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Although Fu Yes shot did not cause substantial damage to the zombie, it did slow it down for a second or two.

These few seconds were enough for Lu Xiaocha to punch him hard.

With a loud bang, the red-clad zombie was welded into the mountain wall.

With the red-clothed zombie as the center, the mountain wall began to crack open like a spider web.

Rocks fell, causing a wave of hazy dust.


In the blink of an eye, the finger-thick black chain attacked Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye like a snake.

Fu Ye relied on his sharp senses and agile movements to dodge the attacks.

As he dodged, he kept shooting at the red-clad zombie.

Lu Xiaocha also dodged a few times and kicked the thin black chain back.

However, these things chased after the two of them as if they had eyes.


The cool black chain attacked Lu Xiaochas face.

She tilted her head to avoid it.

Her black pupils narrowed, and she reached out to grab the chain at an extremely fast speed.

The chain she grabbed instantly straightened itself.

The cold aura was like small snakes fighting to enter her body.

It was bone-chilling.

Ordinary peoples bones might be frozen if they touched it.

Lu Xiaochas black pupils flashed with a cold glint.

She stood still, grabbed the chain, and pulled it.

The red-clad zombie that was attached to the other end of the chain was pulled with such force that it staggered.

It quickly twisted and desperately grabbed onto the stone wall with its black-nailed fingers.

However, this only lasted for less than a minute.

The entire zombie was pulled away, along with the stone that it held on to.

As the red-clad zombie was pulled over, Lu Xiaocha jumped up and kicked its stomach, sending it flying again.


Not only that, Lu XIaocha did not let go of the chain.

After it was kicked out and crashed into the wall with another loud bang, she pulled it back and continued to beat it up.

Even the mask came off the red-clad zombies face.

Fu Ye, who climbed up from the ground in a sorry state, was speechless.

He felt completely useless.

“Blah, blah…”

Spitting out the dust, he sat on the ground with the pistol in his hand, gasping for breath.

This feeling of being carried to victory… it felt so damn good!


After some time, Lu Xiaocha finally pressed her entire body against the red-clad zombie.

She folded one of its arms behind its back and knelt on it.

Its other arm was also stepped on by her foot.

She hugged the red-dressed zombies head with both hands and pulled it with all her might.


Fu Ye even heard her speak in her cute voice.

“Ill rip your head off and see if youre still alive.”

“Roar, roar!!!”

The red-clad zombie struggled violently, but it was as if a huge mountain was pressing down on its body.

Its neck was stretched to the limit.

“I, admit defeat!”

A stiff, hoarse voice came out of the red-clad zombies mouth, word by word.

Lu Xiaochas eyes widened in surprise, and she relaxed her grip.

“Wow… you can talk!” She sounded as surprised as if she had seen an alien.

The red-clad zombie was speechless.

Damn it! Who let this ferocious thing out!





The red-clad zombie repeated.

Fu Ye also looked at the zombie in shock.

This thing could actually speak!

“Why should we believe you” Fu Ye held the pistol and signaled Lu Xiaocha to continue to suppress it, looking at the zombie warily.



The red-clad zombie spat out the words reluctantly.

He didnt want to lose his head.

Fu Ye continued to ask, “What contract Is this contract harmful to humans”

The red-clad zombie said, “Master-servant contract.



Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye looked at each other.

In the end, the red-clad zombie was forced to answer their questions.

Although his words jumped out word by word, the two of them understood.

If this master-servant contract was signed successfully, it would be very binding on the red-clad zombie.

Moreover, it would allow them to order him around at any time, and he could not resist.

It was obvious that this guy was also afraid of death.

No… he was already dead!

“What happened to the people and animals Did you eat them”

The red-clad zombie nodded slowly.



Want to raise.

Undying Bones.”

Undying bones were the highest level of zombies.

They were immortal and had the ability to destroy the world.

When the red-clad zombie mentioned that someone wanted to raise an Undying Bone, his red eyes were filled with intense hatred, but the two hands holding his neck calmed him down.

“Brother Fu Ye, you do it.”

Lu Xiaocha wanted Fu Ye to contract this zombie because she could protect herself and did not need a bodyguard.

Fu Ye was about to refuse when the red-clad zombie spoke again.

“Dont, want.”

There was an inexplicable hint of grievance in his voice.

“Want, powerful.”


Fu Ye was speechless.

Why are you still discriminating when youre a zombie


Lu Xiaocha hit his head to teach him a lesson, but Fu Ye refused.

“Xiaocha, you sign it.”

Lu Xiaocha thought about it and could not tell if this zombie was telling the truth.

Fu Ye was very weak, what if this zombie had bad intentions

Shed better do it herself.

In case this guy wanted to resist her, she could suppress him.

Fu Ye had no idea that he had been labeled as weak.

Otherwise, he would have to argue with the child.


Lu Xiaocha did not refuse.

She simply slit her finger and dripped her blood between the eyebrows of the red-clad zombie.

At the same time, she chanted the spell that the red-clad zombie had taught her.


In an instant, the drop of blood seemed to come alive, forming a complicated rune on his forehead.

After a while, the red-clad zombie opened its eyes.

The ferocity in its blood-red eyes was gone.

He looked a little silly.

He sat up quietly and moved his stiff body in discomfort, protecting his own head.

Fu Ye held the gun in his hand tightly and paid attention to the red-clad zombies every move.

This was because Lu Xiaochas eyes were closed as if she was asleep.

‘What did you do to her

Worried that Lu Xiaocha was in danger, Fu Ye questioned the zombie sternly.

The red-clad zombie turned and bared his teeth fiercely at the young man, but he didnt attack.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha opened her eyes and looked at the zombie with sympathy.

However, the zombie was completely unresponsive.

“Im fine, Brother Fu Ye.”

She stood up and brushed off her clothes.

“I saw some memories that belonged to him when we contracted earlier.”

In fact, the red-clad zombie was a pitiful and unlucky person.

His name was Yin Shian.

As a man, he was born on the Ghost Festival.

Moreover, he had an Extreme Yin Physique since he was born on a Yin day and a Yin month in a Yin year(1.

Yin means negative energy).

This trait was even more troublesome in boys than in girls.

It was especially easy for him to attract some ghosts and spirits.


In that ignorant era, he was born into the royal family and was labeled as an ominous omen by the Imperial Preceptor at that time.

Under such circumstances, he was even more disliked.

However, the Imperial Preceptor only took a fancy to his physique and wanted to make him into an Undying Bone.

Therefore, when the country was faced with a drought, Yin Shian was naturally blamed for bringing the disaster.

The final outcome was obvious.

Yin Shian, who had painstakingly raised him, was pulled up to the altar and exposed to the sun for three days without food and water.

He would even be whipped from time to time, and he finally died in resentment.

This was the result that the Imperial Preceptor wanted.

He quietly took Yin Shians corpse away, changed him into a red robe woven from specially treated blood, and chained him up before his body was placed into the coffin.


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