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His sister was behaving herself, nestling alone on the sofa, playing a game on her phone.

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha was playing a mobile game enthusiastically.

She was addicted to this simple little game.

Her soft, fair fingers poked at the screen non-stop.

Knock, knock…

There was a knock on the door of the private room, followed by Ah Yue walking in with various washed fruits.

Behind him were waiters carrying milk and various small snacks.

“Ah Yue.”

Lu Xiaocha smiled when she saw the person who came in.

Her dimples looked especially soft and sweet.

But her eyes were fixed on the food in Ah Yues hand.

The young man was used to this.

He was dressed in a black vest suit and pants, his body ramrod straight as he held the tray with one hand and the other behind his back.

His entire demeanor had changed drastically from before.

Confidence made him even more handsome.

After putting down the things, Lu Beilins lazy voice sounded.

“Ah Yue will stay and look after the lady.

The rest of you leave.”

Other than Ah Yue, the other waiters who had just entered nodded slightly and left without making a sound.

“Ah Yue, sit here.”


Lu Xiaocha patted the spot beside her.

Ah Yue was troubled.

He was now a waiter and didnt know if he should oblige.

“You will do whatever my sister tells you to do.”

Lu Beilin leaned lazily on the sofa.

He had unbuttoned the top two buttons of his white shirt at some point, revealing his beautiful collarbone.

His slender legs covered in suit pants crossed.

The young man, who was already outstanding, looked even more at ease and elegant.

He spoke with a tone that brooked no argument.

It was the authority of someone in a position of power.

Ah Yue stood up straight and glanced at the man.

His ears turned red.


He reacted instinctively like a primary school student.

After saying that, he quickly sat down.

When he regained his senses, Ah Yues heart was pounding.

He had never seen the big boss before because he was not ranked high enough.

He did not expect the boss to be so young.

He did not look much older than him, but his aura was inexplicably strong.

“How have you been since you went back, Xiaocha Has anyone bullied you”

Seeing that no ones attention was on them, Ah Yue gradually relaxed.

He peeled the sunflower seeds skillfully and asked softly with concern.

Lu Xiaocha shook her head and puffed up her cheeks.

“No, my parents and brothers are all very good to me.”

When Lu Xiaocha mentioned her family, her clear eyes were filled with happiness.

Ah Yue smiled at her.

“Thats good to hear.

I was afraid the rich and powerful wouldnt like you, but… when are you going to school Do you have to go to your previous school for the transfer procedures If your family is busy, Ill run the errands for you.”

Lu Xiaocha was speechless.

Why was he saying such things

What was so good about going to school Wouldnt it be better for her to run up the mountain more often and find some food to hoard


Previously, the originalLu Xiaocha went to school.

However, her grades were just as bad.

Moreover, because she didnt like to talk and didnt like to interact with others, she didnt have any friends in school and was even bullied.

This was why she did not have to go to school a single time ever since she came to this world.

Otherwise, the teachers would have called the director and the adults at the orphanage countless times.


“I need to use the bathroom.”

She had drunk a little too much milk.

Lu Xiaocha jumped off the sofa to go to the toilet.

“Ill take you there.”

“Ill go let my brother know.”

Lu Xiaocha ran to find her third brother.

She ran happily to her brothers side as a group of executives watched.

Lu Beilins originally solemn and expressionless face instantly revealed an intoxicating smile when he saw his sister coming over.

Lu Beilins appearance was rather beautiful, especially his peach blossom eyes, which made him look amorous and flirtatious.

At first glance, he gave people the feeling that he was a playboy, even though that was indeed the case.


However, after putting on his glasses, this vibe was greatly diluted.

It gave people the feeling that he was an affectionate noble young master, leaving a good impression on everyone.

“Whats wrong”

Lu Beilins voice was magnetic and gentle.

Lu Xiaocha said softly, “I drank too much milk.

Ah Yue and I are going out.”

It was as if she was acting cute with his brother unknowingly.

The smile on Lu Beilins face widened.

He raised his arm and rubbed the childs fluffy and soft head with his slender fingers.

“Alright, let Ah Yue follow you.

Ill get the manager to give you a black card later.

You can go anywhere you want.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded obediently and listened to him carefully before leaving.

Ah Yue led her to the bathroom.

This floor was very quiet.

Practically no one else could come up here.

After coming out of the washroom, Lu Xiaocha did not return to the private room immediately.

Instead, she asked Ah Yue to take her elsewhere.

“Why dont we go to the garden Theres a pond there with some koi fish.

You can feed the fish, Xiaocha.”

Lu Xiaocha blinked and asked, “Can koi fish be eaten”

Ah Yue didnt know what to say.

“They dont taste good.

If you really want to eat fish, just have someone make it for you.”

Lu Xiaocha agreed and followed Ah Yue to the garden.

The entire clubhouse was grand and luxurious, so the things in the garden were certainly not cheap.

For example, the koi fish cost more than 100,000 yuan each.

The lotus flowers in the pool were also exquisite and were specially taken care of.

As the saying goes, many peoples lives these days were not only worse than dogs, but also worse than a fishs!

The pond was huge, the spring water had been brought in, and it was also beautifully decorated.

The lotuses floating on the water opened in layers of white and pink and gold.

At first glance, they looked like elegant little people dancing on green lotus leaves.

However, the most eye-catching thing were the koi fish in the pond that had been raised to be plump and were as long as a humans forearm.

Each one was in good condition.

There were white ones with red spots, as well as ones with red, white, and black spots.

There were also fully gold and fully white ones.

Lu Xiaocha sniffed the fish food under her nose.

Ah Yue was afraid that she would eat it.

“Xiaocha, you cant eat this.

We have other food.”

Lu Xiaocha pouted.

She just wanted to smell the food.

She wasnt going to eat it.

However, when her eyes landed on the fat fish in the pool, she almost drooled.

The fish were so big!

“Theyre so cute, Ah Yue.

Are they really not edible”

There was a kind of longing in the little girls tone and eyes.

Ah Yue winced.

“They really arent—”

“Where did this country bumpkin come from”


A voice behind him interrupted Ah Yues words.

Then, a couple came in with two boys about seven or eight years old.

“Have you never eaten fish before You even want to eat the koi fish.

Do you know how much these fish cost Can you afford to pay for one”

The person who spoke was a good-looking woman who was wearing designer jewelry.

Lu Xiaocha muttered, “Im not eating your fish!”

Ah Yue frowned.

“Madam, shes just a child.

She was just joking.

She wasnt really going to eat the koi here.”

The woman crossed her arms haughtily.

“Is it your place to interrupt as a mere waiter Tsk… The quality of waiters nowadays is really bad.

They slack off at work, and they even brought their poor relatives to such a place.

What bad luck.”



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