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Lu Xiaocha looked down at the gun in his hand and pointed at it in confusion.

“Brother Fu Ye, where did you get this Why didnt I notice it”

If she had known that he brought a gun, she would have just stolen it.

Fu Ye held the flashlight in his hand as if he could read her mind through her eyes.

The corners of his mouth twitched.

“You cant play with this thing.”

His family was a military family.

The gun had belonged to his grandfather, but he had secretly taken it out.


Lu Xiaocha nodded and did not ask further.

Then, she suddenly stopped.

Fu Ye said, “What-”

Just as he was about to ask, his body was suddenly pulled away by a strong force.

Immediately after, the kid pushed down on his shoulder and jumped up, kicking away a zombie whose body was shriveled and gray with a rotting smell.


Fu Ye hugged the child with one arm and swung into action subconsciously.

He quickly shot the zombie twice.

However, the zombie that was shot by the gun only slowed down its movements before raising its arms up, revealing disgusting fangs in his mouth and continued to charge at them.

“Brother Fu Ye, why dont you try shooting its head”

Fu Ye aimed his gun and shot the zombies head with a bang.

The zombie was sent flying and hit the wall.

However, it was not dead yet.


Lu Xiaocha narrowed her eyes, stomped her feet, and jumped forward.

Just as the zombie was about to get up, it was welded into the mountain wall by a strong force.

Lu Xiaocha raised her knife and cut off the zombies arms.

The zombie with its head embedded in the mountain wall let out a terrifying roar.

Xiaocha picked up a huge rock and smashed it in its face.


Its head cracked open and nasty liquid sprayed out.

Lu Xiaocha quickly ducked.


Right now, she cared about her cleanliness.

The zombie was completely dead.

After all, its entire head was gone.

“So this is not a ghoul.”

She circled around the zombie and took a closer look.

It looked different from ghouls.

This thing looked a little better than a ghoul.

Although its body was shriveled up, at least it didnt have any rotten flesh.

Moreover, the smell of decay was much lighter than that of ghouls.

“Why is there such a thing here!”

Fu Ye felt that there was probably something wrong with his worldview.

His entire body stiffened.


Of course he recognized it, but didnt this thing only appear on television

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“I dont know either.

Brother Fu Ye, what is this”

The child, who was born in the post-apocalyptic world, had only seen ghouls before.

She had never seen anything like zombies.


Fu Ye replied with a complicated expression.

He quickly composed himself and walked over to take a photo with his phone while enduring his disgust.

He decided to report this to his grandfather after they got out.

Of course, what shocked him even more was Lu Xiaochas astonishing strength.

Previously, she had shattered a huge rock with her bare hands, and now, she had stomped the zombies head into the mountain wall.

The thing that he couldnt even kill with a gun had been killed by her with a rock!

These didnt look like the kind of strength a human should have!

And it was a teenage girl who had this kind of strength.

“Xiaocha, are you feeling unwell”

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“Does your hand hurt, then”

She continued to shake her head.

Fu Ye looked at her innocent face and thought that she looked a little silly and gullible.

He could not help but remind her.

“Remember, XIaocha, dont show such a heaven-defying ability in front of others in the future.”

“Oh,” Lu Xiaocha said.

“Will I get sliced into pieces if Im discovered like in the novels”

Fu Ye was speechless.

“What are you talking about Our country is still very humanitarian.

Im just afraid that youll do something irreversible.”

This was a lawful society.

Ordinary people could not withstand the power of Lu Xiaochas punch.

Lu Xiaocha pouted.

“I can control my strength.”

Another zombie jumped out.

This time, Fu Ye was prepared.

He raised his gun and shot the zombies head.

Then, Lu Xiaocha striked a fatal blow to finish off the zombie.

Its head was torn off violently.

Fu Ye felt that his eyes had suffered ten thousand tons of damage.

Return the obedient and harmless little sister to him!


As they went on, he became numb to the situation.

The two of them worked well together and killed a dozen zombies in total before reaching a tomb.


The tomb was eerie.

It was summer, but frost had formed on the stone walls and corners and cold air emanated from the inside tomb.

In the middle of the tomb, a coffin made of golden cedar was hung from a black chain on an altar painted with strange runes.

White bones littered the side of the tomb.

They belonged to both humans and animals.


Fu Ye endured the stench of decay and walked towards one of the shriveled corpses with an ugly expression.

“This body is probably only about two weeks old.”

How could there be so many people here in the deep forest Moreover, the clothes on some of the skeletons did not look like they planned to come into the mountain.

So there was only one possibility.

Someone had brought these people here.

Fu Ye looked at the coffin and his thoughts surged.

He gripped the gun in his hand warily.

“Someones feeding the contents of this coffin!”

Lu Xiaocha was thinking the same thing, but she was much more calm than Fu Ye.

It wasnt that she didnt have any thoughts about this scene.

It was because in the post-apocalyptic world, when she was on a mission, she passed by a village.

There was a family of lunatics who tied up their son who had turned into a ghoul with chains and then lured people to the village to kill and feed their son.

She thought that this was probably a similar situation.

“Xiaocha, lets get out of here.

There must be something inside the coffin.

Ill go back and report this to Grandpa.

Theyll think of something.”

The Yin energy in the coffin was visible to the naked eye.

He didnt want Lu Xiaocha to take the risk and wanted to leave with her.

However, just as the two of them turned around, the coffin that was bound by chains started shaking violently.

Buzz, buzz, buzz…


The chains snapped with a rattling sound.

“Oh crap!”

Fu Yes pupils constricted.

A chain was sent flying by the force when it was broken.

Like a whip, it snapped towards the two of them with a sharp sound.

The young man quickly pushed Lu Xiaocha to the ground.

The chain bounced against the stone wall with a loud sound, and the shattered stones fell.


The tiny sound seemed insignificant at this moment.

Behind the two of them, the coffin lid slowly opened.

A green palm with long black nails suddenly grabbed the edge of the coffin.

With a ripping sound, it easily scratched a few deep marks on the golden cedar coffin.

A zombie wearing a golden enamel mask, with black hair flowing like a waterfall, and a dark red ancient robe slowly sat up from the coffin.


As he moved, a chime sounded in the tomb.

It sounded like a chain or a bell.


The red-clad zombie exhaled, and a thin layer of ice instantly covered the golden cedar coffin.

Behind the golden mask, a pair of scarlet eyes slowly opened.

“Bang! Bang!”

Gunshots sounded in the tomb.

Even in the face of an oppressive zombie king, Fu Yes hands were still very stable.

The bullets went straight for its head.

In the next second, the red-clad zombie sitting in the coffin disappeared.

Fu Yes pupils constricted.

In the blink of an eye, the zombie had arrived in front of them.

Just as the black nails were less than a centimeter away from Fu Yes eyes, a kick sent the red-clad zombie flying.

At the same time, Lu Xiaocha held the dagger and jumped out.

In an instant, the two sides had collided several times.

Fu Yes face was cold as he quickly reloaded and aimed.


The gunshot hit the red-clad zombie precisely in the middle of the fight.


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