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It was not good to eat too much longan, so Lu Beichen gave his sister something else to eat.

“Eat this strawberry.”

He handed over a big and juicy strawberry.

Lu Xiaocha opened her mouth and ate it obediently with a blissful expression.

The young boy looked at his sisters bulging cheeks.

As soon as she finished eating, he immediately stuffed her with other fruits.

After that, Lu Xiaocha basically did not have to do anything.

All kinds of fruits and biscuits were fed to her by her brother.

She was not a picky eater either.

She ate everything deliciously, making Lu Beichen feel satisfied as if he was feeding a soft little pet.


The Lu couple seemed to have gone to a banquet and came back late.

Moreover, Lu Zhan reeked of alcohol.

Lu Xiaocha, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa with a small pillow, heard the sound of a car engine.

She stopped watching the television and jogged out in her slippers.


Pei Anran was very happy to see her daughter.

She held her husbands arm and walked faster.

“Daddy, Mommy.”

The little girls voice was soft and her clear eyes stared at them as she greeted them.

She was in a good mood as if she was a little cub that had seen her parents.

“Good girl.

Your father had too much to drink.

Moms going to make him some hangover soup.”

Lu Xiaocha ran to Lu Zhans other side to support him.

The man reeked of alcohol.

His ears were red and he walked slowly, but his aura and dignity were still there.


At this moment, he stared at the young girl beside him and pursed his lips.

Then he raised his arm and placed his palm on his daughters head.

“Good girl, Xiaocha.”

She spat out three words in a daze.

Lu Xiaocha tilted her head and snuggled into her fathers palm like a kitten.


“Yes, Im a good girl.”

Pei Anran walked towards the kitchen with a smile on her face.

Lu Xiaocha also got up and followed right behind.

Pei Anran then asked Lu Beichen to look after his father.

Lu Beichen, who wanted to follow his sister, was speechless.

Looking aggrieved, he sat down.

The father and son stared at each other in silence.

Lu Xiaocha followed behind her mother without saying anything.

She stayed by her side quietly and watched her cook some processed ingredients.

“Mom, is this good”

The little girl moved naturally closer and rested her tiny chin on her mothers arm.

When Pei Anran looked down, she could see her cute daughter.

Her heart softened.

“Your dad likes it sweet and sour.

You can try some when Im done.”

Lu Xiaochas eyes lit up.


After Pei Anran finished cooking, she distributed the soup into two bowls.

Lu Xiaocha held one of the bowls with both hands and followed her mother out of the kitchen as she tried to cool the soup down.

Lu Xiaocha had only drank half of it when Lu Zhan finished the hangover soup.

She sat opposite Lu Zhan.

When she saw the man staring at her after drinking, she called out in confusion, “Daddy”


He lifted a hand to ruffle his daughters soft hair.

“Good girl.”

It looked like he was still drunk.

Lu Zhan was very quiet when he was drunk.

He was even a little clingy.

Not clingy to the kids, of course, but to his own wife.

For example, right now, he was sitting upright with one arm wrapped around Pei Anrans waist and the other touching his daughters head.

He seemed to be a little addicted to that.




“Are you done yet”

How long was he going to touch it Lu Xiaocha wondered.

The girl finished the bowl of sweet and sour soup.

After putting down the bowl, she rested her chin on her hands and yawned.

She sat obediently and let her father stroke her head.

Although she was bored, she did not avoid him.

What a good girl.

When Pei Anran and Lu Beichen saw that the girl did not resist at all, they couldnt help but think at the same time.

They also felt a little envious and wanted to pat their daughter/sisters head.

“Youre still drunk.

Go get ready for bed, Xiaocha is getting sleepy too.”

Pei Anran rushed her husband to bed.

Lu Zhan reluctantly removed his hand from his daughters head.

Then, he took his wifes hand and went upstairs obediently.

For some reason, at that moment, Lu Beichen felt that his father and sister were quite similar!


Lu Xiaocha pulled at her hair with both hands.

Her hair was dark, soft, and fluffy.

Lu Beichen wanted to ruffle her hair.

He used the excuse of tidying her hair to smooth it down and ran his fingers through it.

Soft sister, this is nice!

“Lets go to bed.”

After tidying her hair, he reluctantly lowered his hand.

It was getting late.

He took his sisters hand and went upstairs to go to bed.

The time was 3.00 am.

A car drove into the Lu Manor quietly.

In the darkness, Lu Xiaocha, who was sleeping soundly, instantly opened her eyes.

This was a habit she had developed in her previous life.

Even when she was in a deep sleep, she would quickly wake up when she heard a sudden sound.

The door of the villa opened and two people slowly walked in.

“You can go back.”

His voice was hoarse and magnetic.

The tall young man leaned back on the sofa and rubbed his temples, shooing the person beside him away.


The man bowed respectfully and left.

There was a warm light in the living room of the villa.

The young man, who was leaning back on the sofa, had clean features and wore gold-rimmed glasses.

The light gray suit vest showed off his perfect waistline.

Under his suit pants, his straight and slender legs crossed.

His sitting posture was lazy but elegant, like a cat.

He lay very still on the sofa, as if he were asleep.

Lu Xiaocha observed for a while upstairs before coming down the stairs.

She went over to the young man and poked his shoulder.


Lu Beilin opened his eyes and closed them again because of the light.

His feather-like eyelashes fluttered slightly, and he straightened his head.

His soft light blond hair fell over his forehead, and under the light, it emitted a gentle and gorgeous aura.

Lu Xiaocha wrinkled her nose when she approached him.

This persons smell was very messy.

The smell of wine, cigarettes, various perfumes and other smells.


The pretty girl sniffed.

Fortunately, it was bearable.

After all, shed often smelled decaying zombies.

Lu Beilin took off his glasses and stared at the child in front of him with his long and beautiful peach blossom eyes for two seconds.

Then, he flicked her head and muttered in a daze.

“Chen, why are you wearing female clothes!”


Lu Xiaocha wore her hair down and was wearing cute pajamas in the shape of a dress.

The hem of the dress was lace, and she wore a pair of furry slippers with rabbit ears.

Her face, combined with the fact that Lu Beilin was tipsy, he immediately mistook her for Lu Beichen.

The smile on his face widened as he poked the little girls chubby face, creating a shallow pit.

“And this hair of yours.

Where did you buy this wig Its quite real.”

As he spoke, he tugged at it.

It… it didnt come off!

Lu Beilin stared blankly at the hair on his fingers.

Lu Xiaocha stared at him.

There was an eerie silence.

A few seconds later, Lu Xiaocha broke the silence.

“Who are you”

Lu Beilin looked at her face, and his dizzy head sobered up a little.

“I suppose Im the one who… should be asking that”


Lu Xiaocha carefully pulled her hair back.

“My name is Lu Xiaocha.”

Lu Beilin was even more confused. Lu Xiaocha Whos that


“Im Lu Beilin.

Wait, why are you in my house No… Why do you look like this!”


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