already giving you face by not helping her with it.”

His voice was as cold as ever as he hung up after saying that.

Liao Zhongxian was so angry that he smashed the phone on the ground and cursed.

He had always been dissatisfied with Wang Miaozhu because she still liked Lu Zhan.

If it werent for the fact that the cooperation between the two families couldnt be separated, he would have divorced that woman long ago.

Now that she was old, she still caused him so much trouble.

It was obvious that after today, countless people would laugh at him and mock him for being cheated on!

As expected, the fight between the Lu and Liao families quickly spread.

At that time, someone recorded a video and the video went viral on WeChat.

At the same time, there was a video of the children of the two families playing basketball.

Fortunately, there were two families suppressing it, so these videos did not end up circulating online.

However, this was enough.

In a short period of time, wealthy families were discussing this matter everywhere.

The cooperation between the Lu family and the Liao family had completely collapsed.

Misfortune did not come alone.

When the eldest son of the Liao family was discussing how to take revenge on the Lu family outside, he was beaten up by Lu Beilin.

He had a recording in his hand, so the Liao family could only suffer this loss silently.



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