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She only put Wang Lin down when they reached their class.

As soon as she came back, many students immediately surrounded her and chatted.

Everyones attitude towards Lu Xiaocha became much warmer.

They had been enthusiastic before, but the main reason was because of Lu Beichen.

Now, it was because of Lu Xiaocha herself.

Song Yu also walked over and gave her a thumbs up.

“Wow, I didnt expect you to be so strong!”

The other students nodded.

“Lu Xiaocha, you looked so handsome when you caught the basketball.”

“You even knocked Liao Changyi back a few steps.

He deserves it! That person is too arrogant.”

“Xiaocha, are you thirsty I have a new bottle of water here.”

Lu Beichen watched his sister being warmly surrounded by the girls.

He was stunned to see many snacks appearing in her hands.

Did these girls carry snacks with them at all times

Lu Xiaocha was also pleasantly surprised.

The smile on her face became brighter as she hugged her snacks.

Two cute little dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth, and she showed her two rows of neat and white teeth.

Her eyebrows curved, making her look soft and beautiful.

Girls preferred pretty things to boys.

People were no exception.

Lu Xiaocha looked even more exquisite than the dolls they liked.

They liked her even more.

If not for the fact that they were not familiar with her yet, they would have wanted to pinch her face.

Her snow-white cheeks with baby fat looked especially soft.

“Students who havent taken the test yet, come over and jump!”

The teacher shouted.

Wang Lin had applied for leave.

Now, only the Lu siblings had not taken the long jump test.


The two of them walked over side by side.

Even though they were wearing the same clothes as the rest, they were still as eye-catching as if they were glowing.

The gazes of the people around them landed on them in unison.

They really couldnt get enough of good-looking people.

“Which one of you wants to go first”

Lu Beichen raised his hand.

“Teacher, let me go first.”

He turned to the girl beside him and said, “Watch how I do it.”

He was afraid that his sister had not done it before, so he reminded her.

Lu Xiaocha nodded and took the coat from her brother.

She held it in her arms and looked at him seriously.

Lu Beichen took off his jacket for his sister to hold, revealing the white short-sleeved shirt he was wearing.

The thirteen-year-old boy looked long-legged and thin.

His body looked a little too lean and his skin was fair.

Coupled with his unique cold and noble aura, he was extremely eye-catching.

After the young man was ready, the teacher gave the signal.

He immediately dashed out like a cheetah.

It was a very standard triple jump.

He leaped into the air in a beautiful arc.

Under everyones surprised cheers, the youth landed in the sandpit as lightly as a cat.

However, because of inertia, he lost his balance and fell on his butt.

“F*ck! He jumped so far!”

“This must be at least three meters.

The best record at the school is broken!”

The gym teacher went over with a measuring tape.

“3.1 meters!”


There was an exclamation of disbelief from the students.

It was really three meters!

The PE teacher patted the young man on the shoulder.

“Not bad.

You can take part in the long jump event to break the record during sports day.”

Lu Beichen had a slight smile on his face.

He didnt care much about the praises of the others and only turned to look for his sister.

He had indeed exceeded his usual performance today.

He mainly wanted to not embarrass himself in front of his sister.


As if they had telepathy, Lu Beichen immediately saw his sister in the crowd.

Their eyes met and they smiled.

Only one was a little softer and sweeter, the other like snow melting.

The cold and aloof Prince Charmings smile simply stunned everyone.

Damn! He was usually good-looking when he didnt smile, but he looked even better when he smiled now.

Moreover, he looked more approachable.

“Alright, the last one, Lu Xiaocha.”

Lu Xiaocha quickly replied, “Coming.”

When she was ready, she set off under everyones watch.

Her petite body was as soft and agile as a cats.

The moment her body rose into the air, not only the students in the class, but even the teachers exclaimed.

When she landed and steadied herself, she didnt even move her feet.

Her body was steady.

“Ahhh, what the f*ck!”

“This distance, Lu Beichen jumped this far too just now, right!”

“I know theyre twins, but they even jumped the same distance”

“Teacher, quickly measure it! It cant be!”

Lu Beichen was stunned.

When he met his sisters innocent and cunning eyes, the corners of his mouth twitched.

He was sure that was definitely not her true standard.

She could jump even further.

But she had chosen to jump the same distance as him.

He felt both helpless and amused.

Soon the PE teachers measurements came back.

“3.1 meters!”

It was exactly the same as Lu Beichens!

The PE teacher was stunned.

Even the PE teacher himself didnt believe that anyone would be so accurate.

How could he explain this if it wasnt intentional

And most of all, she was a girl.

It was not that he looked down on girls, but the difference between boys and girls in this aspect was very obvious.

Song Yu, the girl in their class who was best at sports, only jumped 2.5 meters.

Now, this new transfer was even better.

She looked like a small one, but she could jump so well.

“Wow! Lu Xiaocha, youre awesome!”


“You are really exactly like your brother.

Do twins even have the same long jump distance these days”

“No, no, no… youre wrong about that.

The twins I know arent like this.”

The class suddenly became lively.

The other classes in the field could not help but look over and ask what was going on.

Then, the news of Lu Beichens twin sister jumping 3.1 meters away spread like wildfire.

Many students who were also in physical education class ran to 7th Grade Class 1 to watch.

Although she wasnt jumping anymore, she was eating!

Lu Xiaocha used her clothes to carry the snacks given by her classmates and happily accepted the food.

The pretty little girl with an obedient expression sat on the artificial lawn.

Her snow-white skin looked a little reflective under the sunlight, and her big black eyes were crystal clear like glass.

Her cheeks were puffed up, making her look more like a milky and soft little hamster.

Song Yu, Wang Lin, and the other girls sat beside her and screamed in their hearts.

Why was it so satisfying to look at her eat They wanted to feed her personally!

The students from the other classes who had sneaked over to see her blushed after taking a look.

The boys became restless.

“What are you looking at!”

Lu Beichen, Gu Xiao, and the others walked over and glared at these male students who had ill intentions.

Lu Beichens face darkened.

“They have too little homework!”

Gu Xiao patted his chest.

“Class monitor, dont worry.

With us around, no boys from other classes can approach our sister!”

The other male students of Class One echoed.

They could not let the boys from the other classes take Lu Xiaocha.

Not even a male fly could fly into their class!


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