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However, the Imperial Preceptor didnt manage to create the Undying Bone in the end because even after Yin Shian died, the situation in the country didnt improve.

Instead, the various disasters became more and more serious.

In the end, there was unrest everywhere, and the royal family was in internal strife.

The Imperial Preceptor was also killed by his political enemies.

Yin Shian, who had already become a zombie in the coffin, fell into a deep sleep.

Originally, he was in a peaceful slumber, but about a year ago, a Daoist priest who cultivated evil arts had found the previous Imperial Preceptors codex somewhere.

Then, he had followed the records in the codex and found this tomb.

He then began to feed Yin Shian with beast blood and human blood according to the records.


Then, Yin Shian, who was sleeping, was forced to wake up.

Actually, he planned to sleep until the end of time.

However, the Imperial Preceptor was a cunning person.

The codex he had written had also been modified a little.

The proportion of beast blood had been increased, causing Yin Shians bones and muscles to become even harder, and the chains and coffin were becoming less and less binding to him.

Today, Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye came in just when he could break through his restraints.

After listening to Lu Xiaocha, Fu Ye was speechless.

He had to admit, Yin Shian was one unlucky kid.

They were unlucky, too.

Fu Ye wondered if this was because of him.

Impossible, absolutely impossible! Gu Xiao was the unlucky one.

He was not!


There were eight levels of zombies: Purple Zombie, White Zombie, Green Zombie, Hairy Zombie, Flying Zombie, Wandering Corpse, Crouching Corpse, and Undying Bones.


He was tortured to death and he had accumulated the resentment of thousands of commoners.

In addition, his physique was special.

Just as the Imperial Preceptor had said, he was the most suitable person for the creation of an Undying Bone.

When the Imperial Preceptor refined him, Yin Shian had turned from an ordinary zombie to a Flying Zombie in just five years.

One had to know that Flying Zombies were only achieved by zombies that had cultivated for a thousand years.


And now, after another year of refining and feeding, Yin Shians level was already approaching that of a Wandering Corpse.


The last step needed to become a Wandering Corpse is…

Thunder boomed outside the tomb.

Yin Shian stiffly said, “Yes, thunderbolt.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a loud bang exploded above the tomb.

Rocks fell and the entire tomb began to shake as if it would collapse at any moment.

Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye were speechless.

They suspected the guy had done this on purpose but had no proof.



Fu Ye ran out of the tomb with Lu Xiaocha.

Yin Shian followed closely behind them.

After dodging a few large rocks, they finally escaped.

Yin Shian was struck by lightning the moment he ran out of the cave.

Fu Ye quickly brought Lu Xiaocha further away.

He had no intention of helping.


He was shocked so hard that he trembled as he spoke.

After the lightning strike, Yin Shian was fine except for the black smoke coming out of him.

Lu Xiaocha stared at his clothes and thought that they were quite well made.


After being struck, he had just taken a step forward when another bolt of lightning struck him.

Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye quickly slipped further away and shouted perfunctorily, “Good luck!”


Yin Shian was speechless.

When the last bolt of lightning struck, he lay on the ground like a corpse, his entire body was black as charcoal.


After making sure that there were no more lightning strikes, the two of them, who were hiding in the distance, strolled back.

Lu Xiaocha was holding a branch in her hand.

She squatted down and poked thecharcoal.

Fu Ye also picked up a branch and poked him.

Then, Yin Shian opened his red eyes and looked at it faintly.

“As expected of a thousand-year-old monster.

Its fine even after being struck like this.”

Lu Xiaocha said, “Even though hes as black as coal, his hair and clothes are actually fine!”

Yin Shian slowly sat up and squatted on the ground gloomily, drawing circles with his long black nails.

He felt a little aggrieved to be struck by lightning the moment he came out.

Lu Xiaocha happily patted his shoulder.

“Lets go, Ill take you to take a shower!”


Fu Yes face darkened.

“What are you doing Ill do it.

Youre not allowed to look.”

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips.

So what Whats the big deal

Yin Shian originally didnt want to move, but Lu Xiaocha urged him to get up reluctantly.

“Youre so dark, its unsightly for you to be my underling.”

Yin Shian was speechless.

As he walked, the finger-thick chains around his waist and arms rattled.

Yin Shian had washed his clothes when he took a shower, so he didnt have any clothes to wear for the time being.

Hence, Fu Ye went to get a set of his clothes for him to wear first.

He was only a fifteen-year-old boy when he died.

Now, he could fit into Fu Yes clothes, and it was even a little loose.

After taking a shower and putting on his clothes, Yin Shian came out clean.

His previously greenish-black skin had now turned bluish-white.

It was obviously very unhealthy.

Some of the black veins on his arms and neck could be seen clearly.

They were densely packed like some kind of mysterious pattern and were even all over his face.

There was no expression on his face.

His red eyes looked a little dazed.

In short, he didnt look like a normal person.

The clean Yin Shian was actually quite good-looking.

Perhaps it was because of his Extreme Yin Physique, but he looked very beautiful.

Thats right, he could really be described as beautiful.

The blood-red runes on his forehead and the black veins spreading on his neck added to his demonic beauty.

At this moment, he was carrying his clothes and following behind Fu Ye with no expression.


He slowly walked to Lu Xiaochas side and stood there.

He stood still without saying a word, making him seem a little dejected.

It was almost dawn.

Fu Ye looked at Yin Shian and clicked his tongue in frustration.

“What are we going to do about this guy We cant possibly bring him home, can we”

Lu Xiaocha reacted slowly.

She looked a little similar to Yin Shian in that sense.

Fu Ye was speechless.


Lu Xiaocha touched her stomach.

Fighting was a very tiring job.

Then, she looked at Fu Ye eagerly.

“You really think Im your personal chef, dont you”

Fu Ye was so angry that he laughed.

He was really worried, but this child was so heartless.

Although a certain someone said it fiercely, his body was very honest as he brought them back to the camp to make breakfast.

“Lets go and make some food for you.”

“Oh, good!”

Lu Xiaocha beamed and followed him.

Yin Shian also followed behind Lu Xiaocha closely.

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao were already woken up by the thunder.

However, when he woke up and realized that his sister was gone, Lu Beichen instantly switched from being a noble young master to a hot-tempered young man.

“Wheres my sister”

Gu Xiao was dumbfounded.

“How would I know!”

“Oh right, Brother Fu Ye.”

Fu Ye had also disappeared.

The expression on Lu Beichens fair face became uglier and uglier.

His dark expression made Gu Xiao take two steps back silently.

“Well, Xiaocha will definitely be fine if shes with Brother Fu Ye.”

Lu Beichen was not comforted by this.

Instead, his expression turned even uglier.

He decided to leave the tent to look for them.

Fortunately, just as they were about to leave, Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye returned with a zombie.

“Where did you go!”

Lu Xiaocha felt a little guilty and poked her fingers together.

“I… I didnt do anything.”

Lu Beichen glared at Fu Ye.

“Did you bring my sister out Shes so obedient.

She definitely wont run around by herself.”


Fu Ye pointed at himself and looked at the obedient little girl beside him.

Shes obedient Thats the biggest joke in the world.



I took her out.

Just showed her around and picked something up.”

He gritted his teeth and took the blame.

Lu Beichen held his sisters hand and walked back angrily with a straight face.

He pursed his lips unhappily.


Lu Beichen did not respond.

He let go of her hand and was about to lecture her when he saw the strange person standing behind his sister.

Lu Beichen: “… F*ck!”

What the f*ck is this!

It looks like a person!



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