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“Damn it!” The man covered in rivets couldnt move the stick from the little girls hand no matter how hard he tried.

His scalp went numb from her calm gaze.

He could only swear in order to hide his fear.

The few companions who did not understand what was going on were still laughing at him fearlessly.

“Hahaha… Can you do it or not Youre playing along with that little girl because shes pretty”

“You dont say, hes acting quite well.”

“Hey, Zhang San, if you cant do it, go away.

Ill do it.”

“Bah… You bunch of old and weak.

Im already giving you a chance by giving you time to move out.

Dont make me do it the hard way.”

A sharp-faced man spat and came forward.

Just then, Ah Yue came running in.

“What do you want! Ive already called the police!”

“Tch… another busybody-“.

Before he could finish, the leader of the gang felt something fly past him.

Time seemed to slow down a million times in that instant.

The leader of the gang swore hed never known an adult could be sent flying like that.

He flew out in a long arc and finally hit the wall with a clang.


Lu Xiaocha grabbed the man covered in rivets wooden stick with one hand and slowly retracted her skinny legs in front of the shocked faces of everyone.

Their jaws dropped and their eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets.

Although her leg looked soft and weak, it was actually really strong!

The sharp-faced man was writhing on the ground in pain.

Even those who had seen him hit the wall earlier were in pain, let alone him.



Someone swallowed.

The man covered in rivets who was still holding the other end of the wooden stick suffered the greatest impact.

When Lu Xiaocha looked over at him, he was so frightened that his legs went weak and he quickly let go.

He took two steps back in panic and fell to the ground.

The director and the children also looked at her in confusion and shock.

However, compared to the fear of the hooligans, they reacted with joy and admiration.


One of the children exclaimed in admiration.

The other children looked at the girl who looked gentle but seemed to have divine power with sparkling eyes.

Ah Yue didnt know what to say.

How could he have forgotten about this little fiend


Hence, he subconsciously said to the phone that was still in the middle of a call, “Ah… Um, I think were fine here.”


Then he hung up.

The officer on the other end of the line was speechless.

It didnt sound fine to him..

The leader of the thugs said fiercely, “Whats there to be afraid of Shes just a little kid.

We have so many people.

Its not like we cant beat her!”

Ah Yue thought, that makes sense.

Is it too late for me to call them back again


Just as the thugs were about to make their move, the doors to the orphanage swung fully open and several tall bodyguards in black suits filed in.

At that moment, everyone saw that several luxury cars worth tens of millions had stopped outside.

Furthermore, the moment these bodyguards arrived, they surrounded the thugs and stared at them with ferocious eyes.

The punks felt small and helpless.

Clack, clack, clack.

A woman in a beautiful dress got out of the car.

She was charming and elegant.

It was obvious that she was a rich lady.

Behind her was a cold and noble middle-aged man in the same black suit, but his temperament was completely different from that of the bodyguards.

“Slow down.”

The expression on his face was cold and dignified, but when his gaze landed on the woman, it was much gentler.

The woman walked hastily, her high heels clicking on the ground that seemed out of place with her status.

However, she did not care at all.

Her beautiful eyes were fixed on the girl standing in the orphanage.

She did not even dare to blink, as if she was afraid that the girl would disappear in the next second.

“Mom, Dad, wait for me!”

Another young man ran over from behind.

He was the young master at the bar the previous night.

As expected, they had found us, Ah Yue thought.

The woman walked quickly to Lu Xiaocha.

Her eyes were slightly red and teary.

She raised her fingers as if she wanted to touch her face, but didnt dare to.

“What … Whats your name”

Pei Anran asked carefully, her gaze landing on the little girl almost greedily.

The dignified man standing beside her stared at her too, but he seemed much more restrained than the womans agitation.

His impassive face did not seem to share the joy of seeing his daughter, but if one looked closely, his hands clenched nervously at his sides.

Lu Xiaocha looked at the couple in front of her, then looked outside at the young man who ran over and stood not far away.

He seemed to be conflicted about something.

“My name is Lu Xiaocha.”

Lu Xiaocha replied unhesitantly.

Her answer made the two adults pupils contract.

They asked anxiously, “Why… Why is your name Lu Xiaocha”


Lu Xiaocha was confused. Youre asking me that She thought.

Just then, the director stepped forward.

“Well, I named her after that after I saw the embroidered words on her clothes.”

After the excitement, the couple was basically certain when they saw Lu Xiaochas face.

This was their precious daughter who had been stolen at the hospital, Lu Beichens twin sister.

Lu Zhan patted his wifes shoulder.

“Go in and speak with Xiaocha and the director.

Leave this mess to me.”

Of course, Pei Anran was willing.

She had seen that those bastards wanted to bully her precious daughter just now.

Pei Anran looked at the group of thugs who were huddled up.

A cold expression flashed across her beautiful face.

She stomped over in her heels and raised her foot to step on them ruthlessly.


She went from being graceful to being like a valiant female general in a split second.

Everyone at the orphanage was speechless.

They were simply stunned.

The expressions of the Lu family and the bodyguards did not change at all.

Clearly, they were used to her being like this.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

If this person was the mother of this body, she liked it!


“How dare you bully the daughter of the Lu family!”

The thugs screamed in pain after being taught a lesson.

When Pei Anran turned around, she was the beautiful and elegant lady again.

After beating them up, she felt a little vexed.

She could not control her temper.

What if her precious daughter felt that she was too irritable and did not come home with her

She carefully looked over at Lu Xiaocha and met a pair of sparkling eyes.


Pei Anran thought, this is it!

As expected of her and Zhans daughter!

Lu Zhan looked at his wife helplessly.

“Theres no need to dirty your feet.”

Pei Anran said, “I cant vent my anger unless I make a move myself.”

With that, she went to find her precious daughter.

How could her daughter be so good-looking


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