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However, this quiet atmosphere did not last very long.

The red-haired youth began to make a scene again, complaining that he was in pain and that he wanted to teach Lu Xiaocha a lesson.

His friends were shocked by the scene and did not dare to cause any more trouble.

It was obvious that the young man was not to be trifled with.

“Whats going on”

Lu Beichen collected himself and forced himself not to look at the girl.


“Young Master, the thing is…”

The supervisor quickly explained what had happened.

He more or less knew about the situation at Ah Yues house, and since he was his employee, he sided with Ah Yue when he spoke.

Of course, the most important thing was that he knew that his boss had a powerful background and was not afraid of offending these rich young masters.


The red-haired youth covered his face and looked at the supervisor angrily, as if he wanted to eat him up.

“It was him who bumped into me! Can he afford to pay for the clothes on me Let me tell you, I wont let this matter go! Not only do I want you to pay, but I also want to sue her for hitting me!”

At this moment, the bloodstains on his shirt looked scary.

The red-haired youth glared at Lu Xiaocha with hatred and anger.

“And who the f*ck are you!”

This last sentence was directed at Lu Beichen.

Before Lu Beichen could speak, a young man standing beside him said slowly.

“Wang Run, have you lost your mind after having a few shots”



When Wang Run saw the person who spoke, he was so frightened that he burped.


Although everyone present were rich second-generation heirs, this circle was also divided into levels.

Wang Run and the others were only acting unscrupulously because their families were a little rich.

However, their families were actually nothing compared to the real wealthy families.

The few rich second-generation heirs led by Lu Beichen were the real rich people in the circle.

Wang Run didnt recognise Lu Beichen because he wasnt rich enough.

No matter what, he wouldnt be able to get into his circle.

However, he had seen the other person beside the young man before, Gu Xiao.

He knew that could not afford to offend this person.

The person who was with him and was leading the pack was most likely someone he could not afford to offend either.


Wang Run shivered.

It was as if a bucket of cold water had been poured on him.

He instantly sobered up.

He murmured and no longer dared to speak.

Lu Beichen sneered.

“You dare to cause trouble in my brothers territory.

From now on, these people are not allowed to go to any of the Nightview entertainment venues.”

Wang Run and the others immediately raised their heads and looked at Lu Beichen in fear.

Everyone in the Upper City knew that Nightview clubs and bars belonged to the Second Young Master of the Lu family.

The Lu family was the richest and more influential family in the Upper City.

Moreover, everyone in the Lu family was either a lunatic or a genius.

There was even a saying in the Upper City that one would rather provoke the King of Hell than the Lu family.

This young man had just said that Nightview belonged to his brother, so that means…

This was the reason why Wang Run and his friends were so frightened.

Moreover, if word got out that they were banned from Nightview, their families would completely lose the chance to interact with the upper-class society.

When they returned home, they would be beaten to death by their families.

Soon, they were “invited” out by the security guards and became blacklisted by all the entertainment venues of Nightview.

Although Lu Beichen was only a 13-year-old child, he exuded a noble aura and handled things in an orderly manner.

Many people were amazed.

Unfortunately, this was someone elses child.


“Give that employee more money as compensation.”

The supervisor heaved a sigh of relief and quickly nodded.

Ah Yue looked at the young man gratefully.

“Thank you, young master.”

Lu Xiaocha acted as if nothing had happened.

She was slowly chewing on a green date.

Her eyes were fixed on the wine on the ground and ignored Lu Beichen and the others when they looked at her.

With her perception, she naturally noticed several surprised and complicated gazes on her, but she couldnt be bothered.

Lu Xiaocha only looked up when a pair of clean sneakers landed in her line of sight.

Her bright eyes looked at the young man who was a head taller than her but had a face that was identical to hers.

Click, click, click…

Lu Xiaocha chewed on the dates in her hand and looked at him suspiciously, as if asking him what he wanted.

Ah Yue, who was standing beside Lu Xiaocha, became nervous.

He wanted to speak but did not know what to say.

His fair face was a little red.

“You, who are you”

In the end, it was Lu Beichen who spoke first.

He raised his chin slightly and asked proudly, feeling inexplicably nervous.

“Lu Xiaocha.”


When she finally finished the green dates, Lu Xiaocha held the fruit core that she had eaten cleanly and answered him perfunctorily with her name.

“Then … you have nothing to say”

Lu Beichen suddenly felt upset.

What was wrong with this person Was he less attractive than a green date

The answer was obvious.

In Lu Xiaochas eyes, no one was more important than food.


Lu Xiaocha looked at him doubtfully.

“What do I have to say”

Three seconds later, she looked like she understood.

Lu Beichen became even more nervous and thought, youve finally noticed.

Lu Xiaocha narrowed her eyes at him.

“Youre not going to ask me to compensate that redhead, are you”

After saying that, she looked at Lu Beichen warily and decisively rejected him.

“I dont have money! He deserved that slap.

Besides, I only used a little strength.

Who knew that he would be so weak”

She even gestured with her finger to show how little strength she used.

The distance between her thumb and forefinger was really little.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

Everyone else was speechless as well.

The lips of the few rich second-generation heirs who followed Lu Beichen twitched. Was there something wrong with this girls brain Who asked you! 

Lu Beichen couldnt take it anymore and gritted his teeth.

“Havent you noticed how we look the same”

“Oh, youre talking about that.

I have realized that we look exactly the same,” Lu Xiaocha answered nonchalantly.

Lu Beichen said, “Then you…”

“This is definitely a coincidence.

Theres no way were related.”


Lu Beichen was speechless.

Why did he feel so aggrieved

Gu Xiao couldnt help but laugh when he saw his good friends aggrieved expression.

Ha… This was really rare.

It had always been him, Lu Beichen, who made others feel aggrieved.

Now, there was actually someone who could make him feel this way.

This was really impressive.

“Ah Yue, are you off work” Lu Xiaocha stopped looking at Lu Beichen and turned to ask Ah Yue.

Ah Yue nodded blankly, then the girl pulled him away.

“Then lets hurry up and leave.

I want to go home.”

Lu Xiaocha left without hesitation.

For the first time in his proud life, Lu Beichen was a little shocked.

He asked in disbelief, “Doesnt she know who I am”

The others nodded in their hearts.

Thats right, thats right.

Even if she didnt know, she should have been able to tell that he was someone of importance just now.

How could she leave so casually

If it were them, they would definitely want to get some benefits out of this.

Besides, those two faces were almost like they were carved from the same mold.

Who could believe that they had nothing to do with each other!


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