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Lu Beichen sat beside his sister silently and stared at her with deep disappointment.

Lu Xiaocha licked her lips and turned to look at him.

She asked in a soft voice, “Brother, do you want some too”

Lu Beichen looked at a certain someone who was drinking milk leisurely and said stubbornly.

“No, only children drink milk!”

“…But youre the same age as me.

Even if youre tall, youre only thirteen years old.”

Lu Beilin laughed, shoulders trembling.

Lu Beichen was speechless.

The girl took another sip of milk.

The rich, aromatic flavor made her raise her feet up and her eyes curved into luminous crescents.

The two brothers fought silently, but the little girl was so dense that she did not notice anything.

When she finished, she carried the empty glass to the kitchen.

Lu Beilin crossed his legs and sat lazily.

He deliberately shook the cup and smiled.

“Pfft… The milk our sister warmed is really fragrant!”

Lu Beichen pursed his lips into a line and started mocking him unhappily.

“I think youre drunk out of your mind.

Isnt it just milk Can it even taste different”

After saying that, he thought of something and his eyes lit up.

“Third Brother, did Xiaocha give you a gift”

Lu Beilin was speechless.


It was his turn to have nothing to say.

Lu Beichen immediately straightened his back.

“She gave me a cactus when I came home from school yesterday.

She also has one herself.

That cactus is quite cute.”

“By the way, Third Brother, did you know that our sister likes little insects On the first night she came home, she released the fireflies she caught and showed them to me.

They filled the room like stars.”

“Then, as I watched, I somehow fell asleep.

I hugged her and we fell asleep together.


I cant help it.

Twins have such a strong connection.”


The smile on Lu Beilins face, which had attracted countless girls, gradually stiffened.

He clenched the glass in his hand tightly, and the silver-black ring on his index finger rubbed against the glass with a sizzling sound.

It was Lu Beichens turn to feel good.

Well, they were twins after all.

Not far away, the butler witnessed the battle between the brothers over their sister.

He could not help but sigh.

It was good to be young…


When Lu Xiaocha came out of the kitchen, the invisible war between the two of them had ended.

Third Brothers expression seemed to be a little ugly, but her twin brother inexplicably became happy

“Here, brother.”

She held out the glass of milk.

Lu Beichen became even happier.

His eyes lit up and his lips curled into a faint smile.

On the other hand, the expression on Lu Beilins handsome face was even uglier.

However, he quickly thought of something.

“Sis, let me show you a magic trick.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.

She nodded obediently and looked at him eagerly.

Lu Beilin almost melted from her clean and bright eyes.

“Here, watch carefully.”

He casually used a tissue and a teacup as props.

He put the teacup on his palm and used the tissue to cover it.

“A gift for my little princess.”

At this moment, Lu Beilin was like a well-mannered gentleman.

Behind his glasses, his peach blossom eyes were smiling, and his magnetic and lazy voice was extremely sexy.

After snapping his fingers in the air with one hand and removing the tissue covering the teacup again, his long, beautiful fingers held a fragrant apple.

Wasnt this exactly what a foodie would want Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up almost instantly.


Lu Xiaocha held the apple with both hands and smiled brightly.

“Thank you, Third Brother! Youre the best!”

The little girls dimpled smile seemed to heal everything, and she was smiling for him.

The annoyance brought by his little brother had completely disappeared.

“Come here, let me give you a hug.”

He pushed his luck.

Lu Xiaocha was very obedient when she had food.

Moreover, this person was her brother.

She naturally leaned over and hugged her third brother.

“Good girl.”

Lu Beilin stroked her hair with a smile and looked at Lu Beichen provocatively.

Lu Beichen glared at him, his eyes burning with anger.

So what if he knew magic! He would learn it too!

When the Lu couple returned, none of the children were around.

Lu Zhan asked, “Where are they”

The butler knew he was asking about the young lady.

As for the young masters, the taciturn man paid little attention to their private lives.

“The two young masters took Miss out to… catch insects.”

When he said this, the butlers usually calm expression was exceptionally helpless for a moment.

Lu Zhan, who had taken off his suit jacket, paused.



His serious, cold eyes were slightly blank.

Pei Anran took his clothes and hung them on the rack.

“Whats so strange about that Children are playful.

Its normal for them to be curious about insects.”

At this moment, Lu Xiaocha, who had already run up the mountain with her two brothers, had indeed caught a big worm.

She had grabbed its tail and pulled it out of a hole.

Just as theworm turned to bite her, a soft and fair hand that didnt seem to have much strength shot out and pinched its weak spot with incredible speed.


The black snake twisted its body around her arm as she pinched it, but it couldnt break free of its imprisonment.


The soft and weak girl was shockingly strong.

Lu Beilin almost fainted from fright.

He didnt know if the thing was poisonous.

What if she gets bitten!

Lu Beichens face turned pale from fear.

Lu Xiaocha happily raised the snake in her hand for her brothers to see.

“Brothers, look, I caught a little guy!”

Little guy!!!

That little guy was not small at all.

A long black snake which was as thick as three fingers.

Their little sister was so fearless!

“Throw it away!”

Lu Beilin really regretted believing her.

She said that she was here to look for little insects, but he couldnt believe that this thing was a little insect!


He could not understand how his sister had found this snake in the first place!

Lu Xiaocha was puzzled.

“Why It looks quite cute.”

Lu Beilin and Lu Beichen were speechless.

Are you serious They thought.

Upon closer inspection, the child was in fact very serious.

From her gaze to her expression, she was completely serious.

She really felt that this snake was cute!

Its over.

Could her bad taste be saved at all

Lu Beilin was about to make his sister hand the snake to him and throw it out.

Although he was disgusted by this thing, he could not let the little girl keep holding it.

The next second, he heard his sister innocently ask, “Brother, how should we cook this cute little guy for it to taste good”


Lu Beilin was at a loss.

This was what it meant to say the cruelest things in the most innocent tone.


However, as a protective brother, he didnt think there was a problem with her at all.

The problem was that this thing probably could not be eaten.

“Theres no need.

Wont you get sick if you eat this It has parasites in it! Xiaocha, if youre hungry, well eat other things.

Well cook whatever you want to eat.

Just throw this away for me.”


When Lu Beilin reached out to grab it, the black snake struggled and hissed, scaring Lu Beilin so much that he broke out in cold sweat.

Immediately after, a fair palm landed on its head, and her soft tone threatened.


“Be quiet!”


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