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Lu Xiaocha craned her neck to look inside.

She had been to the amusement park in the post-apocalyptic world, but it was completely occupied by zombies.

It was completely different from its lively appearance now.

She was about to speak when her phone rang.

“Hello, Chen.”

Lu Beichen: “… Call me Older Brother!”

“Youre at the amusement park with Fu Ye”

Lu Xiaocha glanced at the arrogant young man beside her and nodded.

“How did you know”

“Dont worry about that.

Come back first.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

After the call ended, she looked up and said, “I dont want to go.”

Fu Ye snorted arrogantly.

“Youre so obedient to him.

Why are you so fierce in front of me”

Lu Xiaocha rolled her eyes.

“Because you deserve a beating!”

Fu Ye slapped her hard on the head before she chased him down the street.

They didnt stop until they got into the car.

After fastening his seatbelt, he put a cigarette in his mouth.

“Are you coming tomorrow”


Fu Ye took a puff of his cigarette.

The white smoke stained his eyebrows and covered his fierce-looking eyes.

He heard the child answer decisively.



The young man raised his eyebrows, a roguish smile appeared on his lips as he stepped on the accelerator.


On the other side, Lu Beichen ended his call with his sister.

He frowned as he watched the video online.

His good-looking face was a little dark.

“Butler, contact my fathers publicity team and ask them to suppress this video.

Get someone to find out whats going on and if there are any other videos!”

The video he was watching was a recording of Lu Xiaocha and Fu Ye teaching the mother and son a lesson at the amusement park.

However, it only showed the latter half, and even the title was malicious.

# The violence at the amusement park.

Did they think they could do whatever they wanted just because they were young

At the beginning of the video, Fu Ye kicked the little boy.

After that, the video was edited to make it look like Fu Ye and Lu Xiaocha were being unreasonable.

The comments under the video were all criticizing Fu Ye and Lu Xiaocha.

[She looks pretty, but her heart is too vicious.]

[Thats just a child.

He really didnt show any mercy.]

[He looks fierce.

You can tell hes cold hearted just by looking.]

[What an arrogant thing to say.

Not only did you hit them, you also wanted to break their legs.

How could you do that]

[The little girl looks obedient, but her words are so vicious.]

[Such people should never exist in the world.]

[This video had obviously been cut and edited.

Everyone, its best to figure out the full picture first.]


When he saw this video, Lu Beichens first reaction was to not let his sister know about it.

Hence, it had to be dealt with quickly.

“Beichen, do you need our help”

Gu Xiao patted his shoulder and looked at the face that looked almost identical to his good friend in the video with mixed feelings.

“Shes really from the Lu family.

When I saw her at the club that day, I felt that we would meet again in the future.

I didnt expect you to have a twin sister!”

This was simply too shocking.

Lu Beichen pinched his nose.

“I only found out after that day too.”

He didnt even know about it, let alone his buddies.

“Theres no need to trouble you with this.

I can handle it.”

Gu Xiao crossed his legs and asked, “When is your sister coming back I cant wait to see her now.

To be honest, looking at her makes it feel like youre wearing girls clothes.”

Lu Beichen was speechless again.

“Shut up!”

“Alright, Ill stop.


The butler was very efficient.

The Lu familys publicity department quickly suppressed the spread of the video.

He also found some full videos and bought them.

Then, he got a big VIP blogger to post them.

With a complete video and some fake reviewers to guide them, the comments on the Internet were almost one-sided as they scolded the blogger who wanted to use the video to attract attention and the other two protagonists in the video, the plump woman and her son.

Moreover, Lu Beichen even sent lawyers letters to the blogger who was spreading rumors and the netizens who were scolding his sister.

When Lu Xiaocha returned in Fu Yes car, Lu Beichen had almost settled everything.



As soon as she saw him, Lu XIaocha waved and greeted him.

As soon as he saw his sister, his excitement was instantly extinguished.

Lu Beichen looked at Lu Xiaocha speechlessly.

He didnt know how many times he had corrected her.

“Call me Big Brother.”

Lu Xiaocha obediently complied.

However, she looked like he was coaxing Lu Beichen.

Lu Beichen poked her soft face in frustration before acknowledging the young man standing beside his sister.

“Fu Ye.”

Fu Ye nodded.

“Ive sent her back.

Ill leave first.”

Lu Xiaocha waved at him while holding two pots of cactus.

“See you tomorrow.”


After Fu Ye left, Lu Beichen asked, “Is he coming again tomorrow”

Why did he feel like his sister had been stolen


Lu Xiaocha stuffed one of the cacti into his hand.

She had bought it at the flower shop on her way back because she had suddenly remembered Lu Beichen.

“For me”

Although it was just a small cactus, Lu Beichen suddenly felt that it was rather cute.


“Hello, sister.”

Gu Xiao walked over at the right time with a warm smile on his face.

He had used this move to attract many girls in school.

Lu Beichen suddenly felt that his good friend was an eyesore.


“Weve met before, remember”

Lu Xiaocha nodded and said in a soft voice, “You said that my brother was wearing female clothes.”

Gu Xiao was speechless.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw his good friends slightly dark face.

He rubbed his nose awkwardly.

“Sister, we can forget that part.”

Lu Xiaocha nodded.

“Okay, Ill forget about it.”

She looked extremely cute.

Gu Xiao was a little envious of Lu Beichen.

He also wanted such an obedient and beautiful sister.


“Mom and Dad will be back soon.

Have you eaten” Lu Beichen calmly cut between the two of them, separating Gu Xiao from his sister.

“Not yet.

Fu Ye bought me other food.”

She wasnt very hungry yet, but she could still eat.

Gu Xiao, who was pushed aside, was speechless.

Did he have to do that He wasnt some big scary wolf.

Gu Xiao left before the Lu siblings parents returned.

After that, Lu Xiaocha played with her phone for a while and found the video online.

However, this was the video that Lu Beichen had spread.

The comments section was filled with people criticizing the mother and son who had cut the queue, as well as a blogger.

Lu Xiaocha watched the video out of curiosity and understood the whole story.

As she recalled Lu Beichens call to her at the amusement park, she could guess who had helped to deal with this matter.

The little girl brought some peeled longan and sat beside the young boy.

Although her heart ached for sharing her food, she handed the longan to him.

“Thank you for dealing with what happened, Older Brother ~”

Although she did not care, it still felt good to be protected.

Lu Beichen pretended not to care, but he was actually overjoyed.


His sister had given him her peeled longan.

Could there be a more sincere gratitude This was simply too rare for his sister, who was so protective over her food.

“Youre welcome.

Its my duty.

Dont call me Chen again in the future.”

Lu Xiaocha blinked innocently.


The siblings sat together and ate fruits, although most of them were eaten by Lu Xiaocha.

Lu Beichen realized that he had fallen in love with the game of feeding the little girl.

As he watched his sister eating happily and contentedly, he also felt satisfied.

Of course, his heart ached too.

The reason why Xiaocha was so protective of her food was probably because she didnt have much in the past.

He went to find out more about the orphanage.

There were many children in it and very few sponsors.

They basically had to rely on the director to pay for everything or the children inside had to take on some handicraft work to barely support themselves.


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