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Lu Xiaocha also thought that it was delicious.

She did not know why the mother-daughter pair was so picky.

They judged the food before they even had the chance to try it.

Lu Beichen slowly ate the chestnut cake his sister gave him.

He knew how protective his sister was of her food.

He was already touched that she gave him a piece.

“By the way, Cousin, if Xiaocha wants to try Xiangyunzhais snacks, you dont have to bring them for her.

We brothers will naturally buy her whatever she wants to eat.”

If you dont know how to talk, dont talk.

You make it seem like my sister needs your charity. Lu Beichen thought.

Lu Beilin raised his eyebrows slightly and looked over coldly.

“Tsk, you dont have to go to all that trouble.

We can just ask them to deliver it if Xiaocha wants it.”

The snacks of Xiangyunzhai Restaurant could be delivered, but it was extremely rare.

Only those who had a black card could enjoy this honor.

Pei Qin and her daughters faces turned ugly.

Lu Xiaocha was really curious about Xiangyunzhai.

She kept stuffing chestnut cakes into her mouth, and her cheeks were bulging.

She asked with her big, curious eyes.

“Is it really delicious”

“Lets find out.”

Lu Beilins actions were extremely fast.

He immediately made a call and the person on the other end quickly said that they would send it over to them immediately.

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.


The two brothers obvious protectiveness made Pei Qin anxious and Pei Xue jealous.

However, neither of them dared to show it.


Pei Qin wanted to leave this eyesore.

There was something wrong with the sons that bitch Pei Anran raised.

They liked this girl who grew up in an orphanage so much.

It was simply embarrassing!

However, she had yet to see that person.

She felt a little indignant, so she could only grit her teeth and endure it.

Lu Beilin looked over indifferently, followed by a flash of mockery.

Before the snacks from Xiangyunzhai arrived, the Lu couple returned home.

Lu Zhan naturally took his wifes handbag and her cardigan away.

His cold eyes were filled with warmth when he looked at the woman beside him.

Pei Qin was originally very happy to see Lu Zhan return, but in the next second, her eyes seemed to hurt.

It was not only because of Lu Zhans actions but also because of Pei Anrans gown.

The dress was custom-made by a famous palace designer in Milan.

It was the only one in the world and cost as much as 50 million.

Whether it was the reputation of the designer or the dress itself, which was as dazzling as the stars in the sky, they were all things that wealthy ladies flocked to.

As soon as it was released online, it attracted the attention of a large number of wealthy ladies.

Many people wanted to buy it, but they were told that it had already been reserved.

Pei Qin remembered the heiresses exclaiming at a noblewomans tea party, wondering which lucky woman would get such a dazzling starry sky.

Now, she knew that this dazzling starry sky belonged to the person she most envied.

“Qin is here.”

Pei Anran had a smile on her face.

She greeted Pei Qin, whose eyes were red with envy, and looked at her daughter.

A gentle light flashed in the beautiful womans eyes.

“Xiaocha, Moms home.”

Lu Xiaocha exclaimed, “Mom is so beautiful!”

Although Pei Anran was the one being praised, Lu Zhan stuck out his chest proudly.

“From me.”

“Daddy is so awesome!”

Lu Zhans eyes smiled, and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly.

Lu Beilin said, “Dad, Mom, the two of you are already an old couple.

Can you not be so lovey-dovey”

Sigh… The children had grown up watching them be lovey-dovey.

The family was happy and harmonious, but they did not know that this scene had pierced someones heart.

Even though she was stung every time she came, she still felt the deep jealousy rolling in her chest.

Why! Why did all the good things belong to Pei Anran!

Wasnt she Pei Anrans only sister Why couldnt she let her have Zhan


“Zhan… Brother-in-law.”

She wanted to call him Brother Zhan like Pei Anran, but she had been warned by the man before, so she could only call him brother-in-law.

Lu Zhan looked at her indifferently and acknowledged her.

His voice was cold and emotionless.

He did not like his sister-in-law.

Like him, her wife had a younger sister who shared the same father and mother.

However, after their stepmother came, to sow discord between the two sisters, she had taken the young Pei Qin to her side and raised her, spoiling her temper.

Pei Anran wanted to educate her sister, but in the face of her stepmothers sweet words, Pei Qin, who did not know how to distinguish right from wrong, would naturally choose the latter.

As they grew up, the relationship between the two sisters became worse and worse.

In the end, Pei Anran married Lu Zhan and gradually took control of the Lu family.

Pei Qin also brought her daughter back to the Pei family when her marriage failed.

She gradually restrained her temper and took the initiative to talk to Pei Anran.

Pei Qin also used the excuse of visiting her sister to visit the Lu family often, but Lu Zhan couldnt come to like this woman with ulterior motives.

He could reluctantly tolerate it for his wifes sake, but only if she didnt cross his line.

“Brother-in-law, youre so good to my sister.

This dress costs tens of millions.

Sister, seriously, even if Brother-in-law dotes on you, you cant be willful.

Isnt it a waste to spend so much money on a dress”

Pei Anran smiled.

“I think its a waste too, but I cant help it if your brother-in-law insists on buying it for me.”

Lu Zhan lowered his eyes and looked at his wife with a much gentler expression.

“I can earn money.

Money is for you and the children to spend.”

They had unintentionally shown off their love.

Pei Qin clasped her nails tightly to prevent herself from losing her composure.

She forced a smile.

“Thats… thats true.”

Pei Anran looked at her sister, who had been completely led astray and could not help but sigh in her heart.

She had once tried to change her, but the personality and values she had developed since she was young were not so easily corrected.

Pei Anran was naturally not stupid enough to be completely unguarded against her sister who had not been close to her since they were young.

However, when she thought of her mothers instructions before she died, she thought that she would just treat it as an ordinary interaction between relatives.

But if Pei Qin dared to hurt her family, then she couldnt blame her for not caring about this bit of kinship.

“Qin, arent you attending Fashion Week overseas Why are you suddenly back”

Pei Qin had composed herself in a short time and smiled sweetly at her question.

“I heard you and my brother-in-law found your daughter, so I came back to visit and congratulate you.”

Lu Xiaocha thought as she ate the chestnut cake,Your attitude didnt seem like you were here to congratulate me.

Why was this person so strange She spoke nicely, but Lu Xiaocha could clearly feel the malice in her.

Why was it different…

She thought, clueless.

In the post-apocalyptic world, she usually fought alone.

Lu Xiaocha, who had never come into contact with such complicated human nature, felt that she had seen too little.

However, it didnt matter.

This woman looked so weak and she definitely couldnt beat her.

If she really wanted to do anything bad, she could just beat her up herself.

There was nothing that her fists couldnt solve!


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