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When the two of them finally separate, Pei Xue could no longer be described as simply pathetic.

This time she really did cry.

After all, shed embarrassed herself in front of so many people, and her cousin had watched her being beaten up.

The lies shed made up earlier seemed to have been exposed in that instant.

Pei Xue had never felt so embarrassed.

She hated Lin Can from the bottom of her heart, and hated Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaocha even more.

Lu Beichen was expressionless.

His eyes were cold and indifferent as he looked at her.

“I dont know why youre doing this.

Its ridiculous, even.

Who are you to compare yourself to my own sister Is there any comparison”

In front of so many people, Lu Beichen really didnt give Pei Xue any face at all.


This made her already discomfited face turn pale.

She felt that everyone around her was looking at her strangely, especially her friends, who were looking at her with questioning expressions.


She thought she saw that word in their eyes.

Lu Beichen only said, “I wont let this matter rest.”

Pei Xue looked at him almost pleadingly, hoping that Lu Beichen would not blow this matter up on account that she was his cousin.

However, Lu Beichen, who was usually easy to talk to, seemed to have made up his mind this time.

He wouldnt stop until he avenged his sister.

Hatred and fear flashed across Pei Xues eyes.

She was afraid that her image would be ruined.


Lu Beichen brought Lu Xiaocha and his classmates to look for the teacher.

The matter of Lu Xiaochas rumors was quickly resolved.

However, because Pei Xue refused to admit that she was involved in spreading rumors, although she was not criticized by the entire school, her image in the eyes of the teachers and many students collapsed.


Lin Cans punishment was to write a reflection and apologize over the broadcast to admit that she had slandered and spread rumors about Lu Xiaocha.

She was also punished severely.

Although she stayed, she soon couldnt stand the accusing looks of her classmates and transferred schools.

Pei Xue landed in the same situation as her.

The original class belle became a scheming woman and was gradually isolated.

When Lu Xiaocha heard this news, she ate a lollipop and took a long time to remember who Lin Can was.

She had long forgotten about that person.

She had always been someone irrelevant to her.

“Class is almost over!”

In the last few minutes of the last class in the morning, Lu Xiaocha was unusually energetic.

Her eyes seemed to be shining because it meant that she was about to eat.

As soon as the dismissal bell rang, she grabbed her brothers hand and ran faster than anyone else.

The cold and aloof idol was becoming more and more lively because of his sister.

Although the other students were also running, they felt like laughing when they saw the Lu siblings running.

Her brother looked like he had nothing left to live for as his sister led him on a wild run.

Gu Xiao was about to die from laughter.

“Hahaha… Lu Beichen, to think you would have this day!”

Lu Xiaocha was terrifyingly fast.

The class was quite far from the canteen.

It took more than ten minutes to walk normally, but it only took three minutes for her to run there like a whirlwind.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

It looked like he was going to have to work out even harder.

Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing.

Lu Xiaocha was the first to arrive at the canteen with her brother.

There were very few people and there was no need to queue.

They could order as soon as they arrived.

“Hello, Auntie.

Give me a lions head, a big drumstick, and salmon chunks.

For vegetables, I want shredded potatoes, dried beans and spicy cabbage, and a bowl of soup.

By the way, give me more rice.

Thank you.”

The little girl, who looked quite young, ordered a lot of dishes with her small mouth.

The canteen auntie, who was holding her plate, almost lost her grip on her food.

The canteen auntie looked at her in surprise.

“Young lady, can you eat so much You cant waste food if you cant finish it.”

When Lu Xiaocha heard this, the expression on her fair and exquisite face immediately became serious.

She almost patted her chest and promised.

“Thats definitely impossible.

I, Lu Xiaocha, cant waste food even if I waste my life.

Food is my bread and butter.

Auntie, give me more.

Dont think that Im young.

I really can eat a lot.


She looked so sincere that she could have sworn to the heavens.

The little girl was good-looking and spoke softly as if she was wheedling.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha was full of sweet talk.

She kept saying, “Auntie, youre really beautiful Auntie, youre the best.” She coaxed a canteen auntie who had never seen her before and made her smile.

In the end, she even gave her a big drumstick!

Lu Xiaocha held a full plate and smiled happily.

Lu Beichen, who had watched the entire process, was speechless.

Her sister had probably used all her skills on eating.

The people in the queue gradually widened their eyes when they saw her terrifying appetite.

“F*ck! This has to be enough for three people, right”

“I thought girls were supposed to have small appetites.

She looks so tiny.”

She was also very beautiful.

Lu Xiaocha did not care about what others thought.

She found a seat and sat down to eat.

Her eating movements were neither rude nor elegant, but she ate especially quickly and seriously.

Her snow-white cheeks puffed up like a greedy little hamster.

Watching her eat would increase ones appetite.

Soon, her plate emptied at a visible speed.

Those who were secretly staring at her to see if she could really finish so many dishes could not help but reveal shocked expressions on their faces.

“F*ck! Shes almost done!”

“She really ate all that herself!”

Looking at her petite waist and slender figure, one had to wonder where all the food went.

Did she have a dimensional stomach!

Lu Beichen was already used to this.

Gu Xiao, Song Yu, and Wang Lin were also used to it because they had been eating with Lu Xiaocha these past few days.

At first, they were so shocked that their jaws almost dropped.

But now…

Calm, calm.

She just had a big appetite!

After eating her lunch in satisfaction, Lu Xiaocha patted her round stomach and felt happy again.

This was a beautiful world.

Gu Xiao patted Lu Beichens shoulder.

“Lets go play basketball.

Jie and the others are already on the basketball court.”

The aloof young man looked at his sister, who was slumped on a stool, burping.

He couldnt bear to look at her.

“Are you guys going”

Song Yu raised her hand.

“Ill go.”

Lu Xiaocha stood up and looked down at her stomach.

“Ill go take a walk to digest my food first.”

“Then Ill accompany Xiaocha.” Wang Lin said.


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