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After class, the voices discussing Lu Xiaocha reached Pei Xues ears.

More and more people knew that Lu Beichens biological sister was Lu Xiaocha.

She almost broke her pen.

She looked down, eager to do something.

“Seriously She grew up in an orphanage No wonder we never heard the school hunk mention he had a sister.”

“But I think the two of them are quite close.”

“I heard that Lu Beichen only had to take care of her because of his parents orders.”

“Sigh… I also heard that when she went home, she snatched everything from Pei Xue.

Even the bracelet that cost millions that Pei Xues mother bought for her at the auction was taken away.”

“Ah… thats horrible.”

“Thats right.

What good can there be in an orphanage Now that shes back in a rich family, wont she want everything she sees But her manners are too bad.”

The next day, rumors that Lu Xiaocha was found by the orphanage, that she was not on good terms with her brother when she returned home, and that she stole her cousins things spread.

As Lu Beichens twin sister, everyone paid a lot of attention to her.

However, when this news spread, everyone could not help but look at Lu Xiaocha with disdain.

From the moment she entered the school, Lu Xiaocha keenly sensed that something was wrong.

Her ears were much more sensitive than ordinary peoples, so she naturally heard the discussion of some people not far away.

“Thats her.

She doesnt look like what the rumors say.”

“You cant judge a book by its cover.

How can someone like her, who grew up in an orphanage, have any manners Look, shes so shameless now that shes walking close to Lu Beichen.

He clearly doesnt like her.”


“Thats right.

Look at how expressionless the school hunk is.”


“Huh But doesnt he always look like that”

“What do you know Its one thing if he treats us like this.

To treat his own sister like this means he doesnt like her!”

“I hate girls who dont know their place the most.

Although shes his sister, she cant force Lu Beichen to like her.”

Lu Xiaocha, “”

What are you all talking about She thought.

Her mind was filled with question marks.

When she walked to the classroom door, Lu Xiaocha and Lu Beichen received all the attention from the students in the classroom.

Some of the students even had complicated expressions.

Lu Beichen finally realized that something was wrong.

The young man frowned slightly and asked, “What happened”

“Class monitor!”

Wang Lin was the first to stand up.

“Theyre too much.

I dont know who spread the rumors that Lu Xiaocha grew up in an orphanage.

They even said that other than her parents, her brothers actually dont like her.

Also… they said that Lu Xiaocha stole Pei Xues bracelet!”

Wang Lin was the first to not believe it.

The class monitors attitude towards Lu Xiaocha was very good!

Lu Beichens expression darkened.

He pursed his thin lips and his eyes turned cold.

“Says who”

Everyone shook their heads.

By the time they found out, the news had already spread throughout the school.

They wouldnt be able to discover the source anytime soon.

Lu Beichen had a candidate in mind.

He was so angry that he almost laughed.

This Pei Xue was really courting death.

He hadnt gone to settle things with her, but she just couldnt wait to cause more trouble.

Worried that his sister would overthink, the young man quickly said, “Sister, dont be afraid.

Ill find the person who spread the rumors immediately.”

It was rare for this proud and noble young master to grit his teeth and have the urge to beat someone up, even if the person was a girl who was a few days younger than him.

Lu Xiaocha was not as angry as she thought.

“Brother, lets go to class first.

Ill go with you to find them after class.”

Her clever little brain could guess who was spreading the rumors as well.

However, in the face of her classmates curiosity, she admitted it openly.

“I did grow up in an orphanage.”

Lu Beichen explained, “We let her down.

When we were born, something happened at home and my sister was taken away by some bad people.

We only found her recently.

But so what Shes still my sister.

How laughable.

Who would we like if we dont even like our own sister Some random cousin”

This was the first time Lu Beichen had said something so merciless in school.

Moreover, his obvious protective behavior made it clear to everyone where he stood.

Gu Xiao stood up and laughed.

“Ive already told you.

Why would our class monitor like that cousin who came from nowhere Its not like he doesnt have his own sister.

Its even more nonsense that Xiaocha took her bracelet.

Its not like our class monitors family doesnt have money.

Its just a bracelet.

Why would she need to steal it What a joke.”

Although they knew that Lu Xiaocha grew up in an orphanage, none of the students in 7th Grade Class 1 rejected her, and their hearts ached even more.

Wang Lin was one of them.

After yesterdays PE class, she couldnt help but admire Lu Xiaocha.

“Lu Xiaocha, dont be angry.

We will definitely help you find the person who spread the rumors!”

Song Yu sat on the table.

“Tsk… This matter obviously has something to do with Pei Xue from Class Two, especially when the rumors about Lu Xiaocha snatching her bracelet came out.

I dont need to tell you who the beneficiary is, right”

Wang Lin nodded.

“Thats right.

Isnt she your cousin She should know about the orphanage, right”

Lu Xiaocha was comforted by everyone.

She wanted to say that she was not sad, but…

“Lu Xiaocha, dont be sad.

Ill give you all my snacks.”

“I have chocolate for you too.”

“And my cookies …”

Lu Xiaochas eyes were filled with tears.

“Thank you, I was really sad just now, but Im much better now.”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

What nonsense His sister was so flexible for a little food.

Lu Xiaocha happily stuffed all these snacks into her desk.

Before the teacher came in, she peeled open a candy.

The sweet taste spread on the tip of her tongue.

She held her cheeks in happiness, her eyes curved into crescents.

She did not look sad at all.

Class time was still so boring.

Lu Xiaocha supported her chin with her hand and fell into complete darkness.

Her head was still erect, but she was already fast asleep.

Moreover, she even had a dream.

In her dream, there was a plate of fragrant roasted pork trotters in front of her.

How could she resist it She opened her mouth and bit into it eagerly.


She woke from the pain and opened her eyes in a daze.

Her mouth was gnawing at her own hands now, and she was drooling.


Beside her, Lu Beichens lips twitched as he silently handed over a piece of tissue.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.


Gu Xiao, who was diagonally behind her, was amused.

What was she dreaming about She fell asleep and opened her mouth to bite her hand… Hahaha…

Lu Xiaocha woke up from her dream and lost her roasted pork trotters.


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