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“What are you doing”

The PE teacher came over and reprimanded them sternly.

Lu Beichen said in all seriousness, “Liao Changyi and the others threw the ball over.

We just returned it to him.”

Liao Changyis entire face darkened.

He ignored the teacher and left with his friends arrogantly.

“Ill remember you.

Lets go!”

This was directed at Lu Xiaocha.

He did not expect to be at a disadvantage with a little girl, and she was the sister of his sworn enemy.

Lu Xiaocha didnt care.

So be it.

She didnt lose anything anyway.

“Lin, are you okay”

Wang Lin sat on the track and rubbed her ankle, her eyes red.

“Im fine.”

As she spoke, she stood up with the help of her classmates.

However, her foot hurt as soon as she moved.

“Lets go to the infirmary.”

“Someone carry her.”

Boys and girls of this age had already entered adolescence.

Some boys wanted to help, but they didnt dare.

The teacher wanted two girls to help her.



Song Yu was about to volunteer when her eyes widened with shock the next second.

Other students had the same expression as her.

Everyone watched as their petite new classmate bent down and easily carried Wang Lin, who was slightly taller than her, in a…

Princess embrace!


“What the hell!”

Some of the boys were so shocked, and one of them couldnt help but curse.

Lu Xiaochas voice was soft.

“Hold on to my neck.”

Wang Lin was stunned.

“Oh, okay.”

She quickly held onto Lu Xiaochas neck and blushed.

Her face was so similar to the class monitors, and was even more, soft, and exquisite.

It was really too much!

“Should we run Where is the infirmary”

Lu Beichen smiled helplessly.

“Ill bring you there.”

Then, everyone watched the soft and weak-looking girl carrying someone who was probably heavier than her and running from the field to the infirmary.

Her speed was much faster than their running speed just now!!!

Watching them speed away, the students of Class One took a while to recover.

“Our class monitors sister is so cool!”

“Thats right.

And the way she caught the ball was so cool.

She even threw the basketball back.

Did you see how Liao Changyi took a few steps back”

“Good lord, I watched her move lightly, but the basketball flew out with a whoosh.”

“Xiaocha is awesome!”

“This contrast is too cute.

The first impression I got from the class monitors sister was that she was an obedient girl with good grades.”

“Who would have thought that the pretty little girl is actually Hercules She looks like she has good grades, but shes actually a really bad student.”

There was really a contrast from head to toe.

Only now did Song Yu believe that Lu Xiaocha was telling the truth when she said that no one can bully her!

In the infirmary…

It was class time, so few people came here.

When the siblings brought Wang Lin in, there was only a school doctor treating a male student.

After giving the male student some medicine and some instructions, the school doctor yawned.

The dark circles under his eyes on his pale face looked like heavy smoky makeup.

It was as if he had not slept for a few days and was so sick that he could die at any moment.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Was this person really a doctor and not a patient

Lu Beichens expression did not change as he walked in with his sister.

Clearly, he was already used to it.

“Doctor An, please take a look at my classmate.”

Doctor An was dejected.

When he looked up and met Lu Beichen and Lu Xiaochas faces, he fell silent.

Under the non-static scene, it was really as if he was frozen without blinking.

“Ah… Am I finally going to die from staying up all night”

It was as if he was hallucinating and saw two Lu Beichen.

“… Then dont stay up so late!”

Doctor An sighed.

“I cant.

I cant help staying up late to finish the novel I like.

I cant sleep until I finish it.”

“Im really not hallucinating, am I”

Lu Xiaocha walked over and placed Wang Lin on a chair.

Wang Lin blushed and glanced at Lu Xiaocha from time to time.

Doctor An also looked over.

“Am I too out of touch When did a female version of Lu Beichen appear I didnt even know”

As he spoke, he did not forget to ask Wang Lin where she was hurting.

Then, he started to examine her.

Lu Beichens mouth twitched.

“Shes my sister.”

Lu Xiaocha took out a lollipop from somewhere and sat down on a stool.

She held her chin with one hand and began to lick it seriously.

Her eyes were round and beautiful.

“Huh Since when did the Lu family have a little sister”

The young mans eyes were bright with gossip as he looked at the two of them.

Clearly, he knew about the Lu familys situation.

“Just do your job.”

Doctor An looked away regretfully.

Based on his experience reading many melodramatic novels, he had already imagined a melodrama.

For example, real and fake daughters… Oh, the Lu family didnt have any other daughters other than a cheerful cousin.

Or perhaps Patriarch Lus admirers were jealous and stole it when the child was born.

After raising the child, they brought the child back to fight with Madam Lu.

Or more dramatically, Madam Lus best friend was in love with Lu Zhan.

In the end, her love turned into hatred and she secretly took the child away when Madam Lu gave birth…

Lu Beichen, who saw the expression on a certain doctors face change, “…”

The guy was imagining things again.

Lu Xiaocha felt a chill run down her spine.

She looked around warily.

“Its all right.

Ill give you a bottle of medicinal alcohol.

After you go back, just rub your ankle from time to time.

Its best not to do any strenuous exercise with this foot for three days.”

Wang Lin nodded.

“I understand.

Thank you, Doctor.”

When they went back, she was still carried back by Lu Xiaocha.

Although she was very embarrassed… The class monitors sister is so soft, and she smells good!

“Um, thank you, Lu Xiaocha.”

Wang Lin was sincerely grateful.

Not only did she carry her to the infirmary, but if she had not caught the ball earlier, her head would definitely have been hit.

Lu Xiaocha crunched the lollipop in her mouth, leaving a white rod dangling in her mouth.

“No problem.

Im strong.”

Since she had just eaten a grape-flavored lollipop, Wang Lin could clearly smell a sweet fragrance!

On the field, Lu Xiaocha was quite eye-catching as she carried someone in her arms.

Coupled with the twins good looks and Lu Beichens popularity in school,

Wherever there were people, Lu Xiaocha could clearly feel the attention from all directions.


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