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The night was quiet, and the faint sounds of various animals came from the forest.

It was completely quiet in the tent.

In the night, Lu Xiaocha opened her big eyes and could hear everyones steady breathing.

When Fu Ye fell asleep at last, she quietly crawled out of the tent and disappeared into the night like a ghost.

Three seconds after she left, Fu Ye, who Lu Xiaocha thought was asleep, opened his eyes.

It was not that he was pretending to sleep.

After staying in the training camp for a long time, he was used to it.

The slightest unusual sound could wake him up.

He really didnt expect this damn child to sneak out in the middle of the night!

It was time to teach her a lesson!

Fu Ye walked out of the tent and smiled sinisterly as he watched Lu Xiaocha leave.

Then, he disappeared into the night too.

Lu Xiaocha came to the area she found during the day.

Compared to the lively sounds of insects, birds, and beasts elsewhere, the silence here was obviously a little strange.

Moreover, the cave looked ominous.

Lu Xiaocha clenched the Swiss Army knife she had stolen from Fu Ye and walked in with a stern expression.

The cave was very dark, and ordinary people could not see the way clearly.

However, Lu Xiaocha was used to such darkness in the post-apocalyptic world.

At this moment, every muscle on her body was tense and ready to attack at any time.

The further she went in, the strong the rotting smell lingered.


There was a faint sound on the side of the mountain.

Lu Xiaocha suddenly turned around and waved the Swiss Army knife in her hand.



The dark red poisonous snake, which had opened its poisonous fangs to attack her from behind, had its head separated from its body.

When it landed on the ground, its body was still twitching.

Lu Xiaocha only glanced at it indifferently before turning around and continuing forward.

There seemed to be an abnormally large number of poisonous creatures in this cave.

After walking for less than ten minutes, she encountered poisonous spiders, scorpions, centipedes, and other…

Lu Xiaocha was a little regretful that she did not bring her jars here.

Otherwise, she could have caught these things and raised them in the jars to watch them fight each other to death.


Tsk… She had yet to try the witchcraft methods the old granny had taught her.


The bugs in the post-apocalyptic world were too big to catch.

She passed through the cave and arrived at a deep passageway.

She did not encounter any more poisonous creatures, until she took a step forward.

With a cracking sound under her feet, Lu Xiaocha instantly sensed danger and jumped up into the air.


Five arrows, laced with poison, speared where shed been standing.

It wasnt over yet.

The sound of air being torn apart kept ringing in her ears.

She dodged nimbly and finally jumped to the wall and grabbed a protruding stone to climb onto it.

Only then did the shooting stop.


She glanced at the last remaining distance, held the handle of the knife in her mouth, and jumped down again in a huff.

Using the flexibility and agility of her body, she was always able to dodge every attack with precision in all kinds of difficult positions.

Finally, she landed at the end.

Lu Xiaocha clapped her hands and hummed as she started to continue walking.

“Lu! Xiao! Cha!”

A furious voice came through gritted teeth.

The girl froze instantly and turned her head mechanically to see a tall young man standing at the other end with a gun in his hand.

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

She blinked, then tilted her head slightly and asked, “I thought you were asleep.”

There was no sense of guilt from being caught sneaking out at all.

Fu Ye was so angry that he laughed.

A cold aura surrounded him.

“Why, youre quite disappointed to be found out, arent you”

His handsome face darkened.

He threw a stone into the tunnel, but nothing happened.

Clearly the trap would only activate once.

Hence, Fu Ye walked over menacingly and pressed his hand on the childs head.

“Why dont you tell me why you ran out in the middle of the night”

Lu Xiaocha puffed up her cheeks and raised her hands to pull at the large palm pressing on her head.

“Theres something very nasty here.

I came to take a look.”

“Do you have to”

Fu Yes was almost shouting, “Do you know what kind of place this is Do you know how dangerous it is for a child to come here alone!”

Lu Xiaocha was so angry from being shouted at that she turned her back to him.

“None of your business!”

With that, she continued to run inside.

Fu Ye was so angry that his head hurt.

He could only follow quickly.

Someone had triggered another trap.

With a rumble, a boulder rolled straight towards Lu Xaiocha from another passage.



Fu Yes eyes widened.

Without thinking, he rushed over and hugged Lu Xiaocha to shield her.

His back was completely exposed to the danger.

There was no time to escape.

At this moment, Fu Yes mind was blank.

It felt like a long time, but it also seemed like only an instant.

Fu Ye could only hear his rapid breathing and the sound of his heart beating violently, as well as the warmth of the child in his arms.

The pain he had expected did not come, and the sound of the rolling boulder was gone too.

As he slowly regained his senses, Fu Ye slowly opened his eyes.

Like an old machine, he turned his head slowly and saw the boulder in front of him.

If it hit them, he and Xiaocha would become minced meat, but miraculously, it stopped moving.

“Let go of me first.”

Lu Xiaochas muffled voice sounded.

Fu Ye lowered his head and realized that the child in his arms had raised an arm and placed her soft white palm on the huge rock.

Fu Yes heart pounded as an unbelievable thought appeared in his mind.


He only said one word when he realized that his voice was tight and hoarse.

It was even trembling.

“Its all right now.”

Lu Xiaocha thought that he was still afraid, so she comforted him, “Brother Fu Ye, can you move aside a little first”

Fu Ye retreated to the side with a dazed expression.

This time, he could see the small palm pressed against the huge stone even more clearly.

The contrast was too strong for the young man to look away.

Lu Xiaocha pursed her lips, clenched her other fist, and suddenly smashed it against the boulder.


The young mans pupils constricted when he realized what was happening.

She had shattered such a huge boulder…

Who am I Where am I Fu Ye could not believe his eyes.

He suspected that he had already died just now and was now in hell.

Otherwise, there was no way he could see such an unbelievable thing!

“Alright, Brother Fu Ye, do you still want to go in”

The little girl, who had just shattered a huge rock, looked pure and innocent.

She only dusted her hands and asked Fu Ye casually if he wanted to follow her in.

What she had done seemed as simple as eating and drinking to her.

Fu Ye looked at the seemingly obedient and harmless child in a daze, then at the huge rock that even dozens of adults could not move.

“Did I finally suffer retribution and hallucinate”


He muttered to himself as his hand was tugged.

The little girls soft voice sounded, “Brother Fu Ye, Im going in.

Do you want to come with me”

Fu Ye wiped his face fiercely, his eyes were exceptionally fierce.

“Lets go!”

He did not ask Lu Xiaocha what was going on.

He just clenched the gun in his hand tightly and followed her.


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