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Fu Yes words were so self-righteous that Lu Beifeng wanted to go over and beat him up.

Then how the hell can that be the same

“Im coming back next week.”

Fu Ye pinched the little hamsters cheeks and shamelessly took out what it had just eaten.

Then, the hamster got so angry that it opened its mouth and bit him.

He shook his finger and clicked his tongue.

Then, he poked the cheeks of the little hamster slyly.

It was really like that kid, protecting its food tightly and fiercely.

“Already Is your field training going to be over soon”

Lu Beifeng said, “Yeah, Im going to rest now.

I still have to wake up early tomorrow to train.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone.

Fu Ye shrugged and focused on teasing the little hamster.

He laughed out loud when he saw it stand on its tiptoes and anxiously paw at the food in his hand.

On Saturday, Lu Beichen finally did not have to go to school and could have a good sleep.

When he woke up, Lu Xiaocha had already finished her morning run and taken a shower.

Now, she was sitting leisurely on a chair and munching on a steamed bun.

The others had gone to work, leaving the siblings alone in the house today.


When she saw Lu Beichen coming downstairs, she greeted him simply.

“Do you want to go hiking today”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

“Okay, its best to go to a forest that hasnt been artificially developed.”


Many people went to those artificially developed mountain forests.

Wild fruits and fireflies were out of the question.

“Okay, Gu Xiao will go too.”


She didnt have a problem with that.

She burped when she was full from breakfast, then went to pack her backpack.

The siblings came out with their packed backpacks.

They looked at each other and spoke at the same time.

“What did you pack”

Lu Beichen handed over his backpack.

“Lets take a look.

Theres no need to bring repeats.”

Lu Xiaocha opened her brothers backpack.

It was filled with tools, ropes, multi-purpose shovels, and some liniment.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head.

“Theres no repetition!”

Lu Beichen opened Lu Xiaochas backpack and fell silent.

He looked at it and doubted his life.

“Whats this”

He took out the few sacks that were in her backpack.

Then, almost all that was left were various condiments.

She even packed a hotpot base and a small pot.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

What the hell was this!

Lu Xiaocha glanced at it and replied quite naturally, “Sacks.

There should be a lot of wild fruits and nuts in the mountains this season.”

Why are you looking for those things Lu Beichen thought.

“Well, where are we going”

Fu Ye walked in confidently, his deep voice sounded happy.

“Kid, are you running away from home Do you mind bringing another person along”

Lu Xiaocha gave him a look that said,Are you stupid

Lu Beichen “(▼ヘ▼#)”

“Brother Fu Ye, can you stop talking if you have nothing good to say”

How could his sister be running away from home

“Then where are you planning to go”

He rubbed the little girls head as soon as he arrived, infuriating her twin brother.

Lu Xiaocha zipped up her backpack.

“Were going hiking and looking for food.”

Fu Yes lips twitched.

“Just for this What cant you buy now”

Lu Xiaocha muttered softly, “That way, there will be no sense of accomplishment from collecting.”

She also knew that she could buy anything from physical stores or online stores now, but it made her feel uneasy if she got them too easily.

On the contrary, when she was in the orphanage, the feeling of running up the mountain to find some food to hoard was very satisfying.

Fu Ye smiled.

“Alright, Ill risk my life to accompany you.”

Lu Beichen rolled his eyes.

“Who wants you to come along”

Fu Ye looked at him sideways and raised his chin slightly.

His beautiful face was arrogant and confident.

“Do you have any experience in surviving in the wild Do you know how many poisonous insects and poisonous plants there are in the forest Can you tell whats edible”

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Well, no.

Although he had researched the relevant information, there was a difference between knowing it and actually putting it into practice.

After the gang gathered, Fu Ye crossed his arms and raised his eyebrows.

His tone was arrogant and annoying.

“Thats it You want to go deep into the forest with just the few of you The three of you are going to fill the teeth gaps of the wild beasts in the forest, right”

Lu Beichen and Gu Xiao were speechless.

He felt looked down upon.

The boy blushed at his words.

“Who said we were going into the forest Cant we just walk around the periphery!”

Fu Yes expression and eyebrows were filled with disdain.

“Whats the point of that Lets go, Sis.

I will take you on an adventure.”

Lu Beichen said, “Shes my sister.”

Fu Ye waved his hand and carried the girl to the front passenger seat.

He even buckled her seatbelt.

“Its the same.

Your sister is my sister too.”


His skin was so thick that Lu Beichen wanted to hit him, but it was obvious that he couldnt win.

Fu Ye drove the off-road vehicle and brought the three children to the almost uninhabited mountain range hundreds of kilometers away.


“Lets go in.”

He slung a black hiking bag on his back and picked up another backpack.

This was Lu Xiaochas.

She emphasized seriously, “Im strong enough to carry it myself.”

Fu Ye lowered his eyes.

There was a faint smile in his eyes.

His calloused fingers pinched the childs cheeks that still had some baby fat.

“I know youre strong.

I just have nothing better to do.”

Still, he didnt return her backpack.

Lu Xiaocha pouted.

This person completely treated her as a child who needed to be taken care of.

Did he forget that she had beaten him up previously


It was very quiet in the mountains.

There was only the faint sound of birds chirping.

“Theres a bamboo forest over there.

At this time of year, there should be bamboo fungi.

Want to take a look”

Lu Xiaocha looked up at him.

“Whats bamboo fungi”

“Its a type of mushroom, it is quite nutritious.”

“Ill go!”

The young girl answered without hesitance.

Fu Ye laughed.

He knew it.

“You guys… wait…”

Gu Xiaos panting voice could be heard.

The two boys had fallen behind.

Going up the mountain was the most tiring physical test.

Lu Beichen was actually also very tired from walking, but he gritted his teeth and persevered.

Gu Xiao only wanted to rest now.

He felt like his throat was on fire.

Damn it, what kind of monster was Lu Beichens sister She didnt even blush or pant after walking for so long.

In fact, she looked very relaxed.

Fu Ye glanced at the two teenagers and then at Lu Xiaocha, who could completely keep up with him.

His narrow eyes were filled with disdain.

“You guys suck…”

Lu Beichen was so angry that his face turned red.

“Shut up!”

Gu Xiao was so tired that he just rolled his eyes.

“I cant take it anymore.

I want to rest.”

He almost clung onto Lu Beichen.

Lu Xiaocha glanced at her brother.

“Lets rest now.”

With that, she took out some water and handed it to her brother.

Gu Xiao looked at her eagerly.

“What about me”

Lu Xiaocha said slowly with a puzzled expression, “You didnt bring your own”

“… I did.”

His sisters bias towards him made Lu Beichens lips curl into a smile uncontrollably.

“Brother, rest first.

Ill take a look over there.”

Lu Xiaocha ran away after saying that.

She seemed to have seen a wild rabbit just now.

“Your sister… Is your sister really not a monster” Gu Xiao couldnt help but complain when he saw her running away.


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