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Despite the heat, she refused to spit out the meat shed just eaten.


Dont you know how to blow on it before you eat Let me take a look.”

Fu Ye pinched the childs mouth and looked at it.

Lu Xiaocha was also obedient and let him check without moving.

Fortunately, it was nothing serious.

Lu Beichen couldnt help but lean over.

“Eat mine first.

This piece is getting cold.”

He placed his piece of cooled down rabbit meat in the small dish his sister was holding.

“Brother, youre such a good person.” Lu Xiaocha gave her twin brother a soft smile that was as sweet as cotton candy.

Lu Beichens mood instantly soared.

After the girl finished speaking, her hair was tugged at.

“Tsk… how biased.”

Someones sarcastic voice came from the side.

As he said that, he even dutifully blew the rabbit leg cold before handing it over.

Lu Xiaochas eyes curved and her cheeks were round from stuffing her face.

“Brother Fu Ye is also a good person.”

Anyone who gave her food was a good person.


Fu Ye raised his eyebrows in satisfaction.

Beside her, Lu Beichen was a little unconvinced and continued feeding his sister.


Their gazes met again, sparks flying.

Then neither of them ate.

They were too busy feeding their sister.

Gu Xiao was speechless.


Youre making me feel out of place. He thought.

One rabbit was obviously not enough to feed four people.

In the end, Fu Ye had to take out other food from his backpack before everyone was full.

Lu Xiaocha still remembered that Fu Ye said that there was food in the bamboo forest.

After packing up, they all went into the bamboo forest.

As it turned out, there were indeed many good things in the bamboo forest.

Moreover, Lu Xiaocha was quite lucky.

Not long after she entered, she found a bush of wild bamboo fungi.

The bamboo fungi that had white veils on their edges looked pretty, like tiny dancing figurines.

They picked up some of the fungi and continued inside.

Once they entered the forest, Lu Xiaocha was like a treasure-seeking rat.

She dragged a sack and started to look fortreasures.

She walked quickly and soon pulled away from the others.

Whenever she saw a bamboo fungus, she would pick it up.

It didnt take long for her to find quite a few, but the thing was so brittle that they were easily crushed in the sack.

She looked around and found a vine that was as thick as a chopstick on a tree.

Her eyes lit up and she ran over to pull the vines down…

When the others found her, the girl was sitting cross-legged on the ground covered in dried bamboo leaves.

There were some vines piled up beside her.

Lu Xiaochas fingers nimbly wove a basket with vines.

She had learned this skill from an old man in the post-apocalyptic world.

In the post-apocalyptic world, many old people did not have the skills to survive.

Occasionally, Lu Xiaocha would bring them some supplies when she found extra outside.

In exchange, these people would teach her their skills.

However, many skills from before the apocalypse were useless in the post-apocalyptic world.

Lu Xiaocha still learned them seriously because this could reassure those old people who were outcasts of society.

“Sis, I cant believe you know how to do this!”

Gu Xiao looked at Lu Xiaocha in surprise.

Fu Ye and Lu Beichen were proud, but…

“Who the hell is your sister” Lu Beichen glanced at him.

Fu Ye crossed his arms and leaned against a bamboo tree.

“Who are you to call her sister”

Gu Xiao was speechless.

He was the only one who got hurt!

“Stop it.”

A basket with a pretty big capacity was made.

Lu Xiaocha bent down and picked up the bamboo fungi she had found.

“Damn! Sis… Xiaocha, you found so many bamboo fungi Why did I only find two”

With a shocked expression on his face, he took out the two pitiful bamboo fungi he had picked up.

Lu Xiaocha had an entire basket of them.

The comparison was tragic.


Fu Ye coughed lightly.

“Ill go over there and take a look.”

Lu Beichen said, “I found ten.

Brother Fu Ye, how many did you find”

Fu Ye, who was empty-handed, was speechless.

“Ah… so not a single one.”

Gu Xiao laughed.

“Hehehe… Theres actually someone more unlucky than me!”

Fu Yes face darkened.

“I just havent started looking seriously.”

However, how could Lu Beichen give up this opportunity to attack his enemy who had stolen his sisters attention

“Brother Fu Ye, stop struggling.

Weve been in here for so long and you havent found anything.

Youre just an unlucky person.”

Fu Ye would never admit that he was unlucky.

“Ha! Unlucky How is that possible The final outcome is still uncertain.”

Lu Beichen raised his chin.

“Then well see.

As Xiaochas twin brother, my luck wont be too bad.”

Gu Xiao sensed the smell of gunpowder.

He cringed, his instincts were telling him he was better off away from this battlefield.

Lu Xiaocha looked at them.

She didnt care about them and decided to find a place to dry the things she had found first.

After finding a clean stone under the sun, Lu Xiaocha placed the bamboo fungi neatly on it and left with the basket.

Lu Beichen and Fu Ye competed with each other and searched even harder in the bamboo forest.

“Whats this Whatever, Ill take it.”

Another basket full of harvests.

After Lu Xiaocha ran back and forth a few times and filled a 20-square-meter open space with her findings, Lu Beichen barely found a basket full.

As for Fu Ye…

His face darkened further as he held the twelve bamboo fungi he had found.


“Ha!” Lu Beichens forehead was covered in sweat.

Even though his face was dirty, he did not forget to laugh mockingly at Fu Ye.

Fu Ye sneered.

“I even caught this!”

With that, he took out a chubby bamboo rat from behind him.

Lu Xiaocha stared at the bamboo rat and asked, “Can I eat it”

Fu Ye raised his chin.

“Of course.

It is delicious.”

He even emphasized the last three words.

As expected, the childs eyes instantly lit up, and she almost started drooling.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Feeling that he had lost, the expression on his exquisite face turned ugly.

“My brother is amazing.

He found so many.”

His sisters voice instantly healed him.

“Huff huff huff… Say, you guys… youre running too fast.”

Gu Xiao walked over breathlessly with the bamboo fungi he had found.

Fu Ye glanced at him and asked calmly, “How much did you find”

Gu Xiao answered eagerly, “E… eleven.”

Fu Yes lips curled into a nasty smile.

“Oh… so youre the unlucky one.”

He was NEVER going to be named the unlucky one.

Lu Beichen glanced at his good friend.

“What a pity.

He only has one more than you.”

Gu Xiao felt like he had been struck by lightning.

This was impossible!

In the end, Fu Ye indeed had one more.

Gu Xiao argued strongly.

“I just dont have as much stamina as you.

Otherwise, I would definitely find more than you!”

Fu Ye looked nonchalant.

“That explanation is an excuse.

Youre definitely the most unlucky person.”

Gu Xiao refused to admit it.

“I even pulled an S-tier card earlier! I cant be the most unlucky one!”

Fu Ye took Lu Xiaochas basket.

“So youre saying that Im the unlucky one”

As he spoke, a murderous glare swept over them.

F*ck! Gu Xiao cursed in his heart.

Its just a title.

Is this necessary

“Fine, I am!”

Under the threat of a certain someone shamelessly bullying the weak, Gu Xiao admitted with tears in his eyes.



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