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Lu Beichen did not respond to his good friends words and only looked at him coldly.

“…Okay, Ill shut up.”

He also made a zipping gesture over his mouth.

“Tsk… You werent like this before.

Now that you suddenly have a sister, youre so protective of her that I cant even say a word about her.”

Lu Beichen raised his chin slightly and asked, “Do you have a sister”

“You know I dont.”

Lu Beichen shook the water in his hand and tried his best to control the smile on his face and his boastful tone.

“My sister hands me water when Im tired, and you have to take it yourself.”

F*ck! That hurts, bro!


On this side, the childhood friends who grew up together almost ended their friendship.

On the other side, Lu Xiaocha, who was chasing the rabbit, almost grabbed the rabbits tail, before the cunning rabbit went into a hole.

The little girl bent over in front of the rabbit hole with her butt sticking out.

She poked into it with a branch.

Her round cat eyes were wide and her cheeks were puffed out.

Im so angry.

I was so close to catching it. She thought.

Fu Ye, who had followed behind her, poked her fair cheek and was glared at by the angry little girl.

Fu Yes sharp eyes were smiling as he skillfully scratched her head.

“Do you want to catch it”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up and she nodded like a chick pecking at rice.


“Sure, just wait.”

Fu Ye found two other holes not far from this one and blocked one of them.

He found some dried grass, put it in front of the other hole and lit it.


“Its up to you to catch it.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and squatted at the entrance of the hole with a serious expression.

Within a few minutes, a gray shadow darted out.

Lu Xiaochas speed was even faster.

The moment the wild rabbit came out, she grabbed it with her fair hand and successfully picked it up by its ears.

“Ive got it!”

She sounded excited, and her beautiful cat eyes sparkled like stars.

In the post-apocalyptic world, she could clearly defeat a mutated tiger by herself, but she had never been this excited before.

“Not bad.

Youre pretty good, kid.”

Fu Ye walked over and patted her head.

His tone was as if he was coaxing her.

Lu Xiaocha did not care.

She carried the rabbit and skipped back.

She was already thinking about how to eat the cute rabbit.

However, as they passed by the mountain stream, she stopped, her dark eyes fixed on a plant with slender leaves on the cliff.

“Whats wrong”

Fu Ye followed the childs gaze and exclaimed in surprise.

“Thats …”

Lu Xiaochas eyes curved into crescents as she smiled cutely.

She pointed to it with her small hand and said, “Mom likes that.”

It was an orchid plant.

It was stretched out between the stones of the mountain stream.

A small stream of water flowed down the cliff and splashed onto the rocks below, turning into even finer droplets.

Some of the droplets fell onto the orchid, cleaning the slender leaves of the orchid until they were as green as jade.

Among the slender branches and leaves of the orchid, a flower glowed under the refraction of sunlight.

It looked extremely beautiful.

Even Lu Xiaocha, who only cared about food, felt that the orchid was really beautiful.

Fu Ye looked at the orchid and was stunned.

He also knew that Aunt Pei liked orchids.

Not only did Aunt Pei like them, but his grandfather also liked them very much.

Although he was a little uncertain about this orchid, it was definitely the most beautiful one he had ever seen.

“Since were already here, lets bring your mother some gifts.”

Fu Ye looked down at the top of the childs head and suggested with a smile.

Lu Xiaocha thought the same.

“Lets come back on our way back.”

Fu Ye had no objections to this.

The two of them walked back side by side with the wild rabbit.

After resting for a while and recovering his strength, Lu Beichen could not help but feel anxious when he saw that his sister had yet to return.

“Where did they run off to”

Gu Xiao wasnt too worried.

“Dont worry, dont worry.

Isnt there a professional following her”

However, Lu Beichen was not comforted.

He frowned and stood up to look in the direction where Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye had gone.

“Hey, where are you going You cant even tell north from south in this forest.

If you get lost, where will they find you!”

Lu Beichen pursed his lips and insisted on looking for her.


A familiar voice came from ahead.

The young mans eyes lit up.

When he saw the girl walking over, the corners of his mouth, which were pursed into a straight line, gradually began to curl.

Gu Xiao was speechless.

Although Lu Beichen was young, he was famous for being cold and aloof in school.

Just because he was good-looking and had good grades, many girls flocked to him.

However, Lu Beichen treated all the girls equally.

Other than his mother, he had never treated anyone nicely.

Now he had a sister, in front of her, he definitely showed more emotions on his usually cold face.

“Where did you two go”

Lu Xiaocha did not know if it was her imagination, but she felt that her brothers tone was inexplicably aggrieved.

Lu Xiaocha waved the rabbit in her hand, her eyes sparkling.

“I caught the rabbit!”

She puffed out her chest and sounded extremely proud.


Someones voice came from beside her.

Lu Xiaocha secretly turned her head and met a certain someones half-smile.

The girls beautiful eyes rolled around, looking a little guilty.

“Brother Fu Ye was also very helpful.”

However, Lu Beichen deliberately ignored his sisters last sentence.

The corners of his lips curled up as he looked up and patted her head.

“My sister is so impressive.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes curved, and cute little dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth.

The rabbit eventually became their lunch.

Fu Yes barbecue skills were very good.

The various condiments that Lu Xiaocha brought were also very complete.

The roasted rabbit meat was very fragrant.

It was obvious from the expression of the girl squatting obediently at the side, with her eyes glued to the rabbit meat and drooling.

“Youre drooling.”

Fu Ye flicked the childs forehead with his free hand.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head back slightly, but she was not angry because he was roasting rabbit meat.

“Is it done yet, is it done yet…”

She was like a repeater.

She had been saying that since the rabbit meat started to smell good.

Each time, Fu Ye patiently replied, “Wait a little longer.”

After repeating this a dozen times, the fat rabbit that had sacrificed its life was finally ready to be eaten.


“It smells so good.

Brother Fu Ye, your cooking is really superb.”

Gu Xiao gave him a thumbs up.

“If you go and sell barbecue in the future, you definitely wont lose out.”

Fu Ye looked at him from the corner of his eye.

“Heh… If it werent for the girl, do you think just anyone can get to eat the meat I roast”

That arrogant tone and gaze really made one grit their teeth.

Fu Ye turned around and pulled off a fragrant rabbit leg and handed it to the greedy child beside him.

His tone was gentle.

“Lets eat.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

She picked it up and started eating.

Then, her tongue was scalded.



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