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The butler paused for a moment.

He was about to say something when he heard the clicks of high heels outside.

“Whats wrong with Chen”

A beautiful woman in a red gown walked in.

She elegantly took off her small cardigan and placed it on the arm of the cold and dignified man beside her.

The man took it naturally and stared at the young man sitting on the sofa with his oppressive eyes.

“Why are you only back now”

Lu Beichen snorted.

“Do you guys still care about when I come back”

The woman smiled elegantly as she sat beside him and rubbed his head.

“Is Chen throwing a tantrum or is he being bullied outside I dont think so.

Arent you the one who makes others angry Who would dare to make you angry”

The young man tilted his head slightly.

“Mom, Im thirteen.

Im not a kid anymore.

You cant keep touching my head.”

Speaking of being bullied, Lu Beichen thought of that girl.

He pursed his lips and squeezed his fingers nervously.

“Mom, have we ever… ever lost a child”

After asking, he was annoyed.

Why did he care so much about that brat

He didnt realize that his parents had turned pale when he asked the question.

“Chen, why are you asking this!” Pei Anrans voice was unconsciously tense and even a little loud.

Lu Beichen felt that his mothers reaction was a little too much.

After some thought, he told her everything that had happened today.


“That girl looked exactly like me.

If I wasnt sure I didnt have a sister-”

He was interrupted before he could finish.

“No … you do have a sister.”

Pei Anran grabbed Lu Beichens hand tightly and closed her eyes.

When she opened them again, her beautiful eyes were filled with a strange light.

“Where is she!!”

Lu Beichen was dumbfounded…

The children at Starlight Orphanage were very diligent and woke up early.

The older children, who were more mature, would help the director take care of the younger children.

The atmosphere was very harmonious.

“What are we having for breakfast today, director”

Lu Xiaocha had already returned from her run, followed by the exhausted Yue.

Who would believe it Not only could he not outrun a little girl in the morning run, but he was also no match for her in stamina.

The two of them had gone out for a morning jog together, but now he was panting heavily in a sorry state.

However, the little girl was only sweating lightly and her breaths had not changed much.

Her skin was still fair and delicate, and her eyes were still clear and bright.

The director looked at her angrily.

“When are you going to school, Xiaocha The teachers are rushing you!”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and decided to play dumb.

The director poked her on the forehead but couldnt bring herself to blame her.

“Oh, you.

Todays breakfast is buns.”

As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Lu Xiaochas eyes light up.

The director looked at her with amusement.

“Come and help your younger siblings get ready.”

Lu Xiaocha readily agreed.


She walked over and dressed the little fellows who did not know how to wear clothes yet.

Then, she carried them out of the corridor.

“Go out and play by yourself.”

The children who were dropped off ran away cheering.

Most of the children who were sent to the orphanage were physically disabled, unable to hear, see, or walk, and some were physically ill.

Other than that, it was mostly girls who were abandoned.

Few children had no issues.

In this large family, children were mature from a young age and they knew how to take care of each other.

However, there were actually some external threats to the only peaceful place for the children.

Like now…

A few nurses and the director were bringing the children to eat when the door of the orphanage was suddenly slammed hard, accompanied by angry shouts and curses.

The directors face immediately darkened.

She comforted the frightened children.

“Be good and eat.

I will be back soon.”

Lu Xiaocha bit a bun in her mouth and walked out with the director with a big bun in either of her hands.

“Xiaocha, go back.

Ill be back soon.”

Lu Xiaocha shook her head and took a bite of the meat bun.

She inhaled with satisfaction and spoke.

“Im not afraid, director.

Ill go with you.”

‘Well join you too.

Are those bad guys back again!

A couple of the bigger kids joined them.

They were little men who wanted to protect their younger siblings.


The director looked at the children.

Her eyes felt warm, but she didnt agree to let them tag along.

It was too dangerous.

However, before the director could step out, the door to the orphanage was kicked open with force.

Accompanied by the screams of the children in the orphanage, a group of thugs swaggered in with clubs in their hands and cigarettes in their mouths.

The directors expression changed.

“What do you want!”

“Pfft… what do we want”

A burly man walked forward, looking at the people from the orphanage with disdain and disgust.

“Old woman, you havent left with these little bastards yet.

I think you really want to die.

Hurry up and move away with these little bastards today.


He patted the iron rod in his hand.

“Then dont blame us for being rude.”


The director trembled with anger as she shielded the children behind her.

“When did this orphanage become yours Is there no law!”

The man laughed arrogantly.

“Law Believe it or not, no one will find out even if I beat you to death.

This house belongs to my third aunts second uncles cousin.

We are relatives, so this house is mine.

Why should I give this house to you”


The director trembled with anger at this scoundrel.

“Youre too much.

What kind of relative is that It was Sister Li who left this house to me.”

“But you didnt pay for it.

She gave it to you because she thought she had no relatives left.

Now that Im here, isnt it natural to give it back to me”

Greed flashed in the mans eyes.

He had accidentally learned that this place was going to be demolished and decided to pretend to be the distant relative of the previous owner to get the house.

After all, what could this group of elderly and children do to him

The director looked fiercely at the thugs.

“There was a witness when this house was first given to me.

The previous owner also signed the papers-”

“Stupid old woman, you talk so much.

If I tell you to move, just move.

Ill kill you!”

A grumpy man covered in rivets raised his wooden stick to hit the director.

The director was shocked and subconsciously shielded the children behind her.

Just as the wooden stick was about to hit the director, a pale and weak-looking hand grabbed it.

The man covered in rivets tried his best but couldnt move any further.

He couldnt pull away either.

He looked at the little girl who was holding the wooden stick in shock.

Lu Xiaochas dark eyes stared straight at him.

At that moment, the man felt a bloodthirsty killing intent rush towards him.

His blood froze, and a bone-chilling chill ran from his feet to the top of his head.

His legs trembled unconsciously.


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