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How did she do it Shouldnt dozing off in class happen gradually!

They had clearly seen her eyes wide open a second ago, but now…

Could something be wrong

The teacher, who was startled as well, came over to investigate.


Even snores rang out in the quiet classroom.

The teacher did not know what to say.

Everyone else was quiet too.


Lu Beichen smiled awkwardly and politely.

“Sorry, Teacher.

This lesson might be too much for her.”

The teacher recalled what the principal had told her previously.

This student scored zero in the entrance examination.

He took a deep breath.

“Okay, I understand.”

What could he do in this situation If she didnt understand anything at all, wouldnt the lesson become a lullaby

In the end, Lu Xiaocha practically slept through the second half of class.


Of course, she was not the only one sleeping in the classroom.

Those who sat at the back of the classroom were basically those who did not have good grades.

It was not that the teachers had deliberately arranged it this way, but that they had purposefully gone to the back to secretly sleep during class.

The teacher couldnt be bothered with them anymore after a few times.

The bell signaling the end of class rang.

After the teacher left, the entire classroom became noisy.

Most of the students in Class 1 walked toward Lu Beichens table.

The moment they approached, Lu Xiaocha, who was sleeping on her desk, suddenly sat up and turned her head.

Her cat-like eyes were filled with killing intent.

The students who had surrounded her just now immediately retreated in fear and looked at her in horror.

Lu Xiaocha looked around at the students and teachers who were wearing clean school uniforms.

Not ghouls…

The killing intent in her eyes instantly receded.

She had forgotten that this wasnt the post-apocalyptic world.

Her originally murderous eyes turned into a dazed look as she yawned.

“So… so scary!”

“F*ck! Why did she look so cool just now!”

She had just woken up, and there were red marks on her snow-white face.

Coupled with those watery dark eyes, she looked extremely harmless.

“What are you guys doing here”

Lu Beichen glanced at them and took a packet of biscuits out of his drawer.

The beautiful girls eyes lit up when she saw the biscuits.

Everyone felt that she was like a snow-white furry animal and wanted to stroke her.

Lu Beichen handed over the biscuits.

Lu Xiaocha immediately hugged it and took small bites.

Her snow-white cheeks immediately puffed up.

Even though she was being watched by so many people, she was still calmly munching on her biscuits with extreme satisfaction.

“Class monitor, what… whats going on Is Lu Xiaocha your relative She looks like you.”

Someone asked jokingly.

Gu Xiao hit the back of his head.

“What relative Her face is almost identical to our class monitors.

Sister Xiaocha is our class monitors twin sister!”


The surrounding students immediately became noisy.

Their guesses were confirmed and they felt that it was unbelievable.

“I never knew that the class monitor had a twin sister!”

“Class monitor, this is your fault.

Why did you only let such a good-looking sister transfer to our class now”

“Hehe, hello, Sister.

My name is Fang Ai.”

“My name is Lin Hao.”


Lu Beichen “(▼ヘ▼#)”

“Stop it.

Whos your sister!”

Lu Beichen let his sister sit by the window while he sat outside to block those shameless students.

But that still couldnt stop their enthusiasm.

How rare.

7th Grade Class 1 had a new girl who looked exactly like the school hunk, Lu Beichen.

Word of this quickly spread through the school.

“Pei Xue, arent you Lu Beichens cousin I heard that he has a twin sister.

Is that true”

In the dance studio, Pei Xue, who was rehearsing, suddenly froze when she heard this question.

Thinking of Lu Xiaocha, she looked down to hide the jealousy and unwillingness in her eyes.

When she looked up again, she had a sweet smile on her face.

“You mean her.”

Pei Xue tucked her hair behind her ears with a gentle expression.

“I was also very surprised by this.

I only found out the day before yesterday.”

“Huh Arent you Lu Beichens cousin Why didnt you know”

Pei Xues hesitant expression made more people in the dance studio gossip.

They hurriedly urged her to explain.

“Alright, but dont tell anyone.

My cousin is called Lu Xiaocha.

Shes indeed Lu Beichens twin, but she was stolen when she was born.

My uncle and the others found her in the orphanage.”

“Ah… an orphanage!”

The surrounding female students were shocked.

Most of the students in this school were children of wealthy nobles and had only heard of places like orphanages.

“And how is she now Is it true, I hear, that children in orphanages never had enough to eat or wear”

Pei Xue said in distress, “I dont know about that either.

Its probably because Cousin doesnt have any higher education.

Sometimes, her words are a little rude.

If you meet my cousin and she says something bad, I hope you wont blame her.

My aunt and the others might have agreed to almost everything she asked for because of their guilt.

They even asked Beichen and the others to treat her well too.

I just feel a little sorry for them.

However, were family after all.

I believe it will get better in the future.”


Pei Xues eyes turned red as she spoke.

Tears streamed down her face.

“I went to visit them with my mom yesterday, but for some reason, Xiaolu doesnt seem to like me.

She wont even let me talk to Beichen.

Will Beichen only like Xiaolu and not me in the future”

The girls didnt understand Lu Beichens family situation, so they believed her.

They couldnt help but despise Lu Xiaocha and pity Pei Xue.

“Its a given that a child who grew up in an orphanage would have a bad personality.

How can that compare to our Xuexue”

“Thats right.

Our Xuexue is a little princess who was pampered by her super handsome cousins.”

“Xuexue, dont be sad.

Beichen and the others wont like a vulgar person like her.

Youre so outstanding, so of course, they will like you the most.”

“Thats right.

Lu Beichen is really pitiful.

If someone suddenly came to my house, I wouldnt like it either.”

“Wow… Xuexue, your hair clip is so beautiful.

Who gave it to you”

Pei Xue touched the diamond hairpin in her hair and her eyes sparkled.

She said in embarrassment, “My eldest cousin gave it to me.

Its worth millions.”

The girls in the dance studio immediately surrounded her with envy and praise.

“I envy you.

Your cousins really spoil you.

If only I had as many excellent cousins.”

Pei Xue was praised like a moon surrounded by stars.

A shy smile appeared on her face, and her vanity was satisfied at this moment.


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