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Lu Beichen took a deep breath.

“Who is this”

What was he trying to do behind his sister His greenish-white skin, black veins, and red eyes made him look bad.

Gu Xiao was also stunned by Yin Shians ominous aura.

He stayed away from him.

“My new underling, Yin Shian.” Lu Xiaocha raised her chin slightly and softly introduced him to her brother.

Standing behind her, Yin Shian, who was much taller, nodded tactfully.

He seemed to have used a little too much strength and held his head clumsily.

His head was almost pulled off.

He was still feeling a little uncomfortable.

She was completely different from the ferocious and agile person in the fight just now.

Those who didnt know better would think that the one who fought with Lu Xiaocha and this guy were different corpses.

“He, he, he—”

Just as Yin Shian held his head, Lu Beichen and Gu Xiaos eyes widened and they gasped.

Together with Lu Xiaocha, they retreated three meters away!

Fu Ye was speechless.

“Would you believe me if I said that this was his manicure”

Lu Xiaocha looked at them innocently.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao were speechless.

‘We believe your *ss!


They were in a stalemate for a while.

After Lu Xiaocha made sure that Yin Shian was safe, the four of them and the zombie sat down cross-legged.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao couldnt help but look at Yin Shian.

“Tell me, whats going on”

When Lu Beichen became serious, he had a certain aura.

However, the person he questioned rubbed her stomach and puffed her soft cheeks, as if she was in a daze.

Her eyes drifted to the side from time to time, silently asking Fu Ye when she could eat.

Seeing how tired his twin sister was, Lu Beichen could not bear to question her anymore.

Hence, he turned his gaze to Fu Ye.

Fu Ye rested his arm arrogantly on the back of his head and held a piece of grass in his mouth.

“Why are you looking at me”

With a dejected expression, he turned to Yin Shian and said, “Explain yourself.”

Yin Shian sat quietly beside Lu Xiaocha like a wooden stake, his blood-red eyes staring at the ground without moving.

Realizing that everyones eyes seemed to be on him, he looked up at Lu Xiaocha.

Explain what

Gu Xiao clicked his tongue.

“What exactly is he Why is he like a snail”

Lu Xiaocha stood up straight.


“Pfft… cough cough cough…”

Gu Xiao choked on his saliva and stared at Yin Shian in disbelief.

“What… did you say”

Lu Xiaocha closed her eyes and refused to answer.

As his masters servant, Yin Shian consciously resolved his masters troubles.

“I am, zombie.”

Although he still spoke in fragments, perhaps because he had been struck by lightning and baptized, not only was his skin better, but he spoke much more fluently than before.

Fu Ye raised his chin.

“Explain to them yourself.

Ill go make breakfast.”

Upon hearing that, Lu Xiaocha, who was acting like a zombie, suddenly sat up.

She looked at Fu Ye with shining eyes and then followed him like a puppy.

Before she left, she patted Yin Shians shoulder.

“Believe in yourself.

You can make it clear.”

After saying that, he ran after Fu Ye.

Yin Shian looked at his master, who had abandoned him, with a slightly aggrieved expression.

However, due to his masters orders, he still explained the situation to the two of them.

Although, the zombies face was really stiff.

He was expressionless and his tone was flat.

“Master somehow discovered the cave and fought her way in.

Then, she fought me again and almost tore my head off.”

At this point, Yin Shian held his neck with lingering fears.

Although he had already died once, he still liked to continue living.

As a Wandering Corpse-level zombie, his bones were harder than black iron, and his flesh was indestructible.

So, his little master must be a monster even more terrifying than himself.

Yin Shian thought to himself.

“I couldnt win, so I admitted defeat and contracted with her.”

When he finished, the three stared at each other for a few seconds.

“Thats it”

Yin Shian nodded firmly.


“Thats all”

Yin Shian glanced at him in confusion.

What else did he want

Gu Xiao was speechless.

Isnt your story a little too short What about the process! Gu Xiao thought.

Lu Beichen paused.

“Do you… eat people”

Gu Xiao took a deep breath and pulled his good friend back.

Good lord, he was risking his life listening to this story.

Yin Shian looked at Lu Xiaocha.

What should he say

Although Lu Xiaocha was watching Fu Ye make breakfast seriously, she did not completely ignore her brother and Yin Shians situation.

“He used to, but someone forced him to do that.

From now on, you only drink beast blood.”

“Oh, okay,” Yin Shian replied happily.

“Right now, I despise human blood.

The humans he fed me were dirty, smelly, and has some strange odor in their blood.

There were also a lot of greases.”

Yin Shian complained.

Fu Ye sneered.

“That guy only dared to catch some tramps, alcoholics, and drug addicts who wont attract attention.”

After all, population control was so strict now.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao knew what Yin Shian was talking about after thinking about it for a while.

He touched his nose awkwardly.

The quality of peoples blood these days wasnt very good.

When breakfast was ready, Lu Xiaocha was the first to eat it.

The steaming hot porridge was simply too satisfying.

Yin Shian supported his chin and watched eagerly.

“You want some too”

Yin Shian shook his head dejectedly.

“I cant eat that.”

While eating breakfast, Gu Xiao carefully leaned over and asked, “By the way, who is the master you mentioned just now”

Yin Shian pointed at Lu Xiaocha with his black fingernail.

“…Dont call her master in the future.”


Lu Xiaocha and Yin Shian looked at him in confusion.

Lu Beichen fell silent.

What should he say

He turned his gaze to Gu Xiao.

Gu Xiao slurped his rice.

Forget it, there was no hope for this guy, so he looked at Fu Ye.

Fu Ye said righteously, “Whats there to hide Our current society is different from the past.

We dont use the titles of master and servant.

If others hear this, they will think that the two of you are old feudalists.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded in understanding.

Yin Shian nodded in confusion.

“Then you can call me Xiaocha from now on.”

Yin Shian repeated, ” Xiaocha.”

Lu Xiaocha patted his head.

“Thats right.”

Yin Shian, whose head had been pet, squatted obediently like a big dog.

Fu Ye narrowed his eyes slightly.

He had miscalculated.

Even if Yin Shian was an old zombie, he still looked like a young man.


Tsk… the kid was still young.

There should not be so many male creatures around her!

After breakfast, Lu Xiaocha instructed Yin Shian to dry the mushrooms and go to the forest to find food to eat, while she went into the tent to catch up on sleep.

She hadnt slept all night and her dark circles were showing.

Fu Ye handed over the job of washing the dishes to Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao.

He had already cooked, there was no way he was going to wash the dishes too.

He would probably end up smashing the dishes instead.


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