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This was the real Blood Lingzhi.

The bead was wiped clean and revealed its true appearance.

It was a Night-Luminescent Pearl!

Gu Xiaos eyes widened.


It was ridiculous that such a precious thing was given to Lu Xiaocha as a mushroom by a zombie…

Fu Ye was more curious about why there were so many antiques here.

The kid had found two of them just by strolling around, and they were all precious treasures.

Lu Xiaocha held the Night-Luminescent Pearl and asked Yin Shian, “Are these your burial items”

Yin Shian shook his head.

“Imperial Preceptors treasure vault.”

He might have turned into a zombie and been sealed in a coffin, but he was conscious and knew a thing or two about what was going on outside.

The Imperial Preceptor had built a treasure vault here, but he didnt know the exact location.

This Night-Luminescent Pearl was used by the Imperial Preceptor to illuminate the tomb.

However, it had been too long and the Night-Luminescent Pearl was covered in dirt, so the evil priest didnt discover it.

As for the Blood Lingzhi, it grew beside his coffin in the tomb.

After absorbing Yin energy, the Blood Lingzhi became like this.

The things that Lu Xiaocha picked up were probably left behind by the Imperial Preceptor when he was moving the treasures.

This time, when Yin Shian ran back to the cave, not only did he take out the Blood Lingzhi and Night-Luminescent Pearl, but he also dragged out his coffin.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiaos lips twitched when they saw the coffin.

“What are you doing with the coffin”

Yin Shians face was expressionless.

“Bed, sleep.”


There was nothing wrong with that.

He was a zombie now.

Where would he sleep if not in a coffin

As for the Imperial Preceptors treasure vault, they wouldnt look for it for now.

They were about to leave the mountain and go home.

Lu Xiaochas face was wrinkled.

“You cant stay here.

That evil priest will definitely come again.”

Yin Shian said, “Im not afraid.

Im strong.”

Hed had no choice before because he was trapped in the coffin and restrained, but now, he was a zombie at the level of a Wandering Corpse.

Unless he was really powerful, the priest was no match for him.

Besides… he wanted to take revenge for himself.

Yin Shian was also very unhappy to be disturbed and woken up from his slumber.

Lu Xiaocha gave him a look of distrust.

Yin Shian: “… Xiaocha isnt human.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

“Ill give you a chance to rephrase.”

Yin Shian looked at her eagerly.


Thats better.

Since he wanted to stay, Lu Xiaocha let him stay here.

“Ill bring you with me when youre more human.”

Otherwise, his ghostly appearance could scare people to death.

Yin Shian nodded obediently and helped Lu Xiaocha carry the filled sacks to the car.

Finally, Lu Xiaocha found a porcelain basin and reached out to pull out the orchid.

“Wait a minute!”

Lu Beichen, who had followed over, had yet to recover from the shock of seeing the orchid.

When he saw his sisters actions, his heart skipped a beat.

She looked so obedient and quiet, but why were her actions so rough!

“Ill do it.”

He pursed his lips and stepped forward.

He carefully dug out the orchid and used the surrounding soil to plant it in the porcelain basin.

Lu Xiaocha squatted at the side and watched with her chin in one hand.

“Do you have to be so careful”

She was greatly shocked.

Although the plants in this world were not as powerful as those in the post-apocalyptic world that could eat people, werent all plants very tenacious


Lu Beichen nodded and said softly as he looked at his sisters furry head.

“Many orchids are very delicate and rare.

They die easily if you dont raise them well.

This orchid looks like the White Crown Lotus Cauldron to me, but its a bit different.”

His gaze landed on the jade-like flowers and buds in the bag.

The pure white petals were translucent under the sunlight.

From afar, they looked like jade emitting a lustrous glow.

Lu Xiaocha nodded and muttered softly, “I wanted to find one to raise in the future, but if its so delicate, then forget it.

Ill be busy raising myself.”

Lu Beichens lips twitched when he heard her words.

White Crown Lotus Cauldron was not something that could be found anywhere.

Those of good quality were worth tens of millions, and they were extremely rare.

To be able to find this one, he felt that his sisters luck was really heaven-defying.

After packing up everything, they bade farewell to Yin Shian and went home.

In the Lu Manor, the Lu couple might not be back until late at night.

After the car was unloaded, the butler came with two gardeners to help move things.

The two grown men bent to move the sack but were embarrassed that they couldnt.

The butler was speechless.

Lu Xiaocha bent down and picked up a sack with ease.

Her tone was light.

“Ill do it myself.”

The sack was filled with her treasures.

The two big sacks were stuffed full.

They looked bigger than she was, and they were dead weight.

None of them could lift it!

The two gardeners jaws nearly dropped at the sight of the quick-moving girl, and the butler grimaced.

“Ahem… you guys can leave first.”


After the two of them left, Fu Ye also picked up a large sack and carried it on his shoulder.

From his expression and actions, those who didnt know better would think that he was carrying a gun!

Lu Beichen held a pot of verdant orchids while Gu Xiao carefully carried the ginseng and Blood Lingzhi and slowly followed.

“Eh… what are all these!”

Lu Xiaocha carried her things home, but two unfamiliar women were sitting in the living room.

When the well-dressed woman wearing all kinds of branded jewelry saw Lu Xiaocha walking in with two dirty sacks, she immediately fanned her nose with her hand in disgust.

“Butler! Whats going on, what is all this”

The butler did not respond, but Fu Ye kicked open the door, startling the mother and daughter.

He glanced over.

“Does the kid need you to be nosy when she brings things to her own house”


Pei Qin suddenly paused and her gaze landed on Lu Xiaocha.

Disdain and imperceptible malice flashed in the depths of her eyes.

“Youre the child my sister and brother-in-law found at the orphanage.”

She emphasized the wordorphanage as she spoke, then sat down demurely and sipped her tea.

“I see.

No wonder…” Pei Qin glanced at Lu Xiaocha with a faint smile.

“Its understandable.

After all, you just came back from such a place and havent learned the rules yet.

Why didnt my brother-in-law find someone to teach you manners Since youve returned to the Lu family, its best to change some of the habits you had in the past as soon as possible.

Otherwise… youll be laughed at.”

The girl beside the woman, who was about the same size as Lu Xiaocha, smiled.

“Moms right, but Cousin just got back.

Its normal for her not to understand these things.”

She stood up and walked to Lu Xiaochas side.

Her posture was natural and unrestrained, like a noble lady.

“Cousin, my name is Pei Xue.

If theres anything you dont understand, you can come to me.

Ill help you.”


A sarcastic sneer sounded.

Pei Xue could not help but look over.

She saw the youth who had mocked them when he entered walk to Lu Xiaochas side.

His eyes were as sharp as a wild wolfs as he stared at her.

For a moment, Pei Xue felt that she was prey.

She paled and took a few steps back.

“What can you teach her To be sarcastic or pretentious or… how to make someone elses home your own”

His sharp words pierced into the mother and son like a needle.

Pei Qins expression changed completely when she heard the last sentence.

She placed her coffee cup on the table with a bang.

“Fu Ye, what are you talking about!”

“This is the Lu family.

An outsider like you has no right to speak!”

Pei Xue did not expect that this young man, who usually got along well with her cousins, would speak up for her like this.

Thinking of this, she couldnt help but feel jealous.

Fu Ye looked at the woman arrogantly.

“Ha… So you know that this is the Lu family and not your Pei family.

Come, let me help you remember your surname.

By the way, whats your name again…”

“You!” The expression on Pei Qins face alternated between green and white.

Lu Xiaocha carried the sack and pushed Pei Xue away.

“Youre blocking my way.”

When she was done, she puffed up her cheeks and muttered, “I thought I had walked into the wrong house.

The moment I came in, you shouted at me.

Since youre not even from the Lu family, why are you acting so arrogant in my house”

Her muttering was not soft, and both Pei Qin and her daughter heard it.

Their expressions immediately became even uglier.

She really came back from an orphanage.

How vulgar!


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